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Kreev chapter 26 . 16h ago
I'll admit it. It gets a bit tedious. Sort of like the filler arcs in the anime. I usually skip over them. But when I take the time to read, I find myself genuinely enjoying these slower bits. They're like previews to the main story. Little breaks in between the thicker chapters.
Also, I'm sort of thinking of The Hobbit, here - epic story, lots of writing, some parts that probably weren't necessary but that were enjoyable additions anyway.
It definitely ain't instant gratification, but in the end I'll have enjoyed every last bit of FMM. And when the final chapter's out, Imma go re-read the whole damn thing. Every. Single. Chapter.
Because fuck eating, sleeping, and working. Juni wrote a motherfucking fanfic.
CloudnineCK chapter 26 . 3/19
I'm so glad that you're still writing this story! Usually when I find a great story like yours, the author gives up eventually and never finishes. Thanks for the great chapter! :)
doberainbow chapter 26 . 3/19
Thank you so much! This is my favourite Grimmichi fanfiction. Thanks to you, I have become a hockey fan. Have a nice day 3
Baka Kage Usagi chapter 26 . 3/18
Ooooo love it! Can't wait for another update!
Wolfey77 chapter 26 . 3/17
Been waiting SO long for the next chapter and it finally came! 3333
Grimm. Grimmjow worried about Ichi, I love it.
Please more!
guest chapter 26 . 3/17
DeNial ain't just a river, Grimmjow...that being said, his reactions to his neighbors' trolling were spot-on. Maybe show flustered!Ichigo and Urahara trolling him about their relationship next chapter (pretty please with sugar on top)? Thanks for the update!
maggiepiece chapter 26 . 3/17
I just love this story so damn much! I'm happy you updated at all :P
but I can't wait for the other half of the chapter ;)
Doni chapter 26 . 3/16
Loved this chapter. Still so clueless as to what he's feeling, but at least Grimm knows he needs to talk to Ichigo. Loved the ribbing from his neighbors.
ichibanseiken chapter 26 . 3/16
Okay, that was nice! I liked having the other two guys in for an alternate view of things, and Grimm getting mildly jealous was amusing to watch!
Mayuzu chapter 26 . 3/16
I laugh when I read the author's note because I was just thinking that it's been 26 chapters and they haven't even got past the tension between *lol*
I love this chapter though. It gave sneakpeaks into Grimmjow's subconscious regarding Ichigo. Thank u for updating )
Cerulean Twin chapter 26 . 3/16
I'm glad you updated! Interesting to see Grimm squirm a bit, lol.
clarit chapter 26 . 3/15
Woohoohoo it seems like progress is going to be made next chapter, yay! Talking about feelings and hockey is definitely necessary for these boys.
It is sort of amusing seeing grimmy running away from his inner super gay for ichi, no matter how much "no homo" he keeps saying, that just aint gonna stick. And that just makes me smirk. :)
Aww i missed this so.

Cant wait for kisuke next chapter.
And i would worry about ichi but i trust his beautiful face to you. Please do take care of it.
Vorazlov28 chapter 26 . 3/15
I'M SO GLAD YOU UPDATED! I've been dying to read a little bit more on this story. I don't care if it was a shorter, more fluff chapter to build up the next scene coming. I love this story.

And Grimm calling Ichigo his. That's adorable. :D

Can't wait til you update again! Urahara is going to be fantastic, I just know it. He's the shit! XD
ShadowThorne chapter 26 . 3/15
omg well I don't know about your other readers, but I loved this short little chapter! It was good to see more of Grimmjow's thoughts on the situation between himself and Ichigo. And, admittedly, it was pretty cute to see him on the edge of his seat while Ichigo got hurt X'D
KenzieFF chapter 26 . 3/15
Holy shit, I almost had a heart attack when I received the story update alert. Nice chapter! Could have been longer (it could always be longer, cuz I love your work), and not much was happening, but you don't see me complaining about a chapter full of Grimmjow and his dark, deep and fucking confusing thoughts. I'm craving for more. You have tempted and teased the monster, and now it demands more GrimmIchi.

But that ending doe.

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