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nga130 chapter 1 . 9/12/2012
First off, since the pair was certainly not cannon, you might find a big lack of RG Veda's fan to come read the fanfic (I personally stumbled here because of the Taishakuten/Ashura-ou couple). If it's an original, the situation might be different, but it's not here nor there.
Putting that fact aside, the story was over all well developed, smoothly written, and with a dash of humor throughout, it's a good read. I'm not greatly entertained with some of the jokes, of Vahyu (did I spell it right?) or Kujaku, as they were kind of over the top, and rambling, and difficult to follow. Nevertheless, I like how you were able to retain certain traits of each RG characters, and incorporate new ones that is unique to this story.
ryuusama's disciple chapter 19 . 8/17/2012
"Xavier, don't use such language. I'm aware that she's a lesbian! I can tell when people are homosexual,"

Infallible gaydar indeed Bish. Speaking of which, Bishamonten doesn't seem very homophobic, so why do Kujaku and Yasha feel the need to hide it? If Bish didn't care when he thought they were fighting over a woman, I don't think he'd care about this either. Shashi is a different story, although she seems to be coming around.

It's so adorable that Ryuu has iguanas for pets! I bet he could make any kind of lizard obey him!XD And screw realism Kissh, get in the middle of that Dragon sandwhich! Just kidding!XD

This was an awesome story from start to finish, and I'm majorly looking forward to the side-stories! Keep up the good work!:D
ryuusama's disciple chapter 18 . 8/17/2012
Gingerbread pancakes, huh? Those sound heavenly! I have a new Christmas Morning recipe!

The Bishashi family part was suprisingly heart-warming considering the parties invloved. But yay for Tenou! He has a dad now!:D

Yay, Karyou finally showed up! And also yay for anything Ralph Wiggum!XD
ryuusama's disciple chapter 17 . 8/17/2012
Hanranya wearing a kitschy sweater had me cracking up! As did Kujaku's rendition of "We Three Kings"!XD

Bishamonten and Shashi have finally got it on! About time! And everyone else had fun to

What I wouldn't give to be part of the Ryuu family Christmas party!
ryuusama's disciple chapter 16 . 8/17/2012
Finally Bishamonten get's a clue and Kisshouten get's wise to his infidelity!

Also, yay! Tata is back!
Tata chapter 19 . 8/16/2012
Hi! It's me again! I must admit I have been a silent reader to this fiction of yours. But a faithful one I must say, since I've read it over and over, while waiting for the next chapter to come. _
I think I loveeee all your writings, you're a great one. You've always managed to me chuckled reading some silly background or personal thoughts on the character.
Love Shahi's character here, she's not so evil as the manga, but bitchy enough to be Shasi in real-modern life version. Bishamonten, is great here, never thought of read from his point of view.
Also, Aguni, never thought of her at all as a character, but in here and in your previous Tenkai City, she made a good one to read. Same goes to Komoukuten.
Never like Taishakuten, so I think you described him well here and in your other fics. Do love the new alternate reality between him and Ashura Ou as enemy-friend-lovers.
And as a Karura fan myself, I must say your ship is starting to dwell in my head, now I'm also ship Karura & Zou, really... I was a ship to Karura& Yasha, but now I keep thinking perhaps it could somehow goes like..Yasha as a past lover and Zou as her new beau.
See how you got me influenced..._
Anyway, I'm waiting for your next stories, and I WILL read & review them next time.
One request..make it steamy enough for the Karura one, xixiixixi... hope you include what happened in Kumaraten's office as well.
Thank you for your great stories...XOXOXO
ryuusama's disciple chapter 15 . 7/19/2012
Wow Bish, if you sat down and put two and two together, it should be obvious. But oh well! You deserve the strife it's causing you.

The scene with Shashi actually made me feel sorry for her, but mostly for Tenou. Don't be getting soft on me Shashi!
ryuusama's disciple chapter 14 . 7/18/2012
You go Kuyou! That rant was awesome!:D I'm so glad you like her too now, she deserves lots of fans!

Oh Kisshouten, and right when Shashi and Bishamonten were making some headway!
ryuusama's disciple chapter 13 . 7/15/2012
Wow...I did not expect the whole Taishura thing to happen like that. I can honestly say it shocked me! I really liked Souma's part though, it showed what an awesome lady she is!

So all in all, Taishakuten and Ashuraou are dicks, and on to the Bishashi!
ryuusama's disciple chapter 12 . 7/15/2012
"Ellen And Aaron Got It On In Harold's Office", I'm sure that poem is nothing if not inspiring and eloquent.

If Souma wasn't a canon lesbian, I would almost think her and Yasha were meant to be. Oh Vahyu, you never fail to make me laugh!XD But you're wrong about Karu's hairstyle, it's awesome! The Alaskan thing is too adorable! You must write an AU for it or something!XD

The comparison of Shashi to pre-Revolution French nobility was spot-on! I can imagine her as Madame du Barry in a past life!

Seriously Koumie, Bud Light? Watch out, we got a badass here! His and Shashi's battle of venom was truly something to behold!
ryuusama's disciple chapter 11 . 7/6/2012
Finally some Zourura action!

The conversation between Kumaraten an Tenou was hilariously awkward!XD
ryuusama's disciple chapter 10 . 6/30/2012
Ayumi Hamasaki has some good songs, but she's really just another idol singer, albeit a very successful one. She writes her own stuff though, so that's pretty cool. Also, "Oh my God you guys, a real Japanese person! I thought they only existed in manga!".

Oh man, is Ragstock still there? I loved that place! And my super conservative aunt took less issue with the stuff there than Shashi!XD A woman in her forties isn't supposed to be that neurotic yet!

I love how you added Ryuu's parents! They were some of my favorite characters, especially his 'macho' mom!XD

Was the FFX character Lulu? Because my little brother got in trouble for the exact same reason.
ryuusama's disciple chapter 9 . 6/29/2012
Ah, "Business News". The most interesting channel on

I think the problem with Vahyu in the company, is that his skills are used for the wrong things. He should be out there designing heavy metal album covers. He would be the best!
ryuusama's disciple chapter 8 . 6/29/2012
Poor Kisshouten, marriage councelors aren't miracle workers!

I haven't said anything before, but the way you incorporate the lyrics of "Someone Like You" in every chapter is brilliant!
ryuusama's disciple chapter 7 . 6/22/2012
Man, I haven't been to a Hot Topic in years! All the malls I go to don't even have the cool dungeon gates anymore! Oh my god, I dress more like Shashi than I realized!0_o Minus the sluttier outfits and buying exspensive stuff just cuz I can, of course...Also, yay for Emilie Autumn!

Zou and Tenou should totally join their band! They'd be the best band ever!In-story at least!XD

Now you made me want a cuddly guinea pig! Too bad that would be impossible for me right now.:(
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