Reviews for A Byte of Time
MarianHood97 chapter 1 . 6/15/2012
I LOVED this story! It sent me on a total glom of this author's works on this site-7 novels FULL of wonderful Starman experience. (This series of 5 novels is one story, the other 2 novels are a separate story (and timeline)

which has related themes.

I loved the author's attention to detail regarding the location and the dilemmas of the characters. I really loved her portrayal of Starman's compassion.

Although characterization, descriptions, plot, dialogue and ending were great, the editing was not standard, and I kept tripping over misspellings, mis-punctuation, and wrong word use. Didn't stop me from racing headlong to the end, (of this part or any of 4 subsequent parts!) but it made for a bit of a bumpy ride. I wanted my blue pencil to brighten this blue light to fully fabulous!

I totally look forward to anything else from this great story-teller.