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Guest chapter 99 . 2/18
"So, has this stupid retcon in Super ruined our plans? No, because we don't have to use it—and there are plenty of explanations possible and available if the writers of Super weren't dipshits."

OK, ok, can you enlighten me on what explanations can there possibly be that can make Vegetto stay permanent in your fanfiction whilst it has been established in canon/anime that it's only for one hour?

Because the one hour reason seems to make more sense on why Vegetto unfused in Z, much better than because of "Buu's stomach properties."

Don't get me wrong, I hate the retcon, as it ruined one of my favorite DBZ characters. But now there's simply no way Vegetto can last longer than an hour in Bod.

Even if you do what DBM is doing, just ignoring the retcon or coming up with a far-fetched excuse or reason for Vegetto to remain permanent, it just won't be the same. And it will just detract the believability and compliance of BoD with Canon.

And unfortunately, the retcon now makes up the main core of the rules of Potara Fusion, so I don't think you should go about changing it massively.

That's my two cents, but it's your fanfiction after all. So it's down to you. But still want to know what other way there is for Vegetto to be permanent?

Still can't wait for him to finally appear in Bod!
SuperSaiyanKnight chapter 99 . 2/18
Trust me Np, the retcon sounded complete BS. It certainly lost its uniqueness in comparison to the Fusion Dance. Plus Vegito is now currently only useful for, what, seven minutes now? SMH

I still would like to see if you can get around that in this masterpiece.

Anyways what's your current take on the Universe Survival arc of DBS? According to the Fandom, Goku is getting alot of hate for being entirely responsible for putting all twelve universes in danger of extinction, for wanting to fight stronger opponents in a tournament called the Tournament of Power.

He does deserve the criticism but thats how Toriyama originally intended Goku to be in the manga: selfish and always putting himself ahead of others. Funimation changed Goku's personality to be more heroic and kind, so it would appeal to the western world.

Love to also hear your thoughts on this too.

PS. How is David? Is he back to editing and inputting his respectable scientific knowledge in BoD now?
T51b Moridin chapter 1 . 2/9
Starting off with some interesting events. Let it be known Vegeta will be king!
Guest chapter 99 . 2/7
SCI-FIWIZARDMAN chapter 99 . 2/3
I just read. This entire thing. In 3 and a half days. My eyes are burning from staring at my screen. It was totally worth it. This story is amazing. Can't believe I haven't heard of it before now. You guys even introduced me to DBM, for which I am immeasurably thankful.

Lots of things going down presently. One thing in particular I'm curious about... Vegeta asking Bulma if she's interested in another kid, huh? Granted, that was several chapters ago (which is several years ago from where the story is now), and circumstances have changed since then, but it does being up a question. Is Bra going to be a thing in this story? Better question yet, with the changes to this universe (and Vegeta in particular) would BoD Bra turn out awesome and badass like U16's Bra? I know Vegeta isn't the same as Vegitto, but hey, being the strongest known fighter and leader of a galaxy-wide empire has to count for something, right?

Looking forward to future chapters, and future reviews!
Noah Jones chapter 1 . 1/31
f u friezy I AM a super Saiyan!
Reaper of Souls chapter 99 . 1/28
1) Did Vegeta's power increase beyond it's limits like in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods when Super Perfect Cell had killed Future Trunks during the Cell Games?

2) Which do you think is more powerful, Goku Black or his rather uniquely named Super Saiyan Rosé transformation?
samuel.hoddinott chapter 99 . 1/27
Another great chapter as always. I stopped reading a while back so I'd have lots to read when I came back to the story. I would love to see some animation on these worlds you're describing. I have a hard time wrapping my head around them. I'm really enjoying what you're doing with Videl. I enjoy that she has some form of respect towards Gohan and understands his power. The same with making her stronger too. I'm enjoying the Iron Sayian too. Which makes me think, shouldn't his suit be able to do far more than what you're telling us. Strength and Speed wise? Iron Man has huge feats. I suppose this is Trunks Mark 1 armor though. Question though, do you think if Trunks were to train and push himself to his utmost limit, by the age of 21 per say and then get his Ki access back, would he have a huge increase in power as soon as he gets it back or would it just be like his potential being accessible again? Would he have larger gains as well? Any plans on Goten and what to do with him? I always feel like Goten is shafted by other fanfics and even in the DBZ story. Including games.
Super Neko Majin chapter 65 . 1/20
What are some tips you (or anyone else in the review section) would give for writing DBZ fight scenes? Mine always end up short and choppy.
Ninan2001 chapter 99 . 1/15
Your story is amazing ! How do you feel about dragon ball super?
JOEL chapter 99 . 1/15
Has beerus ever encountered Majcnavn? (If so what happened) Great story !
Sardine Tyrant Valzy chapter 99 . 1/14
Great chapter, it was interesting to read about Majcnavn's interference, and his reason for doing so. Hopefully we get another Power Level special soon too, keep up the awesome work!
Guest chapter 1 . 1/11
The concept of Whis training Goku and Vegeta is quite would be to interesting how Vegeta could come up with a counter for Hit's time skip and one punch technique.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 99 . 1/12
Incredible story, I am glad to see that it's still as great as ever!
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 95 . 1/12
It was nice to see what happened to Trunks. You did an excellent job at explaining how human nature would influence those events.
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