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Chicky Babes chapter 66 . 1/23/2013
For Me there will never be enough so another 100 chapters would be great

Jackson needs to sort Craig out doesn't he have HIV? So surely Jackson would know he'd never be that stupid to risk his health for a quick romp in the sack

Jack wants Aaron to be happy and he hopes that will be with his Dad so he'll do anything to get them and keep them together but ONLY IF Jackson keeps it in his pants and solely for Aaron whom he claims to Love

so in conclusion - MORE MORE MORE
Guest chapter 66 . 1/23/2013
I'd love more! Great to see Aaron and Jack spending time together and I'm ever hopeful that Jackson will stop being a tw*t and they can b a family together again. They need to find out that Jackson didn't sleep with Craig and Jackson needs to sort himself out again and b the bloke Aaron deserves. Thanks Mark, Nic
Shawnyola chapter 66 . 1/22/2013
It was nice to see Aaron and Jack spending time together - he's the person who makes Aaron happy at the moment and I loved how they shared that bowl of chips, like two peas in a pod! Of course he's glad that Ronnie is out of the picture, for now at least, though it was sweet that he didn't want to see his Uncle Aaron sad. Loved his remark about Ronnie: "His breath stunk of pigs poo." It was also nice to see a friendlier relationship between Aaron and Sarah. She knows that seeing Aaron makes Jack happy so I'm glad she's ok with Aaron taking him out.

So Aaron's still got feelings for Ronnie? Otherwise why go round there? I liked that Aaron wanted to sort things out but maybe he would've got the wrong impression of seeing Daz there? It's interesting that Ronnie's changed his mind and upon Daz's advice, is going to make another play for Aaron. He's a nice guy and let's face it, Jackson's been a tool in this story! Though why is Jackson back and in a strop about it? Is he back for Aaron or has something else happened?

I see you've left this story open so it can be continued. Was it not meant to be your swan song though? There are a lot of things that need to be resolved but I like the idea of the 'open to interpretation' ending as some people wanted Aaron to get together with Ronnie rather than Jackson, so they could make up their own mind as to how the story ended. On the other hand, it would be good to get a proper conclusion to this whole saga but I'll leave the decision in your hands. Thanks for writing, Mark xx.
Faggy chapter 66 . 1/22/2013
This has made my night - I've had an awful day and was so pleased to see you've added to the story.

I think in answer to your final statement that it was pretty clear at the end of the last chapter that a lot of people do want more as there was still so much left open. I know personal interpretation is fine but a definitive ending seems to be what a lot of us want (my preference would be with with A&J and Jack as a family).

Doesn't look like it will be plain sailing though. Will Ronnie pursue Aaron? And will Aaron like it? Especially as he has been trying to contact Jackson. Will they find out about Craig's lies ? (they better had!). And why is Jackson home? I'm hoping it's to fight for Aaron.

It was lovely to see Aaron out with Jack. That is when he's happiest. And nice that he and Sarah seem to be friendlier - at least about Jack.

I do hope this continues...
kit chapter 65 . 1/20/2013
I would like the epilogue, I need an end to the story; please let the boys be happy together with little Jack. They belong together.
Guest chapter 65 . 1/20/2013
I want a new story. Please do a new one.
Chicky Babes chapter 65 . 1/19/2013
Some time apart may make Aaron see more clearly Yes Jackson has declared his feelings but he's done that before but continued to cheat
They must fine out about Craig's disception or he will have won and we can't have that
I think in the end that they belong together but only if Jackson changes Okay not a cheat the last time but the time before that and the time before that
Great writing Mark I've loved every word
kate chapter 65 . 1/19/2013
If Aaron goes back to Jackson he might as well have doormat stamped on his forhead because that is what he would be,
Guest chapter 65 . 1/19/2013
I liked this chapter but I just feel like it doesn't have an ending. I appreciate the left open to interpretation but I personally definitely want an epilogue and some kind of resolution.
Shawnyola chapter 65 . 1/18/2013
Oh Mark, you've got to do the epilogue! There are too many lose ends here that need tying up. I know what you're suggesting by leaving the ending open to interpretation and that it will take a long time for Aaron to reach a decision as to what he wants to do but we need to know what happens, especially after reading Jackson's letter.

I still really think that both of them need to find out about Craig's lie, otherwise how can Aaron make a true decision? And Jackson too; he clearly hates himself for what he thinks he's done to Aaron but I'm glad he told Aaron, even if it was only in a letter, just how he feels about him. His reaction after Aaron had left in the taxi spoke volumes.

I don't think Aaron could disappear from Jack's life - he loves him too much but I can understand his worries over any potential boyfriend's feelings towards the boy and also, being squeezed out if Jackson found a new partner but Jackson's right; Jack would be gutted he never saw his uncle Aaron again.

It was good to see that Aaron was upset over Ronnie leaving, realising that he did have some feelings for him after all but they weren't the same as to how he felt about Jackson. It was also good to see Ronnie warning Jackson against hurting Aaron again and I felt bad for him here, leaving because he knew Aaron was still in love with Jackson.

"He's just having a poo I think, he says he doesn't like the plane toilets because you 'might get sucked down through the hole'" haha, gotta love little Jack! I hope he does get what he wants - his dad and unlce back together. Thanks for the update xx
Faggy chapter 65 . 1/18/2013
So that's it. I've got mixed feelings about this. On the one hand it's a clever ending that leaves the future open for the reader to decide what happens next. Jackson's letter and Aaron's reaction to it leaves me with hope that they will sort things out which although not the ending I wanted is one that I'm happy with and works well.

But I'm also a bit frustrated as well that they didn't find out the truth because it still means that they are in danger of throwing everything away for nothing. Jackson has cheated before but they have worked through it and came out stronger for it so to punish them both now when he didn't do it seems cruel and harsh. If Aaron had left Jackson because of something he did do (such as running away from his problems, excessive drinking, shutting Aaron of important decisions or just treating him badly) or decided that even knowing the truth that the damage had been done then that would be fair enough but they aren't the reasons Aaron walked out, it was purely because he thinks Jackson couldn't be trusted but actually that's not true because this time Jackson didn't do it. And I do hate that aspect of the ending.

Also, it means that after all the damage he did Craig gets away with it. His lies led to Aaron's accident and now to them going through all this pain. I don't belive that everything needs to be tied up and am happy with a certain amount of ambiguity but it just seems so unfair.

So overall I've enjoyed all your stories but I've disliked the final turn of this one for reasons that I think I've explained. I'm actually happy with the ending as it leaves me hope but I wish it hadn't gone this way.

As for the epilogue - much as I'd like to see a happy Aaron I'm not sure I'd want it to be without Jackson so I'll leave it up to you. If I decide that I want to think of them back together as a family again then I can always just not read it.

Of course there are so many things left hanging from this story - what happened at frank's trial, will Aaron and Ronnie manage to become friends, will Craig get his comeuppance - that maybe a final final story of just a few chapters would be in order...

Just a thought.

Despite my dislike of the final turn of this story I have enjoyed your writing and stories. You have created a well constructed AU for Aaron and Jackson especially with little Jack. One of the reasons I feel so strongly about the ending is because I actually care about the characters and that is down to your writing so thank you for that.

Asa1612 chapter 65 . 1/18/2013
Hey Mark, what a great chapter. I loved the letter that Jackson left for Aaron to read...really nice. They both still love each other, anyone can see that. I think you should do an epilogue where Aaron finds out that Jackson didn't sleep with Craig, and like Jackson said "all that we've been through together, it's got to count for something...hasn't it. Those two are meant to be together.
I'vd loved this story and I really hope you write more. Asa xx
Guest chapter 65 . 1/18/2013
I need an ending to this.
grinch chapter 64 . 1/17/2013
Hope they get back together (Aaron and Ronnie). If not, then let him be happy by himself. Perhaps he and his mum can heal each other.
Shawnyola chapter 64 . 1/16/2013
I think Aaron and Ronnie's relationship IS over, if that's what you want to call it. With the opening scene with the two of them waking up, it seemed to me that Aaron regretted the previous night, judging by how he pulled away from him. I think Ronnie guessed that there was no future for them by Aaron's reaction to what he'd said about Jack and how he'd fiercely denied his feelings towards Jackson.

I think it was too soon for Aaron to get into another relationship and even though he was fond of Ronnie, he wasn't serious about him, unlike Ronnie's feelings towards him. I admired Ronnie for being the bigger man and walking away, realising that Aaron was still in love with Jackson and missed being part of the family.

It was understandable that Aaron was put out by Jackson taking Jack out without him as he desperately missed family life with them. The way he argued with Jackson just proved that he still loved him and wasn't ready to move on with anyone else, despite him still thinking that Jackson cheated with Craig. I agree that they both need to find out about his lies.

Even though Jackson is trying to change his ways, I can't see him and Aaron getting back together. Too much water has passed under the bridge but it would be a shame if, after everything they've been through, they end up apart. I'm hoping there could be chance for them somehow? Also, I think Jack will always keep them connected.

I like the idea of the epilogue, Mark and agree with the others who said it's Jack that Aaron's happy with. Thanks for the update, though I'm sad that this story is rapidly coming to an end! xx
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