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laioszafeiriou chapter 98 . 6/22
Was this "Galaxy Sphere" inspired from Roshi's explanation of the DBs very early in DB? Also, SSj3 Vegeta or are you taking the BTtL route? And that was Piccolo at the end, right? (And, please, Majin Vegeta has to be a thing. Not because I'm fanboying, but because Vegeta's still hella evil.) And still nothing's been explained about the Drakoshin... (They manage...Time these new ones? Like the Kaioshin of Time xD? Oh, and on that note, what otehr supplementary material are you using? Neko Majin? Ozotto? DBO/XV?) And even though we dunno its capabilities (?) why didn't Babidi use it in canon? Why did Vegeta give to him? Does it function like a DB? Couldn't he find another one to study it? Blargh, so many questions...
laioszafeiriou chapter 97 . 6/22
Why did Trunks have his tail removed?! And thanks for not explaining ANYTHING Shenron...
laioszafeiriou chapter 96 . 6/22
BTW, uh... Why didn't the others achieve ascended formes?
laioszafeiriou chapter 95 . 6/22
Say, are we gonna get 'future' versions of arcs?
laioszafeiriou chapter 94 . 6/22
Uh... Say, why hasn't Bulma made everyone a cyborg yet? Also, uh... Why revive only Gohan?
laioszafeiriou chapter 93 . 6/22
Uh... Why was trunks conceived earlier again... And the DBs still exist on Namek...
laioszafeiriou chapter 92 . 6/22
I want the lore dammit! We didn't even get the motivation for our 'villain'... Not an ounce of this makes sense... Dammit. So, uh...Piccolo-Slug fusion maybe? Also, how do these coincide with Black Star Shenron, the Shadow Dragons (ok, now you just hate me xD) and the Super Dragon Balls?
FuzzyPickles94 chapter 98 . 6/22
Something I should ask is, is there any chance that the Tuffles will be included by any means? If not, are there any good fanfictions regarding the Tuffles seeking revenge on the Saiyans?

I know they are an anime-exclusive race and that Dragon Ball GT was a horrible execution of basically everything in general, but the idea of a genetically modified Tuffle (thinking of someone like Baby... man what a horrible name) seeking revenge on the race that wiped them off the planet has the recipe for a potentially great story. I know we'll likely never see one in Dragon Ball Super considering the direction it is going in (but still enjoyable all things considered), but the thought is nice. GT in general is what happens when great concepts are executed poorly.

That said, I am glad that you are not artificially extending your story for more viewers. I like when stories actually have a well thought out ending in store.
laioszafeiriou chapter 90 . 6/21
Uh...Can anyone of them fuse with Ottavino? Also, uh... If he could just talk Piccolo Daimao out of it, why didn't he do it in the 1st place?
laioszafeiriou chapter 89 . 6/20
Say, which movies've you used/are you gonna use? What about Super? GT?
laioszafeiriou chapter 88 . 6/19
Isn't Cherenkov radiation released when you break the light barrier?
ZegetaX1 chapter 98 . 6/19
Great chapter finally we see Babadi
Mr. Nemesis X chapter 37 . 6/17
I have a thought in my head.

Trunks in the canon buu saga was already a SSJ which in my opinion was unbelievable, but if he wasn't a SSJ, how would he have achieved the transformation in the story?

I think it would've been the moment in which he and Goten were talking to Majin Vegeta, the conversation and his father's sacrifice might have made a believable catalyst for his transformation.

It's hard to put it in words but i think you'll get the gist of what i mean.
Son Gohan Xeno chapter 98 . 6/14
How strong do you think Future Trunks would have gotten if he had trained for seventeen years since saving his timeline from the Androids? Also I'm curious about what are your thoughts of the version of him seen in Dragon Ball: Xenoverse?
Joker the prince of all crime chapter 98 . 6/14
I just realized that videl and Trunks' interactions are just like a reverse Batman Vs Superman! Trunks is an alien (or at least half a one) that needs to use a supersuit to fight crime. Videl is an ordinary human that happens to have slight superpowers! Now all we need is a young doctor Gero with brown hair and we can make this a movie! I'll call it Trunks V Videl: Dawn of the Buu saga! Anyway I'm glad that your back, and sorry for jumping to conclusions the last time I reviewed. I was worried that you were...gone just like the guy who wrote Guardian. Hey do you have any idea what happened to him? He stopped updating way back in 2013 and I've always wondered where he went. Thanks and Until Next Time!
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