Reviews for Two Steps Back
Paulagato chapter 23 . 11/14
Ohhh por fin puede viajar...que padre más horrible...por suerte tiene a kuon que la ama
Michiyo chapter 23 . 11/12
I love how you are making things work out. :) thank you for a great chapter and looking forward to reading more.
A Musing Brunette chapter 23 . 11/12
Well, Saena certainly knew what she was talking about when she insisted that Kyoko not seek her father out. Dude is a prick. Plain and simple. So he basically took out all his vitriol on Kyoko, who had no fault in any of it. What. An. Arsehole. It's a good thing Kato was eavesdropping and interjected when it was most needed. Kyoko got legally unattached from less than stellar guardian types and is now free to make her own decisions without having to worry about such idiots.

I'm satisfied that Kato pushed Kyoko towards talking to Ren and that he realizes that Ren really does love her. He knows there are reasons behind Ren not telling her everything in time, probably seeing a similarity between them.

But the clencher was that ending. Thank you for the update. Good luck with your PhD and the move, as well as your book.
Ashenvale chapter 23 . 11/12
Huh! Won’t come back my ass! :D one word from kyoko and kuon came running back.
brennakai chapter 23 . 11/11
Wow... her sperm donor was... well reminiscent of her early years with her mother & he did not have the excuse of terminal illness. At least with the NDA he can't demand anything of her as she continues to blow people's minds.

As for Kuon, his mom is out of the woods, he wouldn't have any other response, except to get on the next flight... if she hinted she wanted him there... let alone if she needs him. Well she will be getting the full story. I think Lory may be calling the core group for a meeting once he lands. I think it will be a very emotional few chapters... wonder how his mom will react when she finds out she let it slip...
Until next time
Thank you for the story
ktoll9 chapter 23 . 11/11
Her father is a complete jacka**. Lol, loved the chapter. Great job! 8)
tootantobronzee chapter 23 . 11/11
I'm not crying you're crying.
A Musing Brunette chapter 22 . 11/7
What a poignant conversation between Kyoko and Kato. Actually, the entire situation is... but their conversation was definitely an eye-opener for Kyoko. It made her think about how her own demons brought her down. Perhaps she's realizing how much Ren has been trying to help her with her demons. Perhaps she's also remembering how much Ren lifts her up, supports her, is always there for her and compliments her and her talents. Let's hope she realizes that he's sincere in his feelings for her and can face him, allow him to tell her all.

I'm also anxious to find out about her father.
brennakai chapter 22 . 11/6
That was an amazing chapter. I have really been interested in learning more about Kato & any insight he could offer on her mother.
It truly is very deep & thought provoking his... turning point, the tidbit her her offered him...
It was a nice example of what he was saying with her final thoughts... proof that sometimes it is easier to believe our darker thoughts then question them...
Until next time
Thank you for the story
J Luc Pitard chapter 22 . 11/4
Came for the romance, stayed for the parents and kids relationships.
PaulaGaTo chapter 22 . 11/4
Excelente...Kuon deberia llamar otra vez ...o Yashiro salio a llamarlo?
ktoll9 chapter 22 . 11/4
Wonderful chapter, great job. Definitely looking forward to the next. 8)
black neko hime chapter 9 . 10/29
Uh-oh. I wonder how Kyoko's plan will turn out... I really hope she doesn't make it worse.
brennakai chapter 21 . 10/15

Kyoko is going to have a hard time with all of this... She was still reeling from some of her own recent life drama... Just got floored with the news her father wants to meet... doesn't have time to process that before Julie's slip throws her fragile world upside down...

I am interested in what her "accountant" really does... The guy is like an insanely on top of things for Lory to have had no connection with him before. I have a feeling he is just going to gain more of a role. I really am intrigued where it will go.

Then Kuu... understatement of the century sums up Kuon's actions of not telling Kyoko before... things happened or at the least his departure... So groan worthy...

until next time
thank you for the story
Michiyo chapter 21 . 10/7
Great chapter! Revelations and support are crucial at this point in their story.. Looking forward to reading more!
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