Reviews for Bringer of Death
apexawesome chapter 34 . 18h
... wait... you sKIPPED the "special battle" between the Zfighters/Vegeta's crew and the androids?!
Darth Nightmaricus chapter 98 . 19h
Please update!
apexawesome chapter 31 . 19h
Vegegeta should court Bulma AANNDD Oniya. Just saiyan.
apexawesome chapter 30 . 20h
So... Vegeta is STILL alive in Trunks' Timeline?! So they had ONE LESS WARRIOR to help against the androids in that future?!... that's fupped up!
apexawesome chapter 29 . 20h
So after the Yardrats are wished back along with Vegegta's old girlfriend from his crew, Goku should take his Yardrat friend to otherworld to visit his old comrad.
apexawesome chapter 27 . 10/23
wait... I wanted to "SEE" exactly what happened in the "original" timeline , like exactly HOW did the fights of Vegeta and others went against the cyborgs.. by detail...
apexawesome chapter 20 . 10/23
So is Yamcha and Vegeta's "friend" going to be wished back?
apexawesome chapter 14 . 10/23
I'm guessing that the Piccolos will learn how to back engineer the Frieza tech left behind on Namek?
apexawesome chapter 13 . 10/23
I will be luking forward to Vegeter fighting Kold in his 100percent final power form.
apexawesome chapter 12 . 10/23
I...Like Pie. But this story takes the cake.
apexawesome chapter 4 . 10/22
Guest chapter 7 . 10/17
Is this Linda Young Frieza or Chris Ayres Frieza?
Full Power chapter 98 . 10/18
I just gone done re-reading all the way from chapter one and npb, my brother, I stand by my belief this is the greatest DBZ work on this site. Even if I'm still iffy on the Mac...Macjy...MacGyver...Macjcnavn character/arc because I still want to learn more, re-reading this is making me SOOOO want to get back into writing FFN. I'm still thankful the writings of this fic that began with you and David inspired me to start writing FFN, which then led to my professional career and the success I've had there. So thanks, npb.

Seeing the scene about Trunks and Videl arguing, along with the comment about Trunks being Iron Man/Iron Saiyan, makes me think we may be seeing somewhat of a 'Civil War' arc or 'side story' in the near-future. Something about Videl being so pissed at how Trunks handles thing she tries to bring him and the Briefs family down a notch...

Oh, and as for that last review question about Otty fusing with other Nameks, there's a part of me that can't see it happening. I'd have to think Namekian fusion would require 100 percent Namekian cells, unlike Saiyans who can fuse despite being half-breeds. Even if Cell designed Ott with having, say, 80 percent of him being Namekian, I just don't think it's enough.

Can't wait to see # J.J. Watt my friend..God Bless.
dbky92 chapter 98 . 10/16
Nice seeing Gohan and Videl finally reuniting.
DBS SUCKS chapter 98 . 10/14
Toei Animation needs to redo the entire Dragon Ball Super series from scatch with YOU and YOUR TEAM as the NEW people behind it! Also... What are your thoughts on this new Super Trunks form? And I hope both Goku Black and Future Zamasu DIE at the hands of the Z Fighters for what they did!
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