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The Affable Stranger chapter 78 . 1/12
That last paragraph was truly the greatest, most powerful epitaph one could write for the eponymous Saiyan prince. Words simply cannot describe the emotion one feels reading it.
Guest chapter 66 . 1/10
i don't remember where i heard it but mr. satan has a power lvl of 139. mercenary tao has one of 153. even without the skills needed mr. satan would put up a decent fight.
Guest chapter 65 . 1/10
Tim chapter 1 . 1/5
And two months! Shall we go for three?
The Affable Stranger chapter 14 . 1/7
Pimp My Ride, PTO Edition... hmmm...
SkySage24 chapter 95 . 1/4
This is a great chapter! I loved it. Macjnvan is a truly fascinating character and this is my personal theory for him: Long ago, there were two types of gods: Kais and Dragons, with the most powerful being the Kaioshin and Drakoshin. Though they existed peacefully for a long time, watching over the universe together, something started a war between them, what Macjnvsn calls the War of Lords. The Kais won, either sealing away the Dragons somewhere. Macjnvan was one of the few or maybe the only one who escaped imprisonment.

The Nameks, who were the descended from some of the Dragons who bred with mortals, found a way to free the Dragons from their prison but the price was that they had to bound to the Dragon Balls. Whenever a set of Dragon Balls were created, they drew a Dragon within them. They were designed to do so automatically, even without the creator deliberately doing so, which is what happened with Kami and Earth's Dragon Balls.

I also have two questions for you:

1) Now that both Dragon Ball Super and the latest movie have shown that Gohan has lost access to his Mystic Form because of not training, are you going to change your concept of the Mystic Form?

2) Will Future Trunks no longer appear? And if he does, will he become a minor character or continue to play an active role?
Saul chapter 95 . 1/1
Is Majcvan a combination of a Kai or Kaio-shin and a dragon?
DiscoStu09 chapter 95 . 1/3
Your arc on the future timeline was fantastic!

It was great to see confident, bad-ass Trunks again. The fact that you were able to make me feel sympathetic towards future Broly was a nice touch.

At first I was a bit confused on Goku not being able to achieve the full powered Super Saiyan after two years of training, but I finally get it. It's because he doesn't really do much gravity training isn't it? Except for when he visits King Kai. I remember that King Kai said something along the lines of like if Goku trained on King Kai's planet for 158 days, it would be equivalent to thousands of years on Earth. Goku's not the type to do gravity training unless he has to power up in a short amount of time. Am I on the right track with that analysis?

Anxiously waiting to see what happens back into the main timeline!
Guest chapter 95 . 12/31/2015
Interesting question: If Zen Buu was transported back to his universe but he left behind a piece of himself behind, would his soul be split in two or something? Would his conciousness span two universes?
Saul chapter 95 . 12/30/2015
What is the Upper Limit of the 2nd and 3rd Grade SSJ transformations? A.K.A When does an ascended super saiyan start to feel the weight of diminishing returns?
Base SSJ: 70 145 215 mil
Ascended: ?
Ultra: ?
Full Power: 375 750 1.125 bil
ta.shrivastava chapter 1 . 12/30/2015
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Lord Kratos chapter 95 . 12/27/2015
To finish off my series of reviews, I also want to make a shout out in your efforts in creating Piccolo III and Oniya. Both characters are such amazing OC's that I wish that canon has adopted them into the story and utilized them under similar conditions. Plus you did a fine job portraying Bulma and adopting the Planet Trade Organization in Vegeta's image. Also kudos for the hard math and scientific facts you guys came up with to give "Bringer of Death" a sci-fi feel to it. VERY few authors go through the trouble to provide facts at the level you guys have presented us.

In the Majin Buu saga, I look forward to the new fusions, techniques, and transformations you have in store for us. My hunch when it comes to Mystic / Ultimate form is that either Gohan or Lord Vegeta will achieve it when shit really hits the fan. But for the Potara fusion, I have three solid idea's on who may appear. The First is Vegito (Goku X Vegeta) since he has appeared in canon and will be just as unstoppable as he was in canon. The second is Gokhan (Gohan X Goku) who appeared in BTtL and could surpass Vegito in terms of power levels. My third choice and personal favorite will be Vegehan (Vegeta X Gohan) who would be the STRONGEST character by far to appear in your story at this point. Whoever you choose will be very interesting, if you even choose these characters for the Potara fusion at all.

Thank you for giving the Super Saiyan 2 form much love in your series, since it is my second favorite "canon" saiyan transformation (right after Super Saiyan 3). While this form may become obsolete due to the upcoming new transformations such as Super Saiyan 3 and Mystic (or even Super Saiyan God if you decide to adopt BOG), I still appreciate what you have done for this form (unlike canon where Gohan Vs. Cell, Gohan Vs. Bojack, Majin Vegeta Vs. Goku, and Goku Vs. Kid Buu where Super Saiyan 2 was "cool" before being left in the dust).

I have three ideas which villains you can use in the 7 year time frame if you don't want to skip to the Buu saga just yet. Like you shown in the Majcnavn saga, The Immortal of Pandora will be perfect to use to challenge some characters into a heated brawl. Personally Broly will be perfect in that occasion since he will have a better chance encountering the Immortal compared to some of the others. Not only will Broly have a fight similar to Bojack, but it will give him another chance to perfect his Legendary Super Saiyan form. My second choice will be Ozotto, the Super Monster which is demon on a killing spree. My third option will be Dr. Raichi since he and Hatchiyack could give the z-fighters a run for their money (hell you could even revive "Cell" using the energy of hatred to a degree. Food for thought...

After the Majin Buu saga, I HIGHLY look forward to what you have in store for Hirudegarn and Majcnavn since those characters will be appearing without a doubt. Plus I do hope you do incorporate Beerus, Whis, and Janemba into your story as well since these characters are all amazing in their own rights.

Since you are a contributor for DBM, can you perhaps hit up a web designer and ask him / her to create a "wiki" or "TV Tropes" for this amazing story? That way, we the fans can get to read a full summary of all of our favorite characters in BOD unlike the little wiki version displayed in DBM? Plus you should hit up some of the non-main drawers for DBM to get this story even more traction by having your own personal manga? The thought alone sounds exciting as fuck to me. Who knows, maybe you will even get a flash animator to animate some sections of your story and post them on YouTube, thus drawing even more attention. Please consider this because BOD deserves all of the love in the world for the amazing work you put in...

While I have stated this multiple times in previous reviews, but if you ever have the chance PLEASE write the "Epilogue" of Future Vegeta during his three year tour after killing Goku before inexplicably returning to Earth only to die by Future 17 and 18 along with the z-warriors. You don't have to do it now since I am more interested in the main story, but please do it if we ever have to go back to the future timeline.

Also since DBM2 is virtually dead, could you perhaps hit up Roketto, Saucemonkey, and Captain Space (wish American Vigor was back lol) to create a unique DBZ story together. Just imagined, Lord Vegeta constantly getting into fights with a redeemed Frieza as Raditz and Evil Piccolo bicker with each other will be hilarious to read lol. I'll even pay good money to see that happen...

I also look forward to your planned "mini saga" where you reveal the origins of Saiyans, Humans, and Tuffles since they all have a common ancestor. I wouldn't be surprised if Majcnavn was behind all of this lol.

My last question is that if Krillin dies, will he keep his cyborg implants? It will suck if Krillin went from the badass he is now into the weaker fighter he was before due to being unable to keep his enhancements...

Anyways thanks Npberryhill and Davidstarlingm for creating this magnificent story. All of the story arcs are awesome (with the Cooler, Perfect Tournament, and Majcnavn sagas being my personal favorites) with our favorite characters being redone in a realistic, fantastic way. I wish you both a happy new year, and I look forward to the next installment of "Bringer of Death".
Lord Kratos chapter 95 . 12/27/2015
Just like everybody else who reads your story, Lord Vegeta without question is my most favorite character to appear for a plethora of reasons. At last, the Prince of all Saiyans finally gets the recognition he deserves by being the one to kill most of the main villains in a reasonable manner! I also enjoy the fact that you are not afraid to create new techniques for him to utilize in unique situations [Space breathing technique, ki wall bouncing, energy sword, EMP Blast, Ultimate Flash, Spatial Rifting, etc.]. My most favorite original technique however is the Spatial Rift technique due to it being a teleportation technique just like it's predecessor "Instant Transmission", but possess drawbacks and perks that IT does not possess. Some of the drawbacks includes being very loud compared to IT, apparently you can only go forward due to opening the rift in front of you, must be a SSJ2 to utilize, and cannot teleport or form energy attacks when teleporting. Yet the perks can be useful such as retaining your momentum when teleporting and being able to deflect projectiles that comes in your way. Overall, Vegeta increasing arsenal of original techniques is superb, and I hope that Vegeta will continue to create and refine his moves as time goes on.

Lord Vegeta battles have always been the highlights in the series to me (besides when Gohan, Goku, and Piccolo fights) since Vegeta was the one to brutally massacre Frieza, Cooler, Garlic Junior (the poor fool got DESTROYED lol), and being the bulk of power for killing King Cold. Then he goes off to train for three years and successfully kills Dr. Gero and overpowers 17, only to be one-shot by 16 (to be fair though, even if they did fought 16 would have won that fight). After making a near full recovery (now has a weak spot on the back of his neck), Lord Vegeta begins to plot 16 demise only to be interrupted by Imperfect Cell arrival and gets overpowered by him until he achieves his ASSJ form. Unfortunately he gets overconfident and allows Cell to absorb 17 while Vegeta practically obliterates 16. During their rematch on a remote island, Vegeta loses to Cell but was saved from certain death thanks to Goku. As certain events took place later on, Cell achieves his perfect form much to everyone's horror, but Vegeta keeps his head up from true despair to train in the HBTC first along with Trunks (thus achieving Ultra Super Saiyan and the full-powered Super Saiyan states). Upon finishing his training, Vegeta heads on out to fight Paragus and Broly, but is shocked to discover that Broly is THE saiyan of legend. Overcome by defeat and utter desperation, Vegeta nearly loses until he senses Gohan's incredible power back on Earth. After doing some soul searching and realizing the love for his family and NEED to defeat Broly, Vegeta finally ascends to Super Saiyan 2 and defeats Broly. In the following two days that Vegeta waits for his ship to be fixed, he trains in his ascended saiyan state to vent his frustration at being unable to use Goku's instant transmission technique while managing to convince Broly to join his cause. Upon sensing the hopeless situation on Earth, Vegeta becomes a Super Saiyan 2 once again and finally perfects his teleportation technique to confront Cell. After a LONG fight between the two, Vegeta is successful in killing Cell though it took him absorbing Gohan Ki and blowing himself up to achieve. In Otherworld, Vegeta is successful in defeating Frieza in Hell, overcoming his sins in the stairway to King Yemma, and obliterating Cell from existence using his Super Saiyan 2 form (not including needing the help of Goku and Pikkon). After plowing through the Otherworld tournament, Vegeta FINALLY has his rematch against Goku as both power up to Super Saiyan 2. But despite Vegeta being stronger, he is unable to defeat Goku due to his reanimated corpse being unable to handle his full might, thus both warriors withdraw. Unfortunately, Lord Vegeta is both unable to train properly in Otherworld or participate in the invasion of Bojack, so he just provides commentary here and there while meditating on King Kai planet during the Bojack saga. Upon being revived by Porunga, Lord Vegeta briefly transforms into a Super Saiyan 2 to teleport to his loved ones, but the reunion is short lived due to the intervention of Majcnavn. Pissed that he has been robbed of have his rematch with Kakarot, Vegeta and Gohan both ascend to Super Saiyan 2 to fight him and manages to achieve a small victory before Majcnavn returns. Before both could retransform, they both have their ki halted and are forced to endure Majcnavn initiating his schemes on Earth for some time. But after enough time has passed, Vegeta beautifully puts a dent to Majcnavn plans by becoming a Super Saiyan 2 to steal a dragon ball and proceeds to humiliate Majcnavn until he destroyed young Trunks ki forever. With his dreams and plans for the saiyan race robbed, Lord Vegeta SNAPS and proceeds to rape the shit out of Majcnavn until he ascends into his Drakoshin form and defeats Vegeta through a contest of stamina. How Vegeta will handle the lost of that battle and what will he do with his damaged son remains to be seen.

Lord Vegeta characterization has been done surprisingly well since the very beginning. Without a doubt Vegeta was truly a villain that only thought of himself, but slowly became a anti-hero during the three year training period. But now it is safe to say that Vegeta is now a true protagonist following him killing Cell and overcoming the darkness in his heart while in Hell. How this will affect him in the Majin Buu saga if Babadi tries to control him will be very interesting to watch? Plus Vegeta mastery over Super Saiyan 2 at this point when in canon he hasn't even achieved yet will be interesting on how much stronger he will become in the following years. Just like my hunch with Gohan, Vegeta will probably achieve a 'full-powered" or an ascended version of Super Saiyan 2, if not Super Saiyan 3 all on his very own. Plus Vegeta rage (AKA furious mutation) will definitely play a role in making Vegeta an even bigger force to be reckoned with. Hell I'll even say that Vegeta potential is on par with Gohan at this point (which means Elder Kai may be giving out TWO mystic forms in the near future hehe). I SO look forward to your immediate and far-off future plans with our most favorite saiyan prince #RenegadeForLife...
Lord Kratos chapter 95 . 12/27/2015
I highly enjoy what you did with King Cold in your story. In canon, King Cold was simply a bitch that was killed in two shots by Future Trunks before he could even reveal his true power. Luckily you followed the route that DBM took and made him stronger and more reserved. If only Cold had the refinement to his power during his travel to Earth just like his counterpart in DBM 30 years in the future, King Cold would have DESTROYED the z-fighters easily. After all, at 100% in his true / fourth form, he is comparable to semi-perfect form cell (which is INSANE for a living being if you ask me at that point), his conquest would have been a piece of cake. Plus if he had the Super Evolution form, he would be as strong as Bojack, Perfect Cell, Majin Dabura, Immortal Of Pandora, LSSJ Broly, etc. Unfortunately King Cold did not attain such power in your story, but nonetheless his presence was very strong that changed the course of Bringer of Death immensely. Thanks for making him the deadly warrior he SHOULD have been in canon.

Majcnavn is easily the most bizarre out of all of your characters. Despite rereading his story arc, I am still clouded from his true identity, let alone his goals and past. You did a very fine job withholding all of the secrets to his character, but hopefully ALL of those secrets will be revealed to us in due time (my hunch is probably right after the Buu saga with Elder Kai giving us the much needed info). So far all I got is that Majcnavn is a draconic alien that fought a huge war against the kaioshin and managed to win despite the kaioshin creating an ENTIRE race [sometimes I can't help but wonder if it was the eternal dragons] to fight him, but ultimately failed. Plus his intimate knowledge over ki, magic, eternal dragons, and Namekians is pretty impressive. I mean how many characters due you know that can fight TWO super saiyan 2's at this point in the series? Not many, which makes Majcnavn all the more impressive. I look forward to the revelations you have in store for Majcnavn since they will be incredibly awesome that will not disappointing in the least.

Gohan is without a doubt my second most favorite character to appear in your story. Just like Trunks, you have been giving him ample character development since the very beginning. He done some pretty amazing feats in the beginning such as fighting off Frieza after Vegeta's original death, fighting Garlic Jr until the arrival of Lord Vegeta, contributing to King Cold death, training with Goku and Piccolo for three years, etc. But his biggest moment that defined his change forever was when he achieved the super saiyan form to kill Android 21. Since then, Gohan has remained a BEAST that has contributed significantly in upcoming battles until the birth of Perfect Cell. Not wanting to become obsolete in the perfect tournament, Gohan first trained with Future Trunks for four months to not only become stronger, but to gain the idea to achieve the "full-powered super saiyan" state. After his session with Trunks, Gohan then trains a whole year with Goku to not only fully master his SSJ form, but to unlock his hidden potential [too bad he didn't get to learn instant transmission or created the pin-point Kamehameha like in honor trip, plus Gohan already knew the Kamehameha by this point]. Now stronger than ever, Gohan slowly piqued the interest of Cell, Goku, and Vegeta multiple times upon releasing his small bits of his hidden SSJ2 powers multiple times as the series continued [First time against Goku in the HBTC, Second time against Chi-Chi at his own house which terrified Cell and helped Vegeta during his time on Alpha Juno, Third time was against Cell Jr to protect Piccolo III from being beaten, and the Fourth time was against Perfect Cell though his own fear prevented from holding on to the power]. But the moment of seeing Piccolo III being seemingly slaughterd by Cell pushed Gohan over the edge to become a full-fledge Super Saiyan 2 for the first time ever. After humiliating Cell and seeing his devolution and subsequent explosion, Gohan drops the form only to be shocked when he witnesses Cell rebirth. But despite reengaging his Super Saiyan 2 form to avenge the death of his father and to save Krillin and 18's comatose bodies, he still loses to Cell due to having already losing too much ki beforehand while being injured, not including Cell regeneration and teleportation skills. Luckily he was saved by Vegeta's timed arrival, but the tables are turned once again when Vegeta's weak spot was exploited. Fearing for their lives, Gohan absorbs the ki from Krillin, Trunks, and Piccolo III (unfortunately Piccolo, Yamcha, and Tien were unconscious with Goku being dead to transfer their ki) to reenergize himself and reuses the Super Saiyan 2 form for a third time that day. Despite his and Vegeta great power, they already knew they were incapable of destroying Cell, so Gohan gives ALL of his ki to Vegeta so that he could kill him in a amazing display in the exosphere. With the tournament finally finished, Gohan continues to train (even though he hasn't used his ssj2 form since fighting Cell), but when Bojack arrives he and Broly teleport to Earth to confront him. But upon seeing the destructive powers of LSSJ Broly and Super Bojack, Gohan becomes a Super Saiyan 2 once again upon gaining some motivation from Piccolo and Krillin and EPICLY kills Bojack and incapacitates Broly with a single "Double Masenko" while vowing to forever protect his planet no matter what! Since then, Gohan has remained the STRONGEST warrior up the concurrent chapter, Nonetheless, the moment when Majcnavn appeared to kill Porunga (thus preventing Goku's revival), Gohan and Vegeta barely managed to defeat him despite both activating their Super Saiyan 2 forms. When Majcnavn appears again on Namek, both Gohan and Vegeta had their ki halted, which prevented either from transforming. Upon returning to Earth, Gohan briefly resumed his Super Saiyan 2 form to kill King Piccolo to protect his mentor Piccolo, but falls back upon Majcnavn intervenes and Kami reassuring him. Nonetheless he resumes the SSJ2 form upon Vegeta handling him a dragon ball, but loses the strength to hold the form when Majcnavn beaten him in his Drakoshin form. With no more options left, Gohan goes with the plan Piccolo has came up with and manages to have his ki restored upon absorbing Goku's ENTIRE spirit bomb. With unimaginable power coursing through his veins, Gohan activates his Super Saiyan 2 form one final time to destroy Majcnavn via spirit Kamehameha. How Gohan will fair in the upcoming days and years will be interesting, but at least you set up Gohan to continue his training while not compromising his characterization.

Plus I enjoy the fact you gave Gohan's hidden potential so much screen time, thus foreshadowing the epic warrior he would become. Plus you gave Teen Gohan multiple chances to utilize the SSJ2 form, compared to canon who used it a few times (Unlocked it in the HBTC against Goku, Used it to Kill 7 seven Cell Juniors and to fuck up Cell, uses it again to fight Super Perfect Cell, and uses it one final time to Kill Bojack, Bido, and Bujin). I wouldn't be surprised in the upcoming years that Gohan manages to create a "Full-Powered" Super Saiyan 2 form, or perhaps discovers an ascended version that actually a half-transformed state of Super Saiyan 3 [homage to ascended and ultra super saiyan] due to his continued mastery over SSJ2. To top things off, Gohan potential has increased even FURTHER upon channeling the power of a entire spirit bomb. Yes, great things await for Gohan that I am highly looking forward once you release them chapters Npberryhill...
Guest chapter 95 . 12/27/2015
According to an earlier reviewer, I do share the same questions. How would Champa's U6/U7 tournament fit into your vision of Bringer Of Death? Champa's five fighters dont look like the type you would have in this story in terms of design. Plus with the Super Dragon Balls and the Earth and Namekian balls being part of them, I do think Majcnavn may come back around that time and maybe we'll see how he fares against a Super Saiyan Blue. Is this what you're planning to put into the story?
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