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The Anguished One chapter 88 . 6/5
Majcanv's powers so far are quite impressive so far. I'm pretty excited to hear what the Grand Kai has to say about him.
Matt chapter 102 . 6/1
Can't wait for the next one! Great job
Guest chapter 102 . 5/31
update soon
Guest chapter 102 . 5/30
Hey, glad to see another chapter of BOD! I'm a long time reader of this story, and this and one other story are the only reasons I still visit this site. I don't have enough time to read much fan fiction, but now I'm dedicated to reading this story to the end. I want you to know I'm a big fan, and I hope you're doing well.
Shadowblade217 chapter 102 . 5/31
Very fun setup, and I'm really excited for the Buu Saga to get underway! Let's see, the gang breezes through their early matches... no surprises there, although I did enjoy the returns of various Dragon Ball-era characters. Wouldn't the Z-Fighters remember some of the normal human fighters, though (like Pintar, Killa, Jewel, and Spopovich), since all four of them were contestants in the Perfect Tournament? I loved everybody's reaction to Roshi's Jackie Chun disguise, and I did find it hilarious that Goku still can't recognize him.

Okay, so I'm assuming that "Spice" is Garlic Junior, but to be honest I can't imagine him being a threat to pretty much any of the Z-Fighters as they are now. I mean, BoD Krillin is as strong as Semiperfect Cell at this point, so how the hell could Garlic Junior pose any threat to him, even with a Majin boost? To be honest, I was really expecting Babidi's "second Demon King" to be King Cold; that would make more sense, as he'd be a much bigger threat, and there was some prior foreshadowing for Cold coming back (you said at one point that you'd considered having him survive his "death" in the same way Cooler did in canon, and he was notably absent from Hell back in the Otherworld Saga). In any case, I'm curious to see how this plays out.

I'm also wondering who Apollo is supposed to be, as his description doesn't match up with anybody I remember from canon or BoD. I really like the fact that Kaioshin already knows the Z-Fighters in this story and is fully aware of how strong they are, thanks to his observation of the fight with Majcnavn, as that makes for a nice change from canon.

Out of curiosity, I do have a question for you regarding Super: what're your thoughts on how the English dub has done the voices of the new characters introduced so far? (Champa, Vados, Hit, Cabba, Frost, the Omni-King, Copy-Vegeta, Goku Black, Zamasu, etc.) I really like almost all of them so far (except for Magetta, as his text-to-speech English voice really annoys me for some reason), but I was wondering what you thought of them. Are there any in particular that you really like, or any that you would rather they'd done differently?
tanithlipsky chapter 102 . 5/31
Guest chapter 13 . 5/28
Super saiyanis not a addition but a multiplier. Other than that the story's great!
Guest chapter 12 . 5/28
Super saiyans a multiplier
Guest chapter 12 . 5/28
Guest chapter 102 . 5/26
What if Goku tried to teleport next to someone surrounded by rock or something? Does Instant transmission or Spacial Rifting run the risk of getting tele-fragged?
The Anguished One chapter 87 . 5/28
Videl showing some potential without any proper training is quite nice, and the scene with 17 and 18 was just fantastic. Of course, the star of this chapter was that final section. I'm interested in this Majcnavn, what he is and why he's here.
The Anguished One chapter 86 . 5/24
Gohan dealing with Bojack and Broly at once was a spectacular end to the fight and this little Bojack arc as a whole. I'm happy that Broly hasn't instantly mastered his power too, that'll be a struggle for him assuming it can even be done.
Mr Satan's segment definitely caught my attention too. For someone who can be selfish but at his core a good person, this chapter definitely paints him in a more negative light. That can be argued to come from Gohan's interference throwing him off and making him look bad. I have hope you'll do his character justice.
ADAZ99 chapter 102 . 5/23
Greatings! This story is the most awesome freacking good DBZ story I had ever the pleasure to read! Keep the good work, i am really eager to see what will heppen in Buu Saga. A pleasure to see Gohan badass and not as greatsayiaman fool, prefer him this way. Good luck with this story.
SPARTAN-0052 chapter 102 . 5/22
Poor Kibito and Shin are really overmatched now, much more so than canon. If only Zamasu were around to put these uppity mortals in their place.

Also, what happened to Cell in the present timeline? Is he still gestating or going to spawn soon? Wouldn't he be even tougher than BoD's first Cell because he has Freeza, Cooler, and evolved Cold's DNA and not just the 2 sons? Maybe even Bojack's and Broly's? And why did no one try to debuff the first Cell by whistling if he has the same super-hearing that the Namekians have?
BP618 chapter 102 . 5/21
Oh, how Roshi/Jackie Chun have fallen. Once a champion, now all he can do is embarrass himself!
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