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The Pun Loving Skeleton chapter 100 . 9/15
Okay... This is a question and answer but.. Do you guys follow the whole 'Goku is a 7, Beerus is a 10 and whis is 15'? B/c that's NOT at all accurate anymore. The movie maybe, but for super? No, it's no something that should ever be referenced for it.

And, yes to the boob joke and SSj4 Caulifa... She bae. 3
Keep up the good work.
DONGERDINGDONGER chapter 100 . 9/10
Just wanna say I finished binge reading this, and HOLY SHIT
I can't wait for the future!

Question though:
Are you a fan of the Dragon Ball Super Anime? I enjoy it.
JOEL chapter 100 . 9/8
Please update!
Rafael chapter 100 . 9/7
Majin Hercule? Garlic jr. is back? Well, I was not expecting that at all, really! You guys really know how to make your readers more and more eager to read your story. I wonder by how much Babidi could increase Mark's power with this Drakoshin orb of power and even Garlic's powers as well, moreover, I wonder what is Hercule's role in all of that, certainly enough he is not a match for Gohan even with this Majin "drakoshin's orb enhanced" boost.
Guest chapter 100 . 8/31

Why don't you just shut up?

You may not like Super but there are some great aspects in the Manga and show that the BoD authors could improve dramatically.

Hit is one of the best characters in Super and I would love to see him in BoD. He would be ten times better in this story than in Super.

Don't forget, the author isn't literally writing this story just for you, but for all dbz fans.

I don't like Super that much, but there are still some good stuff.
DBZfan92 chapter 100 . 8/29
Just want to let you know that while the long wait has been disappointing, I'll never stop checking for updates on this amazing story you guys have crafted. I also think it's a good idea to shorten the chapters a bit like you said to enable you to post quicker. In my opinion it might help the pacing a bit too, because while I appreciate all the detail you put into everything, I sometimes find myself missing the more fast paced nature of earlier chapters. Also how they had more of Vegeta himself and his inner monologue's.

Anyway the main thing I want to state is I notice you answered a lot of questions about DBS. All I can say is that I am absolutely not a fan of the show, even with all the spotlight they've given Vegeta (which is forever ruined in my opinion by him dying by a simple planet explosion and not being the one to kill Frieza). I guess you could say I don't necessarily think it's good spotlight they have given him. Goku is always stronger still anyway. The way you have handled it, having them switch off who is the more powerful, is way more like the rivalry they should have had in later canon and in Super.

I'm getting off on a tangent, the whole point of explaining my dislike of Super is to beg you not to let it influence Bringer of Death. I know you've stated you won't deviate from your plans, and that Bringer of Death is specifically an alternate take on DBZ and not any post-DBZ show or manga that's been released, but I still worry seeing everyone ask you about it. I personally wouldn't want to even see your take on anything DBS related. If this story of yours continues after the events of DBZ, I'd rather you create something all of your own. It would be infinitely better than the ridiculous writing and plot holes of DBS. I mean hell Majcnavn and his arc is better than anything in Super. Maybe anything you do post DBZ with SMALL elements of Super as you see fit, but hopefully not much influence from it.

As for the chapter... Majin Satan! That seriously made me grin from ear to ear. It's so weird and goofy and out of left field but it's also really cool and makes sense in this context! I have complete faith you'll make it work. My only small complaint would be that it's reallllly getting away from canon now. I really just enjoy that tournament arc in Z. The mystery behind it all, finding out who Supreme Kai is, Gohan getting pissed and going ss2, the three saiyans fighting and (mostly) clowning the universe's strongest fighters in babidi's ship, then majin Vegeta. I just love it all.

That's a very minor complaint though, and it doesn't make me any less interested to see how you will handle things! When will Videl finally tell Gohan she was Levi!? It's killing me haha.

Anyway best of luck on writing and thank you for continuing to do it!
NO I AM NOT NAME chapter 71 . 8/27
Starting to get angry with the idiots who were asking for Vegeta when it's not his time in the story... hopefully that didn't affect the actual story too much. Just trust that the authors know what they're doing!
(he said uselessly, seeing 30 chapters ahead of him and knowing the issue had already been decided)
xenosaiyan chapter 31 . 8/27
There is no such thing as too much Yamcha bashing.
JOEL chapter 100 . 8/23
I am a little surprised why Gohan and Trunks didn't mention the temporary return of Trunks chi when talking to Vegeta. Did you forget to add that in this chapter?

1) Is Babadi and Majncvn aware of one another?

2)Has Majncvn ever encountered or fought with Buu?
3)How do you feel about Dbs and do you have any plan to incorporate elements of the show in your story?

Sorry for another review. I do enjoy reading your story and I hope you update soon.
Rossco101 chapter 100 . 8/25
Great chapter. And it's great to see this story is still alive. The new update schedule is fair and I hope you guys can continue this magnificent work.
SPARTAN-0052 chapter 100 . 8/24
I greatly approve of the idea to shorten the chapters and release more often. 6-7 month update gaps are a bit demoralizing to fans.

Hmm, a romance section. Being a low-key sociopath I wasn't sure what to make of it, heh. Didn't cringe much, that's probably a good sign. At least Gohan's homework is 2EZ and he has time for training and that strange concept known as "social-life".

And the great reveal is... Garlic Junior? Well I guess that kind of makes sense since he was immortal and all. I'll need to brush up on the chapter where he got dispatched and read the fine print. I just hope he isn't the "second Demon-King" that was mentioned, as optimal fanservice demands Cold in the form that fought Bra in DBM. Giving the Majin power-boost an upgrade is also a necessity as there are so many strong people that would defend Earth. PuiPui and Yakon might be threats to the tougher humans now.
DBZcrew chapter 100 . 8/23
Great chapter! Majin Mr. Satin was certainly a unique twist that I wasn't expecting. It should be pretty exciting and I'm glad we'll be getting more regular updates going forward.
Guest chapter 100 . 8/22
Amazing story, I have read since the beginning and am glad to have you back. So how would brolys lss reflect if he obtained S2 and how would a majin boost effect him? I like the majin hurcule I was actually thinking you might have done something like that and was glad to see it.
NO I AM NOT NAME chapter 45 . 8/22
"messy-haired Saiyan" made me think of Gohan - I didn't realize it was Goku until the commentary.
Frostbite883 chapter 1 . 8/22
No offense or anything, but you forgot to add in the 99 and 100 numbers concerning your Heroes Saga table content.

Heroes Saga (Chapters 96-100)

Thought I should let you know.
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