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black.sheep.domination chapter 94 . 9/18
894,399 words in under 5 days — phew. Some pretty intense reading, about 179,000 words per day! If that was my powerlevel, I'd rule the world!

First of all, I'd like to say that this is one of the best works of fiction in the DBZ universe, period. I've read some great ones, but I've never seen one which shares the love between all the (major) characters in such a way. Heck, even the weakling Yamcha has a moment or two here and there. As do Krillin and Tien, which is just awesome (The last hurrah of Tien, the Neo-Tribeam against Semi-Perfect Cell in the anime was just marvellous). Most of the time, the fics make one character extremely powerful, with the others laughable in comparison — like Gohan being uber while Vegeta is bumbling around or something along those lines. There are great stories like that, but the bashing ruins the overall worth of the story.

And your villains, man! They are really villainous! King Cold at the beginning — now who would have imagined that he'd be that strong? I mean, Trunks finishes him off in one blow! But you did a great job there, forcing Vegeta to really accept the fact that stronger foes can and will emerge in due time.

What I'm not so certain of was why Androids 16, 17 and 18 were so much weaker in BoD than they were in canon DBZ. I mean, since Gero was paranoid enough to create another energy sucking model, I'd think he'd make the cyborg models even stronger (as a contingency plan, if nothing else). I say this because in canon, everyone trained for the three years between Goku's return and the Androids, but they were no match for them. Heck, Goku even had problems with Android 19, forget about 17 and 18 (I don't think the heart virus reduced his fighting ability as much as his endurance and stamina). But that's okay, canon divergence is necessary in every fanfiction. Otherwise, there's no point in writing fanfiction, yes?

Your depiction of Cell was far closer to how he was supposed to be portrayed in DBZ. But, over there, he's just portrayed as a bug with some borrowed techniques — his intelligence doesn't show all that much, unlike here. Great job with him!

And finally, Macjnavn. As far as I can see, that guy's a walking (or flying) Pandora's box — he's trouble. Of course, his decision to spare the Earth will cost him eventually; an SSJ2 Gohan and Vegeta who've trained in that state can most probably slaughter him in his humanoid form all year long without breaking a sweat. I especially liked it when Vegeta clobbered him with a planet mass dragonball! And the violence from Vegeta when the demon removed Trunks' ki, ahh, it was incredibly satisfying to see Vegeta mauling him. So much for being a mravi, as the clown said. As for an SSJ3 could do to him, well, I'm rubbing my hands in anticipation! I'm not sure what exactly Macjnavn is, but one of the questions in the Q&A raised the very same theory that I had since the first chapter of the Immortal Saga — that he is a dragon from the race of dragons who is not anchored to this plane by means of dragon balls or some such, like Shenron or Porunga.

I've a few questions. In the movie Broly's Second coming, Goten wishes that Goku was there, and the dragon heard him, and granted that wish — Goku was able to join the battle. Here, against Macjnavn, Gohan wishes something quite similar; "I just wish I knew what to do!" Wouldn't the dragon grant that wish? That is, somehow teach Gohan the Spirit Bomb?

Secondly, when the Dragonspawn's curse struck Piccolo, why was he referred to as Shin Piccolo? Is there a connection to the Supreme Kais? (I believe they're called the Shin race or something) I'm assuming that the curse somehow transferred some of the dragonspawn's magical ability to Piccolo because it was intended at a different target, which was supposed to be Shenron. However, since Piccolo, a Namek, got in the way of the curse which was supposed to hit a dragon, the results were vastly different from anything the dragon intended. Maybe it eased the flow of magic through his body or something.

Thirdly, you seem to switch between the English and Japanese versions of names at random. For example, sometimes you say Shenron, other times, you say Shenlong. Not complaining, but it is weird. Also, the inclusion of New York City is weird too — the Earth in DBZ composed of one giant continent with a few islands. Our world, that is continents like America and Asia don't exist here. Googling DBZ maps shows this. Again, I'm not complaining, just pointing it out in case you didn't intend it that way. By the way, I loved the couple of Barney Stinson cameos!

The others have given their thoughts on what Bulma and Oniya can do for Trunks' situation, but can't a wish from Shenron reverse Macjnavn's damage? Or will that not be possible, as Macjnavn is stronger than Shenron? Also, I'm very interested in what happened to Oniya in the Future.

The only thing I'm not too fond of is the powerlevels. They made Frieza way too OP, IMO. 120 million seemed like way too much. So I divided it by ten, and got a much better number - 12 million. For Cell, 135 million. For Broly, 165 million. Much better, at least for me.

Anyway, great job with the fic, and all the best with the upcoming chapters. Thanks!
Sailor Pandabear chapter 94 . 9/18
I love this.
DBZcrew chapter 94 . 9/17
Awesome job! Something tells me that this upcoming foe is going to push Trunks to become a SSJ 2.
Sardine Tyrant Valzy chapter 94 . 9/17
Great chapter, reading things from Kara's perspective really added a new light to the story.

And I'm glad you mentioned Mental Ceilings during Gohan's fight with Trunks. Was that because I mentioned it to you (age ago via PM) or was it a thought you had?
And what does Trunks have to tell Piccolo about Namekians? It's been so long.

And who was that at the end?! Was it Paragus? But why is his son a half-Saiyan named Khail?
Dmac chapter 94 . 9/14
Can't wait to see how Trunks rebuilds this world and to see what new threat will try to destroy it.
Guest chapter 94 . 9/14
I recently watched T4S "Cooler's Return Abridged" and realized they made Vegeta proclaim himself the Bringer of Death. Congrats for making a well known DBZ parody making a shout out to your series (whether it intentional or not, it still pretty badass)
jnco chapter 94 . 9/14
These last few chapters have been amazing I must say. I seem to have become addicted to reading both this and SoD and can honestly say you guys both deserve thanks for putting your time and effort into writing these stories. So without further adou thank you for all your hard work and here's to hoping it will continue for years to come. :) -jnco
Ford1114 chapter 94 . 9/16
Oh man, C47 that android is giving orders to destroy stuff.

Kara huh of introducing to Trunks. This reminds me of this Dragonball retelling with Digimon characters called Digimon Fusion Kai, where there’s also an OC named Kara who is TK and Kari’s AU daughter (TK is also a Trunks expy (named Dimitri)’s uncle, who in turn, Dimitri is the AU son of Matt & Mimi).

So Gohan and the other Z-Warriors are revive in Trunks’ timeline.

Ah, the Planet Trade Organization is making its move.
Tango Charlie chapter 94 . 9/16
Great chapter. I loved the interactions between the characters and am definitely looking forward to more.

However, i do not agree with the popular opinion about Broly being the man in the end. Things like "ageing warrior" could be true, as Broly must be in his 50s by now, but the thing that made me sure beyond doubt that it aint Broly is the line "... A race he both loved and loathed"

Broly never had any love for the Saiyans. So it makes me question, who? As we say in hindi, "Bhenchod kuch to locha h."

Well. I guess the answer is coming two months later.

I do have a question though, one I hope you will answer. Why is the English language so widespread throughout the Galaxy? And how did it reach earth or spread from earth(whatever may be the case) ?
Nameless Namek Warrior chapter 94 . 9/16
This was another wonderful chapter. The dynamic between Gohan and Chichi and Trunks was great.

I couldnt help but grin at C47's antics.

I hope Piccolo regains his attitude in the Buu saga. Atleast earlier he didnt hesitate to mock his oponents for eg Raditz, Frieza, 17, etc.
That aspect of him was just thrown out of the window in the Buu saga. He doesn't give a damn about Gohan either.

The Buu saga as a whole didn't really appeal to me and I personally think it would have been better if Vegeta's sacrifice killed Buu. It would've been a great closure to the character of the Prince of all Saiyans and all knots would have been tied up. But instead it dragged on and introduced tons of silly forms. But anyway, despite the plot being awful, it was fun to watch, and the animation looked better than ever.

I have really great hopes for Super but one thing that has annoyed me is the fact that AT is still on the humorous happy go lucky way.
All the development Dragon Ball has gone through in general was just thrown out of the window since Cell saga. I mean this is not the same as Goku vs Roshi back in Db, its Goku vs Beerus!
The thick tension that surrounded the Saiyan, Namek, Cell saga is just not there.

And Congrats on gaining a million views! I bet even AT must have had read your work at some point of time. After all, I dont think there would be a single person who wouldnt like to see what people say about his work.
Guest chapter 94 . 9/13
Can we get some art of Kara so we can see what she looks like?
JFF chapter 94 . 9/13
C47 being as badass as always. Man, I love that droid :)
DZN chapter 94 . 9/13
Woa, great job writing this chapter man! It was amazing to read Adult Gohan and pre-Katanaji Piccolo fight a Trunks way out of their league, very very well written! This is the only fanfic I've stuck with, because you really put a lot of effort into making everything fit, no plotholes in this story as far as I can tell. Since the updates are rather unscheduled though, is there a way where we can see how far you're comming along or how long it'll be before we can expect a new chapter? A twitter feed maybe?
tfresh2112 chapter 84 . 9/15
TheItchyCocoon chapter 94 . 9/15
Ah, once again this Story reminds me why it's my favorite series on this site. I love these future specials, they give so much insight.
However...I do have a lingering nag. If this man whose going to search for Trunks is who we think he is, how has he been stable for so long? Long enough to seemingly build up a small empire, sired a son, and generally have coherent thought? I figured by this time he would have gone insane from his transformation, or at the very least not have the patience for leading an empire.
Either way, another great chapter, and I can't wait for the next Trunks chapter.
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