Reviews for Bringer of Death
lord Martiya chapter 74 . 8/7
Got a good laugh with the food poisoning... And Mr. Satan calling it.
phantomzeke chapter 7 . 8/3
The only problem I babe with your power level explanations is that, if I remember correctly, Frieza stated that his power level in his base 4th form was 1 million. Goku should have been about 300,000 not 3 mil. that's kinda to large a jump from 180 thousand when he took on Ginyu.
Guest chapter 98 . 7/31
We are getting close to a 100 chapters! Do are you gonna do another special chapter on power levels?
Guest chapter 98 . 7/31
How strong would a Ki attack from someone with a power level of 5 be? Would it be as strong as a grenade or weak as a firecracker?
SLotH4 chapter 1 . 7/29
1 - How much of a saiyan's tail must be intact for them to turn oozaru? Can they still transform if they lose the tip or maybe half of the tail?

2 - Can a SSj who regrows his tail (like evil!Kakarott in DBM) go golden oozaru? Gohan interview stated that a tail was a barrier to SSj, but how would that change if magic restored Goku/Vegeta's tail (since they've already gone SSj)? And what sort of power boost would that give?

3 - (assuming he never goes SSj2) Is Broly able to increase his Base and SSj levels beyond the limits of FPSSj (370750)? Or is he trapped at that level forever (barring the times he goes LSSj)?
nofcksgiven chapter 76 . 7/28
Awesome chapter! So worth the wait. Everything was perfect but my favorite parts were definitely when Vegeta came to a realization about his pride/family and how he finally let go of all the things that were weighing him down and accepted himself for who he really was. That was well-done. I don't care who kills Cell; the way I see it, Vegeta won the biggest and most important battle in his life, which was against himself.

I hope C47 is OK! I love his sense of humor!
nofcksgiven chapter 75 . 7/28
F*** YES! My sexy Saiyan Prince is back! Got a big grin on my face now.:):):) It's been too long.

I have a love/hate relationship with Cell. I want to hate him for being a douche but at times I find myself cheering him on bc he's so cool and Haha.
nofcksgiven chapter 74 . 7/28
Krillin was actually pretty cool in this chapter. Good for him.
nofcksgiven chapter 69 . 7/28
Vegeta's absence is glaring! If this story wasn't so amazing so far and if it wasn't so obvious how much hard work and time you two put into this masterpiece, I'd skip ahead to get to my Vegeta filled chapters. I also respect you guys (as story-tellers/writers) and this story too much to do so but I can complain, right? Haha.

Anyway, just wanted to say this is one of the best DBZ fanfic I've ever had the pleasure of reading. It's a work of perfection and I am so thankful to you both for sharing it.:)
Dragon Soldier chapter 60 . 7/25
Amazing, but I wonder what would have happened if Perfect Cell were to have created a clone of Gohan too?
aFanAddict chapter 84 . 7/25
Was this chapter written before the history of Tao and Hercule was revealed?
Guest chapter 73 . 7/20
Didn't Vegeta use a fireball before?
SaiyancloudTV chapter 98 . 7/20
If Perfect Cell had chosen to replace Raditz Junior with a clone of Gohan instead, how would the story have gone out?
Sly Cooper chapter 98 . 7/20
Would the hidden power within Gohan change if had been born only Human?
Slayer of Zamasu chapter 98 . 7/20
I have two questions. Who do you or David think Gohan hates the most? Also, what would have happened if Gohan had somehow transformed into a Super Saiyan just when it seemed like Frieza had killed Goku?
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