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Angelia White chapter 7 . 11/22/2013
I hate reading a good fic, getting to a good bit and then realizing there are no more chapters. (

I hope you update eventaully.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/16/2013
I really, really love this story! Your characters are so well-written. Please update soon and save me from the insanity and depression that will ensue if you don't continue this wonderful story!
GeekyGamerCat chapter 7 . 3/9/2013
that family did him wrong, isn't there any one in liz's family besides her who isn't jugmentel
MusicOverMatter chapter 6 . 1/22/2013
Yes, this is a week and a half late. And yes, I feel bad for not doing anything about it. But no, I am not without reason this time. Life has been like a carnival ride. And not ferris wheel type, more like the dunk tank where one moment you are gazing over the world from your happy little perch, the next you are unceremoniously dumped into the icy gutter of sucker-punch circumstances. Than thrust back to do it all over again. Pathetic, but I've no strength to protest. I'm lucky I haven't snapped and done something crazy yet. (No, not crazy like mass murder, probably over-dosing on sugar and embarrassing myself in public.) But! Not the point. So moving on to the important things...

To tell the truth, I don't know much about the modern French government. I know some, but not enough to really crack down on the intricacies of birth-certificates and such legal matters. Frankly though, I found everything you said very believable. It sounds so much like something easily accomplishable. And the one thing a teeny far-fetched I didn't care. Two reasons: 1. To me if it's good for the plot and if it's done in an intelligent, believable way, I don't care if it's saying bunnies are born blue. It's a story anyway! Why should I care if not everything is God forbid not "perfect". I think it is! It was a great way around the problem. Three cheers for Erik existing legally! :D

2. I'm doing the same thing in my story. So "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone", and if it's a sin I'm guilty of it! But being realistic, some things in "reality" don't play nice with "fiction". So you just let it slide and pay attention to important stuff, like the story! :)

Ah Erik, it's so very sweet that you are calling her up all the time and all that sticky sweet sugar fluff stuff, but now that just sounds like you are taking advantage of her generosity. We all know you are a genius, so tell me, are you really ignorant of time zones and classes, or are you just trying to get under her skin? 0.0 -Le Busted (Yes, I did just quote GND.)

Yes! I hate snakes too! Snakes and rats. And if I think of it foxes and hawks. Because they kill chickens, or as we called them: "the girls". Laugh if you want, but each one of them has their own little personalities, and we raised them from the eggs. They honestly didn't believe they were chickens, they believed they were humans. And not just any humans, those Polish thought they were DIVAS! Drama Queens and Leading Ladies, Rulers of the Roost and Body guards against bullies. So no, those creatures rank very low on my fav animals list. And pythons, don't even get me started about how my idiot uncle got his three year old daughter a baby python because she "wanted one". _ I flipped out, to this day I don't trust snakes.

Okay sorry for the personal story rant, I'm feeling so darn nostalgic today. Side affect of the latest cold-water-life-can-be-a-jerk-slap.

Poor Elizabeth. I understand what it's like to get interrupted during schoolwork and darn it if it doesn't get annoying every five minutes when someone comes in to start rambling randomly or singing off tune or just staring at you with a creepy look that says "Yes, my main goal in being here is to annoy you." and then they deny it and say they are in there to "get something". *-_- I feel your pain Elizabeth...

But yes! You tell him Lizzie! And though I feel slighty bad for Erik, I feel even better that Elizabeth can think and actually concentrate now! I am sympathetic to the school girl's cause. Sorry Erik, better luck next time. :)

I really can't imagine Erik in anything other than poet shirts and Victorian dress suits. It's so hard! I'm really trying, but my brain switches back to Goblin King pants and puffy low cut poet shirts. Ugh, not helping that I've been reading Labby fanfics featuring the Gixie himself and his famously tight pants. (Leggings, tights, paint, will we ever know what they really are?) Curse you over active imagination! And your specific tastes in male characters too!

And now! I must wait until you reveal what exactly happens at the Thanksgiving dinner. This shall be interesting... **whips out box of popcorn** I shall be watching ever so closely.

Anyway, sorry If I sound off-beat. The last chapter of my story, instead of the next chapter I put a little notice for my readers explaining my situation and hiatus. (Got that idea from you, and what a wonderful idea it is.) I actually plan to sit back from fanficion for a while, but your update came before the blow, so feel I owed it to you to get this out, late as it is.

Keep up the good writing, and don't doubt yourself! Your skills are still just as amazing. I really find genuine pleasure in reading your work. Elizabeth is such a relatable person, and Erik is human in a way that is hard to imagine, but when you see it it's beautiful and comforting. I've loved every chapter, and everytime a new one comes I treasure it all the more because so much work probably goes into them. Your effort is certainly not wasted or overlooked as far as I am concerned. Til' next you write, may the muses be ever in your favour. ;)

GeekyGamerCat chapter 6 . 1/12/2013
lot of butterflies
The Embodiment of Yearning chapter 6 . 12/29/2012
Hey! I just heard about your knuckle ): I was worried whenever I didn't get an email back about 'His Little Prying Pandora'. But now I know that you're not dead, and that you'll do what you can, when you can, and that's cool. I just got over a stoved finger myself, so I understand how you feel. But there's someone who wants to say hi! *Forces Erik out of the closet she had him tied up in* Erik, say hi!
Now tell Miss Cullen -I wish what you wanted to tell her.
"I didn't WANT to tell her anything. You wrote me a script which I- Ow!"
*Gritting her teeth in frustration* Read. Your. Script. I will lock you. In the closet. With Severus.
"Snape?! Don't even bring him into this! He's infuriating! You would never-"
*Glares at him pointedly as if to say, 'Oh, but I would'*
"Hmph. Dearest Miss Cullen -I wish, my lovely authoress *snort*"
You know it's true.
"- and I would like to wish you a speedy recovery. We also hope that you enjoy the next chapter of HLPP. We're sending hugs and chocolate roses your way! Love, Erik and Shania, a.k.a the gorgeous, talented woman I adore."
Awwww, Erik! You think I'm talented and gorgeous? And you adore me?
*Blushing furiously* "You put that in the script! It's not actually t-true!"
Erik, when did you develop a stutter? And I must say, beet red really brings out your eyes. *Bursts out laughing*
"I refuse to admit that any of that sappy nonsense as the truth."
I knew you'd never admit it yourself, so I made you admit it. And I think you're pretty cute too. *winks at Erik playfully*
"Cute? You think I'm... Cute? She thinks I'm cute! I'm cute! I'm cute!"
...Anyways, we hope you get well soon, and I hope Erik and I made you giggle. (He worships me, but don't tell him I said that(; lol). Merry belated Christmas and Happy New Year, my phriend!
MusicOverMatter chapter 5 . 11/17/2012
Hate you? My dear what could possibly make us HATE you? I totally love you right now! :D
Right now though I feel like hanging myself, since it's been forever since you posted this! Between the hurricane, power outage, school, home life, and now my own fanfiction, I have been busy. But I was and still am very excited about this chapter, and this story, of course! I am sorry that it has taken so long but here's what I have to say:

Erik's reaction was perfect and priceless! I think for the situation, and for how you've shaped him to be, it was not only the most logical, but the most impact of a reaction to such a momentus occasion! She kissed him! That's big, especially considering who Erik IS. I though it was sweet, and beautiful how he responded. And it was cute when he got all embarrassed! :3 Luv da cute Ewik!

How things went down, it was hard to read, in a good way! I was on the edge if my seat, so nervous about Elizabeth when she was talking about now being sure how she felt. I was begging Erik to understand where she was coming from, no literally. I was stopping and whining about how she DID care, but she didn't even REMEMBER, technically that Elizabeth was a different Elizabeth, because she had different memories.

But you took care of it very well! When she was explaining how he knew her better than anyone, I really felt it in my heart. To me, I feel the same way. I don't let people into real me, almost at all. For someone to know that person, is special. And if they do, chances are that they have a SUPER close relationship with me. So I was all smiley-face reading that part, so much so my cheeks started to get sore. THEN she was talking about Erik and how she felt about HIM! The Cheshire-Cat face lasted about 2-4 hours later. My poor friend thought I was planning another revenge on someone, and so she didn't trust me for a while. I blame the pure fluffiness of your awe-inspiring chapter.

Friend-Zoned... HA! That's priceless! I burst out laughing at the thought of Erik being afraid of the friend-zone! 'Twas too funny! :D

When Erik talked about wanting to have the relationship from Paris back, it was a real tear-jerking moment! It was so emotional how he was sad that he may have lost her love forever. I liked how he talked about missing the time they spent together, and th little things he loves about her. Augh! Soooooooooooo jealous of her! In a good way.

Dense, you could say that. But it was too funny how Erik was just so amazed that she didn't realize it, and the little self-speech he gave! I totally loved that. When he confessed he loved her, MY jaw hit the floor. Literally. (Falling off the bed and hitting your chin on the ground counts for that, right?) I was happy-shocked. And I loved her reaction to that! I enjoyed the way she was happy, yet totally unprepared for what he said. :)

*SQUEE!* :D Hugs! I luv 'um! And it makes it even better because it isn't always Erik acts this way, making it more special when he does! I fully support the traitorus little voice! You Go, Traitorus Little Voice! It's very logical the point it made, I would from a professional standpoint condone it's advice Elizabeth. Wisdom given that you actually want must be taken up or lost forever. **nods vigorusly to make point**

A then the grand finally! I found it so cute and funny how he sounded all comforting and understanding when he was just trying to make her change her mind towards what he wants! And mental keyboard smash! I do those like 20 times a day! Not lucky enough to have a Erik causing them... **longing sigh**... but I do have those moments! Seriously, I loved this last chapter almost beyond belief, but I can believe it. Because youndo have a talent for bringing things across on a human level. It's how a person like Elizabeth would act, and seeing Elizabeth act like herself, is a breath of fresh air in the literary world. :) Good Luck Erik. You two are gonna need it. ;)

Thanks for the chapter, and good luck to you on writing the next one! Though I hardly think you need it. :)

Rocky181 chapter 5 . 10/31/2012
Amazing! I love the back and forth!
ThunderStorm7916 chapter 4 . 9/7/2012
CLIFFY... Me is sad... Wanted more... :C soon? Please?!
MusicOverMatter chapter 4 . 9/5/2012
Noooooooo! Evil plot bunnies! You plague MY work, and then that of those I'm reading! Curse your convenient rightness and addition to literary flair! **sobs in corner from the wrong/rightness of it all** Okay, I'm HALF over the whole cliffiey thing, sorta. I'll live. So, on to da story!

First off, don't sweat the whole waiting thing. I've been so bad I haven't written or reviewed in about two weeks. The guilt is eating my soul out. So I have an abundant amount of mercy/understanding towards anyone in the same position. :) All the good stuff is worth waiting for!

So here I was, waiting for the tearful goodbye where Erik goes home, and then common sense (and the actual story) slap me by reminding me "Duh! He doesn't even know how he got there dufus! How would he go back?!" And then I was like; "Yay! Erik no go home!" even through all the emotional breakdown.

It was really truthful how Erik felt about going home. After all, he's in a futuristic world he has little comprehension of, where even though he is appreciated for his talents, he still must hide himself, or risk ridicule. The pressure of culture shock finally caught up with him, and since she's the only person he really has contact with, she's gonna get dumped with all the emotional splooge. Then SHE of course will feel the effects of such hard words, resulting in, yes, soul-crushing cry-fests. I felt for her there, since it's a situation that doesn't seem to have an ultimately happy answer. He belongs there, she here. So who gives? Or none. It's making my brain hurt trying to figure how everyone gets to be happy, but that is of little matter, since they finally kissed! Take that Christine Daae! Your feeble attempts at "romance" have been shattered since now Erik got, like, 100% more affection than you ever gave him you mousey little harpy! Ha Ha Ha Ha! :D Oh happy days. Now how will this turn out? Will he be Offended? Angry? Sad? Shocked? Happy? Solemnly enlightened to the reality of true love, versus one-sided obsession? We shall see... And I shall try to keep a straight face until then, or else my family really will wonder what is wrong with me...Aaaaaaaand I'm miserably failing.

So wish me luck, and get back to writing next chapter! Focusing on all the gooey, mushy, hearty bunnies that are sure to have arisen at this point. :)

Guest chapter 4 . 9/5/2012
AHHH please post next chapter soon !
RedDeathLvr chapter 4 . 9/5/2012
Awww...after all the bickering these two have done, throwing insults at each other, etc...I'm glad to see the fluff bunny make an appearance..and...grrrr...a cliffy. More, more, more please...
MaskYouWear chapter 4 . 9/5/2012
Wow! This is a great story!
Please update again.
Thursday's Child-1297 chapter 3 . 8/7/2012
I resent the freshman hate in this story. Not all freshman act like that. There were some of us that acted human. A lot actually. Now 6-8th graders...meh understandable. But them being jerks isnt just part of being a frosh. There are plenty of other jerks in other grades. Just sayin. And no I'm not defending dummie boy even thou what he did wasn't so bad considering he didnt really know the circumstances. No I'm defending freshmen as a whole. Yeah... ANYWAYS like the story so far? Read masq and glad theres a continuation. And especially looking forward to Erik's plan on getting back.
RedDeathLvr chapter 3 . 7/31/2012
Poor Erik. He definitely feels like a fish out of water. I'm really enjoying this and look forward to the next update.
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