Reviews for 7 Reset Sukima
Scourge From BloodClan chapter 16 . 9/22/2013
Man love is blossoming in SDM isn't it
Scourge From BloodClan chapter 14 . 9/6/2013
Awesome ! Can't wait to see Flan and Azzhara get together * squeals *
snapshot2010 chapter 12 . 4/2/2013
aw man...this chapter felt soo heavy on the heart, and it doesn't let up for the poor Half-youkai.

This has turned out to be more of a torture world to Ail then a trail, and he is just holding to his sanity by a thread, there is a driving force that keeps him going though, it's the thing that keeps him as himself.

one thing to note though, I wished he would have hummed "faith is for the transient people" before his prayer, it would have made for a good indicator to his wish.

keep up the good work man, I love your fic!

hmmm? why am I reviewing now? oh I don't know...maybe it's because people can't get off their ass and review, or even give a simple one sentence of a review? I don't know...
Captain Vulcan chapter 9 . 1/31/2013
Now for episode 9 of Reset. It looks like Flan still has an agenda with Azhara. And I hafta say that the panther demon is good. Just the fact that how he gets under Flan's skin is amazing... in a sadistic sort of way. If he really does have a crush on Flan, he is playing hard to get.

And it is just another day at Hakurei's. But wait- a new challenger appears! A foxy Challenger that we have met before at the Kappa-Pa resort. Chikai's motives are strange though. Either she was bored or completely fascinated with Rika (It's the boobs, I swear). Funny thing is, she was pretty confident in kicking Rika's butt until she realized the angel's strength. Goes to show that Rika is not to be underestimated. And now that Chikai is her familiar/shikigami, I wonder what the future holds for her.

Darn. NegaAil's brashness knows no end. So he gets high off of fairy essence? No wonder Cirno and Dai wants to kill him. Have to admit though, I'm still a little confused about his relationship with Letty. Is she trying to destroy NegaAil or seduce him? Sometimes, I think it's both. With him revealing his weakness to the cold and all.

And now, it's back to the drawing board for- huh? Where did this fox spirit come from?

Chikai: "Just... pet her already. I'll appreciate it."
Masterflood - Tom chapter 11 . 1/19/2013
NegaAil using Flandres voice to mock Remilia. That is REALLY diabolical. (I like it _)
Meiling Falcon punching NegaAil.
Did Aya really tried to seduce him ? She really seemed to feel very bad about the whole situation. ("ooh, so you want some of this for real?"-Aya)
And the advice of Yukari keeps unheard and Ail is going to the forbidden shrine just to see that NegaAil had his ways with Kanako and trouble is starting again.

Can't wait to the next chapter (o) !

Me: Satori.. please be nicer towards him... and besindes that ! You don't have a boyfriend either !
Captain Vulcan chapter 8 . 10/31/2012
Playing catch up here. I have to say that NegaAil's foolishness knows no bound. Darn it... he reminds me of Drake. So he's raising all this hell just because he thought that no one cared for Reimu? He seriously needs to get his priorities straight!

Poor Aya. Poor Hatate. They didn't deserve the torture they got. And I can understand why Aya wants to kill him on sight. He's on Minoriko's hit list too.

Aww. Seeing Hina depressed was a sad sight. Seeing her remove her top was a happy sight! That Ail got some true willpower man. I would be feeling the misfortune god's boobs on the sly.

And... is Tenshi really getting a spin-off soon? That is VERY interesting.

Til next episode. Now's a good time to keep up.
Nicolas Crossworth chapter 9 . 10/10/2012
Personally, I've decided to skip the non-alternate gensokyo parts and head towards the action. The brief yet constant breathers are disrupting the flow somehow and the adrenalin kinda leaves ya only to come back again once we return to the alternate world. Ever got so focused into writing on a blank screen and suddenly force your mind to do something else like walking, and then a weird sickly feeling overcomes you brain and you start feeling dizzy? What I'm feeling is something like that, and I speak from experience, though here it's only mild, ze!

Alright so I am sickened on what NegaAil did to Aya. I'm considering the idea of sending a corrupted OC on his way and show what true evil looks like. Though I'm curious on what were those pcitures, unless i missed something. I wanna imagine Crazy Shameimru from UG facing off with NegaAil, because I think she will do better fighting him than the Aya at the last chapter.

I squee'd when he managed to convince Hina and Minoriko, okay I think they seriously came out of nowhere, but at least he convinced them! Wait does it really matter now that the world has been messed with from the inside out?

And i also squee'd when Momiji and Hatate (BIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTCCCHHHHH !) realized that it was the good Ail they were speaking to, though even if they did know, they still had to get rid of him because of the threat he poses. But still! At least they knew it was him, right?

Maginificent fight with Aya there, reminds me of a boss fight, oh wait, Aya is a boss. heh.
I like Mima's interactions with NegaAil, if anyone can make him suffer, it's her. Though i was about to point out some loose ends i spotted awhile back but couldn't find them. Oh well. I found a few things awkward but hey, this is fanfiction and this is Gensokyo so I'll let it slide.
Captain Vulcan chapter 7 . 9/4/2012
Rrrrgh-hah! I sense a major plot point! Ail is growing more aware of the Reset reality, Rika'suspicion, and Azzhara's official introduction. There has been a lot going on lately, and thankfully, I'm still not confused. Yet...

First, gotta tell ya, I've enjoyed Aylina and Yuuka's little cat fight way more than I should. I seriously believe that is their way of foreplay. Just imagining those two MILFs slapping each other and tearing off clothes... uh, disregard that. But still, super hot!

Azzhara's revelation was interesting. He swore vengeance for his master's death but end ends up falling in love with Flan. Talk about irony! He has been studying Flan for years, learned a way to withstand her terrible power, but he fell for Flan's cuteness. He actually got Flan by the... boobs but his love gotten the best of him. I wonder how his master would feel if he was still alive?

And Kurumi... girl you look great. Always did, actually. Not surprised that your goods looks are your vanity. But tiles, Kurumi was downright scary in this chapter. Especially her bloodlust after Elly's demise. Hmm... maybe she had unresolved feelings for Elly? Just a thought.

Reset Yuuka... can you say ultimate masochist? Can't wait to see Reset Tenshi then...

Til next episode!
TheEnd3030 chapter 6 . 8/14/2012
Great Chapter, After seeing what has happen to all the other girls, It leaves me with Nightmare Fuel on what NegaAli might have done to Marisa Reimu's best friend, As if he did this to girls who are on friendly terms with Reimu for what he sees as them abandoning her, I hate to think what he did to Marisa who is Reimu Best Friend

I really can't wait to see NegaAli get his just desserts as by doing what he did, He alienated Reimu even more and worse when she never wanted any of what he did (I really hate Real Life examples of people who did horrible things for Love worse if they were FULLY aware that the one they love never wanted this and that there was an Option B for them and they knew it, Not do the crime at all and just be there for the one they loved as NegaAli seems to be the one thing I REALLY hate, A G%$DAMN YANDRE (Which I actually WOULD support rounding all Yandre up and gunning them all down in a Firing Range LOL)

Hope to see the Next CH soon Later
Captain Vulcan chapter 5 . 7/19/2012
Y'know, Moukou is doing a damn good job in challenging Kaguya's beauty. She is doing so well that the fan club is pretty much ignoring her. Understandably, this puts the Moon Princess on edge. Atta-girl, Moukou! That's showing em your feminine side! Let's... just hope that Keine doesn't... enter the 'competition'. She'll probably win by a landslide.

That darn cat! He's still give Flandre hell and the over-powered loli is still raising it! Just how many times have he made a fool out of her already? Tell ya what, Flan, challenge the little guy in a arm-wrestling contest... or a boxing match! Let's see how that goes.

Good grief. All that stress is making poor Reimu ill. The biggest surprise of the episode was when Tenshi volunteered to take care of the shrine. Maybe Tenko is not as naughty as she seems. And Lykamei is a real little gangsta! Shouting at Rika like that. It looks like the cute little ghost is regaining her old personality. We'll see, I guess.

Wait. What's wrong, Moukou? They saw everything! Where was I when it happened!

Oh man. NegaAil's reputation even reaches to the UnderWorld. Seriously, what the heck? And how in the heck did he defile so many girls so easily? That's the biggest question of this story.

Great, now Kisume and Yuugi wants to tear good Ail apart. The future seems bleak...
LelUCares chapter 5 . 7/15/2012
Hello Willie *holds a thick stick full of thorns* ready for your scolding?

Of course not! I’m joking. Good thing you uploaded now though.

Pffff…. Buahahahahahahahaha! Kaguya losing her bikini top like that! LMFAO! I would be wordless or cackling my (pardon the expression) ass off if I were in that scene.

Oh Tewi, that lucky rabbit is the best. Won Mokou’s fans club so easy, hahaha.

Um anyway… the scene with Lykamei and Mystia was hilarious. I can’t help but picture lil’ ghost girl dancing like the Indian Dougie dance (Youtube does WONDERS) around a very distraught Mystia *shrieks* for Suwako, I’m a monster…

That Tenshi acting so nice and all, Ghaww! Nice to see that face of hers and just like they said, it’s kinda’ hard to guess with her normal behavior. Maybe Rika’s teasing is making her gentler or less tsun-tsun?

Finally, Ail is in the bridge with a very mad embodiment of jealous and a pissed oni… that battle is going to be GORGEOUS! I can’t wait for it!

Hohoho! Good chapter, really funny. Good luck with real life; I know how it feels when it shows her bitch face at us…

Read you in the next!
Nicolas Crossworth chapter 5 . 7/13/2012
Review time
To sum this chapter up, it's full of questions. What did NegaAil do to Kisume and Yamame? What does he want with Petal? What action will Suwako do now that she knows Ail's near the shrine? The heck with this incident about people disappearing? Will Ail win against Yuugi and Parsee? Will Rika finally free herself from perverted girls?

Gahh, too much questions... Yes, you're going to hell for what you did to FLandre... I'll make sure of that, ehehehen.
Yes, this was lighter chapter compared with the past ones though I must say that the plot progress is very slow. But hey, as long as the random parts are entertaining and are worth the read, why complain?

Loved how Tewi trolled both Mokou and Kaguya. Dat poor Reisen... i wanna give her a hug too... And it looks like Tenshi's not a total bitch after all... Hmm, is Reimu's cold related to Ail's alternate world?
LelUCares chapter 4 . 7/9/2012
FINALLY! My review at least! Awww yeah! ...Anyway… *puts sunglasses* it’s business time.

That Gengetsu… *shivers* was just weird, she was very creepy and ughh... well now I know that that little demon can surely be very naughty-naughty when she wants to. Oh and where is Mugetsu?

That corrupted Ail did what to Alice? Shoot, mommy Shinki will NOT be pleased with this. (By the way, Rinnosuke with that sword was just badass).

And I thought Bad lucky Bry-I mean Ail was going to end fighting with the Red one. What a little twist, but I still held hope on that fight.

He’s going to the Blazing Hell, uh? Why do I have the feeling that certain gym-clothed oni would not be very happy ‘bout it?

Finally… Lykamei trying to eat Aya and Hatate? Priceless! Hahahahaha if it wasn’t for Rika I think they would have ended in tengu stew.
Nicolas Crossworth chapter 4 . 6/29/2012
AHAHAHAHAHA i have made a review at last! praise Kanako for her generosity!
Right, right moving on...

Red Ail is... well just evil. No he doesn't reach the Voldemort level of evil, neither does he reach the malevolent Koishi from the Heartthrobbing Adventure, but just evil. I liked how Anilan fought desperately and... what the eff did this sick bastard do to my Puppeteer? No one, and I mean no one gets to mess with Alice and get away with it. I'm calling goddess Shinki and an entire Makaian battalion, I'm killing this guy! *gets held back by security fairies*

Gengetsu on the other hand more or less provided comfort, until she decided to play along with Red Ail... I hate you now Genge-chan! Though I may forgive you if you have a badass moment.

Rinnosuke looking good there with that sword, and busting down the door is indeed a dynamic entry.

Seriously Willie, are you adding a bit of Pirates vibe here by dropping silver washtubs at random moments? Or do you also despise red Ail and can't help but make his life miserable? If so then kudos!
Now as for that three tailed nekomata... That's it, where's my flame thrower? the animal ruined MY Koa's gorgeous body! *gets held back by fairy security*

Heh, China gots beaten by that sparrow... I'm with Kimi on this one.

My OC is staring at the monitor speechless after seeing Flan-chan swear...
Captain Vulcan chapter 4 . 6/27/2012
That NegaAil is some character, is he? He got both Reimu and poor Rika wrapped around his fingertips. I'm STILL confused about why Reimu would want a guy like that. It kinda makes me sad to think about it. Like I said before, Reimu's relationship with NegaAil is the only realistic aspect of this story: good girls loves bad boys.

And the sultry Gengetsu made it worse! Ugh! What do you see in that fool, Gengen? This is infuriating! It's making me SICK with anger! Oh... hey there, Parsee. Why are you staring at me like that? And who is this Ghirahim person you're talking about? I wanna slap that dream demon on the butt, too!

Then the guy went on to commit domestic violence on Alice. ALICE of all people! All because he wants a child. Uh... could he just see Reimu about that? That is, if Reimu's willing to go that far? I have the feeling that Rika will kill him if he even tries to impregnate Reimu. Foul bastard!

Oh hi, Youkai Marisa. Hot body you have there. It's too bad that you're the cause of all the tragedies and confusion in this story. Am I right? Now that the not-so Ordinary Witch returned, how will everything go now? Once again, Marisa takes the mantle of being 'The Main Antagonist'.

It is a trend that I've been noticing lately...

And... that damn cat! Kickin' the SDM girls' nice asses LIKE A BOSS! Flandre has met her match. Again.
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