Reviews for Naruto: Iron Soul
sportytc chapter 32 . 4/14
please please please can you carry on with this story as i would love to read more and find out what happens.
legspert9 chapter 14 . 4/14
As I read about naruto's wire use, all I can think of is Walter from Hellsing. In a good way.
Tom Hardy chapter 32 . 4/12
This hasn't been updated since 2012.
Anyone one know if it will get anymore updates, or is this just dead?
Lady Nyshah chapter 32 . 4/12
Awesomeness! Cant wait for more!
greymouser chapter 32 . 4/6
This can be said to be the best Naruto fanfic on the site! Not only did you not rehash canon material and you made a freat story with sympathetic characters with awesome skils. I'm glad to see Naruto flourishing under Ebisu's guidance. He's awesome as he is without the need of relying on the Kyuubi's chakra and Jiraiya's impromptu training. I like the way you utilized chakra weapons on the three genins arsenal. I feel they were underused in canon. Here, we saw how useful they can be. I also liked how you gave Neji elemental jutsus to work with. He's so much better the original. You did a great job on making Tenten an excellent Kunoichi. I'm sad tho that Sakura and Hinata weren't given the same development.
Please, please continue this awesome story! *begs on bended knee *
PeacefulMaelstrom chapter 32 . 4/5
interesting and unique story. i generally like ebisu tutors naruto stories, and this is one of the best i've read.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/1
This was the firs fanfic I read and this is my second time reading it. I think it is very awl done.
Tom Hardy chapter 32 . 4/1
This is a very good fic.
Hope to see some updates soon.
anonymous chapter 32 . 3/29
I would say this is the most unique and interesting Naruto fanfiction I have ever had the pleasure to read. Thank you
Guest chapter 4 . 1/27
So what I am hearing is narutos body is like raiden from metal gear
NarutoFan chapter 32 . 1/20
Hey... Gonna make more stories? Would love it :)
Maniac chapter 27 . 1/14
Yea it wouldn't work out for "Team nine". Gaara would kill them all, I think your under estimating him. First, he's blood thirsty enough to do it. Two, no matter how much time team nine spent together and trained their still to weak. Don't get me wrong I'm not a big gaara fan but team nine could never pull it off, also putting the fact that naruto could never kill some else let alone another jinchuuriki.
Demoninmysoul chapter 32 . 1/7
I love it so far and am looking forward to the third part of the exam (will you dedicate a chapter to the previous training, or will the new abilities be kept secret? For that matter will Jiraiya's most uselessly train Naruto, or will he stand back? I don't think the rasengan is needed here, and I'm not fond of toads as summons, but that's just me...)

I loved how you integrated Mizuki into the story, but I'm a bit worried. If you permanently removed Gaara and Orochimaru, much of the counterforce vanished, so there'll be a lull in action even with Akatsuki still present. Though if Sasuke'll integrate the enzime of Juugo and uses the thing like he does at least that's an interesting thread.
If Orochimaru lives (like my-OP-is-more-OP-than-OP-Naruto-Shippuuden) that could turn me off a bit if you followed canon there. If he's alive, please at least make death a possibility!

What else?

I loved how you pictured Naruto so far. His idiot character and serious side are both great, and I felt both the weakness to lightning and swimming appropriate, with both marvellously handled. Tenten is great and even if I hate most female characters, I have no problem with yours. I hope Neji loses the fate-talk somehow, but I won't count on it.
It's great how they along with Ebisu turned out - did them a lot of good and a small miracle on Naruto compared to canon.
I wonder about Shukaku and the invasion. Was the Kazekage dead by this point? What will Kabuto decide? Will he even compete against Kiba?

I guess that's all for now. Thanks for the story so far!
JDL45 chapter 32 . 1/1
Just discovered this fanfiction, have greatly enjoyed it. I hope you're able to return to it sometime, though real life trumps fun...
NightWithMoon chapter 21 . 12/28/2013
Well... honestly this is a very interesting idea for a story, but so far...
Well so far it's been rather tedious to read. Naruto, although you say he's intelligent, only displays his stupidity on screen and honestly there's just something lacking in the action. I feel like I'm forcing myself to continue reading to get to the good part that's surely coming soon... just one more chapter, surely it'll be getting better soon... just a little further I'm sure the story will take an upswing any moment... and so on and so forth. I've gotten tired of waiting for that improvement.
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