Reviews for Revelation in the Light of Day
NevadaRose chapter 9 . 9/5/2014
well, reading back over some of the earlier stories is certainly giving me a thrill. this was exceptionally well written, and I was very pleased with your depiction of Festus, especially. Matt, Kitty, and Doc - you did them very well, but Festus is often neglected as something of a clown and in this piece he shows both his depth and his common sense. thank you for an excellent story.
Guest chapter 9 . 1/20/2013
I cried and laughed and squealed with delight on this story. Wonderful job.
Guest chapter 4 . 1/20/2013
Om my gosh you had my heart pounding. Matt did only what he had to.
mahc chapter 9 . 6/13/2012
Ah - very nice conclusion. Lots of angst, lots of romance. Love the ending, of course!
cazh chapter 9 . 6/5/2012

Nice work. Good plot. and a happy erotic ending.

I love the way you 'Festus speak'. You got him down.

jdflkwkfj chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
Please vote pro life. A country is strong only if all human life is protect. Unborn babies are the most innocent and defenceless of all human beings.
lostcowgirl chapter 9 . 5/31/2012

I just sent you an after the fact review on Chapter 1, but what I had to say there is doubled in this final chapter. Imagine right on Front Street - well, above it anyway.

lostcowgirl chapter 1 . 5/31/2012
You sure met the challenge with this ending. I kept hoping nobody came by my desk at work while I had it up on the screen.
delightsindodge chapter 9 . 5/31/2012
Did you meet the "Front St. Fourth" challenge? Oh my gracious sakes alive, you sure did! "Come on, honey. It's dark, and nobody is here to see. The fireworks will be starting any minute now..." Truer words were never written! Mmm mmm, good!

tengland2 chapter 9 . 5/31/2012
Nicely done. As if he's letting her leave (or himself) to go tell Festus she's staying. Not like they haven't spent time on the balcony. Fireworks and love. :D
FlarnChef chapter 9 . 5/30/2012
I am soooo glad the weather has cooperated and cooled down a bit, because after reading this, the temperature tripled some.

Ya know, I bet Louie watched the whole thing, and by July 5th, he'd just figured he had a whiskey induced erotic dream. BUT he'll never ever look at the marshal and the saloon owner the same again...

So where are M&K hooking up next?

*wicked grin*

SingerMe chapter 9 . 5/30/2012
Matt was right she did belong there with him. Great job on this.

"I always heard there was supposed to be fireworks when you…" that's my favorite line along with

"You keep looking at me like that, Marshal Dillon, and you're gonna make me come again."
SingerMe chapter 8 . 5/30/2012
Thank God for Festus.
tengland2 chapter 8 . 5/30/2012
Even Fetus is making sense of it to Matt. Hopefully M/K can have a conversation and get it all figured out.
tengland2 chapter 7 . 5/30/2012
Both seem to make sense. Matt would have done what he did for anyone, people are just going to take it wrong, because of her. Have a feeling next stop for Doc is across the street.
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