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samanthatm chapter 8 . 1/19/2015
Hope you have not given up on this story.
joylinnn chapter 8 . 8/3/2013
DorkyRogers chapter 8 . 7/3/2013
Please update soon! I love this story and would love to be reading more of this! Keep up the awesome work!
gunman chapter 8 . 6/8/2013
Well, kinda expected this, but I'm glad to see that there is potential to salvage this.
And Clark actually acting like a human being, with all the insecurities that he portrays as his human persona, is something that many people might actually expect and enjoy seeing.
All in all, a good read and update.
Hope to see more of this relationship since he really needs one since Lois is out of the picture.
Write on!
gunman chapter 7 . 5/22/2013
You should definitely continue this, with Superman/Clark actually getting into a relationship with Rachel, mostly since he can't actually be with Lois and Jason now.
Heck, maybe it would be better for him. He could actually start a new life, not be so alone, and maybe even have a family with her.
You also have the possibiilty of making Rachel into something more than human.
You don't have much of a backstory with her. And if she were to gain some kind of special power and ability, it might be a good thing for her to end up as Superman's 'sidekick/girlfriend'.
But that's just how I would do it.
Good luck with this.
Write on!
Kyuubi-Lover15 chapter 7 . 2/3/2013
I like that you made this chapter longer the others were too short for my taste please update soon
Twinkie216 chapter 7 . 11/16/2012
So I take it it's my job to tell you what mistakes you may have made? Well one BIG thing was that you changed tense from present to past. You used, 'A man grasp my shoulder in a strong hold, drags me to the center between Lois, Jason and Clark, and forced me to kneel.' in there and it's not right. You have most of it like this, but this was a good example because you changed it in the same sentence. Also, you have some words that don't make sense because of their tense.
Other than that, I loved this chapter. It shows the plot is rolling along nicely. :) I like how Rachel's and Clark's relationship is getting put out there. It's comforting to be able to see that.
So, please give us another chapter soon. I liked the length of this one. So keep up the good work and give meh some long chapters
Twinkie216 chapter 6 . 11/5/2012
What about the delay for chapter 7? Where is it? I reviewed all chapters - I think I at least deserve one... Please...
Sad chapter...
Why can't they be together?!
Twinkie216 chapter 5 . 11/5/2012
: )
I don't care if they think that is a mistake. I know that it wasn't. :D
Twinkie216 chapter 4 . 11/5/2012
Okay, that's it. I hate Lois. She's just such a meanie. I would let Superman hang out with my son. :P
Twinkie216 chapter 3 . 11/5/2012
hahahahahaha :D
Nice chapter. Still need to work punctuation. Um, very uneventful chapter, but I respect it, because you promise the plot with pick up soon.
Superman is very hot. Clark is adorable.
Twinkie216 chapter 2 . 11/5/2012
hahaha nice author's note. : )
OMG! I know! How can't people see through that cheesy disguise?! It's so simple to tell! I mean, even after years of not watching Superman, I still knew who he was.
Nice idea with the club. Clark... dancing? :/ But it's not with me? D: That's terrible. Hehe, just kidding. I like the idea of him dancing in a club. Makes a new atmosphere, or scene and that's a good thing.
Twinkie216 chapter 1 . 11/5/2012
Cute beginning, but you need to put in some punctuation. That was kind of a big problem. Pther than that nothing, that I noticed, was wrong. : ) I love your idea, so I'm gonna click that next button.
helpmehelpu101 chapter 6 . 7/10/2012
Glad the stories not ovr yet cuz its rlly starting to heat up! Excited to see what happens nxt so plz update soon!
helpmehelpu101 chapter 5 . 6/6/2012
Haha this is a great story and damn you Lois and ur selfish ways! Love the idea of another love intrest and I'm excited to see wht happens nxt in this crazy relationship so plz ubdate soon!
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