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BizzaroGoku chapter 45 . 12/19/2012
Hey, have been reading for quite a while and must say that i am thoroughly enjoying every chapter of BoD as they get released. This chapter, i liked the reference to Vegetas speech to babadi in the buu saga about his pride, that was a nice touch, and obviously reading the great fight scenes.

I was just wondering wether there will still be a one year gap between Goten and Trunks or if the age gap will now be wider?

Also i know Vegeta has started to maybe pay some respect to Goku, but will all that change again now that Goku has saved him AGAIN as this was one of the slights towards Vegetas pride in the first place. Or will Vegeta instead actually be happy Goku saved him this time?
Storm107 chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
Geez, you guys are masters at pulling off these twists! I went back and noticed you guys never outright confirmed Goku died and felt kinda foolish for believing he was... I have a bunch of theories. Like maybe Goku was able to IT to somewhere where he can be healed before Cell's blast "completely engulfed him and turned him into dust" and Cell didn't realize it. Or maybe he did die, but with the wonders of time travel and no threat from the androids anymore, Bulma had all the time she needed to build a spaceship to New Namek and a second time machine. Either way, I'm extremely looking forward to the next chapter!
NathanX chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
Forgot to mention I like how you guys did what DBZ did alot (not that it wasn't awesome) and have like half of the episode/chapter of powering up lol oh and Goku for the save!
NathanX chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
Chapter was great and Goku wasn't dead like I suspected and poor gohan but it is easy to see why he got owned he just isn't powerful enoughtoo defeat cell...yet. Nice Vegeta character and personality traits in this chapter aswell I think you 2 actually write the best(fanfiction wise Akira still has you beat lol) for ALL dbz characters or atleast most of them like Piccolo,Tien,Vegeta,Krillin and even the androids. Overall I give the chapter 9.5 out of 10
thrubardockeyes chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
Wow this chapter was truly amazing the fight with these two was truly amazing. But now I don't see a reason to why Cell will absorb 18 but of course y'all are going to come up with a perfect plan like always. Cells should be a little worn out by now so maybe Goku can fight Cell while Vegeta heal in his ship and then maybe Vegeta zenkai will help I don't know.
AnimeFreakGTXO chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
*wipes tears and laughs* You got me man. You got me. I was starting to think Goku was gone. Great chapter man, great chapter.
Valzy chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
Great Chapter as always guys! Fights were extremely detailed.
Now for my question:
Whenever a Saiyan unlocks a new transformation, the 'ceiling' on their base power is raised higher, meaning they can get a lot stronger in their base form, right?
Since Vegeta got a Zenkai of 2 million from his surgery (Before he unlocked ASJJ) will Goku achieve a huge Zenkai? Since he survived Cell's attack somehow, i'm assuming he healed. And since he achieved ASSJ before his injury, will he recieve an enormous Zenkai (Something like 60 million?) to at least put up a decent fight against Cell and persuade him to allow them to train.
Can't wait until next week!
Some Random chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
I'm guessing Vegeta won't be AS pissed at Goku for interfering in his battle again for many reasons (increased respect for Goku, family he can't protect if he's dead, self-criticism after being manipulated by Cell). I was going to say that since Goku is probably a little stronger than him now after recovering from the three androids and whatever else it won't help Vegeta's peace of mind but he might catch up after recovering from this beat-down.

About my two-timeline solution, I made up the larger cockpit but I first got the idea of a smaller Imperfect Cell managing to fit in from the art showing him to be slightly less bulky. I just thought of another way that would be pretty cool and requires fewer convenient changes. Since this Cell is smarter he could have torn off some body parts to fit inside while being smug about how his near-perfect design allowed this to be viable. "Haters gonna hate, regenerators gonna regenerate."

I'm just mentioning it because it made me think Cell could do things later in BoD like cut his own limbs off to escape from grabs!

Although I asked about C47's loyalty, I have the feeling his meatbag talk is now almost just that. Like how Vegeta at the end of Z kept up the same pretence around Goku when he'd really grown to respect him much more. Or maybe it's cognitive dissonance just as Bender doesn't even has meatbags he respects much but usually doesn't seem to be bothered about destroying all humans! And when Oniya said he could now adapt his programming I figured his personality could develop a little more. Were you thinking of that when you wrote that in?

Vegeta is beginning to respect Goku more and at least used to have some for Trunks, but do you think he'll ever grow to respect the human Z Fighters even though they will almost certainly never rival him in strength? Even at the end of Z when he was supposed to be reformed he was indifferent at best towards anyone but his family and his rival.

Regarding twists, but have you two ever been tempted to do something as surprising as, say, killing Cell before he became perfect or even semi-perfect? I suppose in that example Broly's role could have been expanded to make up the difference, what with his concept being a better match for an enemy to BoD Vegeta (who wouldn't have quite the same breakdown) than to canon Goku if he got over the "KAKAROTT" thing. And Paragus could have had a double-crossing-filled alliance for a while with people in the empire who want another regime change. Maybe you're still planning something like that since you said you were going to flesh out the seven year gap?
Docter Killjoy chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
messy haired saiyan? i'd almost say broly (who did have messy hair in his base form) but he would never save vegeta.
is goku's hair style realy considered messy? :P

this cell clearly likes to play mind games alot more then his canon counter part.
vegeta should have had a hunch about cell's power increasing above his, when cell's imperfect form already outclassed his super saiyan form.
VLS chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
Great chapter like always! Goku's back!
isa.tran.3 chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
love u love u everytime!
Zengame chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
The time has come to pay the piper, and Cell is here to collect! The Lord of the Universe just got his royal ass roasted. How did Goku survive such a killing stroke? Plot progression! Just kidding guys, I can't wait to read how Goku managed to pull this off. Good to see him back in the fight. 455 million though? That's gonna take some serious training to overcome, and Vegeta's just the pissed off individual to get it done. Happy Holidays to you!
Captain Space chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
Oh, Vegeta's not going to be happy about Goku saving him for the, um, third time? Fourth?

(Rejected BoD plotline #457: C47 integrates Cell, Broly and Majin Buu into his circuitry and becomes the strongest in the universe and the final boss of the whole story.)
Guest chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
Yay Goku is back!
Rafael chapter 45 . 12/18/2012
You guys really have the ability to write amazing amd unexpected twists in your story, I was totally convinced with the fact of never seeing Goku again but out of blue he shows up to save the day, amazing chapter and Cell's powerlevel is really huge, I wonder how much will be his perfect form level of power.
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