Reviews for Red in Tooth and Claw
Knocks chapter 3 . 9/4/2012
Sigh. Such writing. :-)
Karma Kat 281 chapter 1 . 6/29/2012
Hey! I am rereading this and wont let me review again in Ch. 3, so here I am. First of all, I would love love love to have this story, especially the last chapter, from Conrads POV. Second of all, Vimes is totally better, no question. He arrests two armies! I mean, come on!
Karma Kat 281 chapter 3 . 6/15/2012
PROGRESS! I loved it! I have no words, so excuse me while I screech and flail. ASDFGHJKL;!
Kohl chapter 3 . 6/8/2012
First off, the ending of the chapter gets two thumbs up and a happy giggle from me. Progress!

There was so much action happening so fast in this chapter that I just could not keep up. Which was totally amazing in a "Oh my god things could end really badly" sort of way.

And can I just say that before these Apocafics I never thought I'd feel bad for Worth? I mean, he's a dick. But then these fics rolled around and it's like we get to reeeally see into his brain and we learn that, while, yeah, he's still a dick, he's also a pretty well-rounded character. Watching him slide into mourning-mode threatened to tear my heart into itty bitty bite-sized pieces. Actually, it might have succeeded. Huh.

Anyway, yeah, loved it, but I really expected nothing less!
ToasterScribbles chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
God dammit, and Desdemona are just fucking amazing.

The Hannapocolypse verse is pure love and awesome!

You guys are my freaking heroes.
Cacodaemonia chapter 3 . 6/7/2012
Oh, right, I was going to comment as I went along. Sorta got caught up for a bit! Hehe, Dickface. I love how Worth gets to pissed about that. XD

Also, have I mentioned how much I love the scene when they're about to leave the cell? What I wouldn't give to know what goes through Conrad's head once he realizes Worth's hand is in his hair.

Okay, back to the current bit. Oh, the tension! Gah, I'm even more nervous because I know what's coming. I would bite my nails if I were the type to do that.

;; BAW: "Conrad could go, could use his vampire speed to zoom across the bridge and get away. But no, stupid fuck kept hanging back, holding back, matching speed with Worth."

Double BAW: "And that fucker. That stupid fucker. Kept stopping and picking him up."

Seriously, you're killing me. 3

And I love this line: "He was that set of white, pure angles sizzling under the moon." It's so creepy and perfectly descriptive.

"Horizontal slit pupils set in red eyes met his as ivory fingers wrapped around his arm." Oh fuck, that's new, isn't it? Guuuuuhhhh.

So just he fact that Zombie was set to "guard" Worth - that everyone knew he would need someone strong and unsleeping to keep him in the trailer - speaks volumes. STRESS, so much of it! 8[

Jesus, Hey is like stupidly adorable. Adorable yet a little creepy, but maybe even more adorable because of that?

I think you did an amazing job with that empty, horrible, questioning feeling Worth gets when he thinks he's lost Conrad for real. Anyone who's lost someone knows that feeling, and it really comes across here.

And now I'm all giddy and smiley and literally kicking my feet back and forth. Look what you've done! The emotional whiplash in that last scene is just fantastic! Brilliant. Lovely. Gnee. :)

And I'm still dying to know what the hell Conrad was up to all night!
Cacodaemonia chapter 2 . 6/3/2012
Haha, the French bit! I love it! XD I have to agree with Connie: Worth speaking French is a disturbing thought.

The hand-holding in this chapter and the previous one makes me all squishy inside, even if it has a purpose outside of being cute.

Ah, I'm glad you put in a bit more description about the area outside the building they had slept in. I guess I hadn't thought about it until I read it *with* a description, but it definitely helps me visualize the place.

"He'd have to try and find a pool hall somewhere in order to get the joke in. Note to self." Worth, you are a dick of gargantuan proportions.

...Except when you do something sweet like clean blood off Conrad's face... Then reassert your dickishness. There, back to normal! I seriously can never get enough of the fucked-up banter between these two. You're so good at it!

I'd been meaning to ask you about the "only people with partners allowed" rule for the police station. Is that because of the nature of the traitor, and the Unseelie leaders wanting to bring couples in to torture him/her?

"Come or I will drag you by your eyesockets." I need to find a way to use that threat on someone, hehe.

Oh, oh, and this: "Conrad was close to seething, which meant he was pretty much sneering death and danger in the face and daring it to fuck with him. It was kind of turning Worth on." LOVE it. I can just imagine the look on Worth's face while Conrad is bitching.

I forgot to comment while reading the last part of the chapter; it was so stressful! And man, talk about bad luck. Worth just needs to get himself stabbed when Conrad can actually reach him.
Cacodaemonia chapter 1 . 6/3/2012
I know I've already squeed all over this, but I wanted to comment as I read. :)

Hee, this line makes me laugh every time I read it: "Also, fuck Florida. He didn't even want orange juice anymore."

And how did you ever come up with the romance story Zombie tells them? It's just genius.

I had forgotten about Conrad's mesntion of the Chupacabra incident. I'm dying to know what Worth was high on and how Conard reacted to the giggling, hehe. :]

Man, I love the scene where the banshee grabs Worth and then Conrad shows everyone Worth's scars. It's so tense! I also like how it shows how very human Conrad still is most of the time, what with how he seldom uses his real strength, won't bite people, can see in the dark, etc.

I also adore the awkward intimacy of that last scene. Just... Gnee!
Kohl chapter 2 . 6/1/2012
I've been trying to think of what to say because, hey, between chapters one and two there's plenty to talk about! But apparently my brain is kind of mush-like lately so my thoughts are just running in circles. Or stumbling, I guess, would be more accurate. And they're rather jumbled circles filled with half-words and numerous exclamation points. But if I reallyreally tried I think I could simplify it to: "Holy crap what's going to happen next. I really need to know what's going to happen next."

Also, succubus? Totally was not expecting to see her again. And I am so not complaining because I think she's really neat.

So. Basically, fic updates for this 'verse make me super happy and, yeah, love your fics. Even if this one is making me worry for Connie and Worth. Or perhaps I'm loving it BECAUSE it's making me worry? I don't even know anymore.
FattySkeleton chapter 1 . 5/31/2012
. . . . interesting. I am looking forward to either Worth being forced to keep him mouth shut, or getting into so many fights with the fairies. so. many. fights.

And it was so very, very, very weird for Worth to . . . to . . . um . . . does what he do really count as "flirting"?

Ok, to agressivly sexually harass someone and for them to turn it into flirting. That'll do i guess.

But yeah, that naga was the weirdest thing ever, just. My god, someone flirted with worth. Straight out flirting, not even the punch flirt that Conrad does.

Also, can Conrad rip someone to shreds here? Like Worth gets picked on and hurt, and even though he was totally about to, or had kick the whatever it was's ass Conrad still had to make a point.