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Sardine Tyrant Valzy chapter 92 . 7/4
Amazing chapter, Shin Piccolo was too badass. Hopefully we get some sort of transformation like that for Piccolo later.

Majcnavn just gets more interesting as time passes, and I'm glad we'll be seeing more of him later...and Slug.
Hektols chapter 93 . 7/4
Very interesting idea to show how people lived in Mirai Trunks' devastated world. Those refugees who rejected Kara after she saved them are supreme morons, it would be fun to see them later dead or robbed from all their possesions.

Liked a lot the detail of Yamu leading a band of thugs, you also could include the rich bastard who shot Satan and Bee in the original.

With the resources of the Empire at his disposal Trunks will be able to impose order in a few weeks and then he could use the Dragon Balls to rebuild the world in a year's time after everyone has been revived.
Yung Warrior chapter 93 . 7/4
Wow, you're spoiling us with these updates! I like how you dealt with the Fukkatsu no F plot, and the image of Trunks slicing apart Frieza zombie clones is super awesome. Although he's not particularly strong compared to even Yamcha at this point, how does Tagoma compare in power to the likes of Frieza's other minions?
Gohan18 chapter 93 . 7/3
Great chapter
Pan chapter 93 . 7/3
In response to your answer:

I haven't seen the Revival of F movie yet, but it looks like simply being apart of the ritual may have affected Vegeta, which allowed him to reach the in between form on SSGSSJ; unless he got the ritual performed on him with his distant brother, or Whis did something to him, Vegeta had no access to SSG Ki to initiate the in between form.

Regardless of that, I guess what I was asking was more due to the fact that Pan was still developing in womb; so many universes have various mutation or the like with for people exposed pre-birth, Mass Effect's Biotics spring to mind, so I was wondering if something like that would be feesable here. Also, Unlock Potential/Mystic was made with magic, which always brings in new possibilities, and it can kinda be argued as to how the transformation affected Gohan in relation to physical/Ki interactions, but it isn't important. I just wanted to clarify what I was asking earlier.

Onto this chapter, I liked what you did with bringing bits of Revival of F into this. Curious as to what happened to Broly in this timeline, might have missed that explanation.

Kara is an interesting character, and I really enjoy the use of the bow and arrows; something about the classics of combat. I'll admit I kinda expected her to be Videl before we got a name.

Yamu makes an appearance, interesting. Can't wait to see what Trunks does to him.

Looking forward to seeing how this saga turns out!
Mike chapter 93 . 7/3
This is an interesting setup. I might be wrong but it doesn't look like Trunks is going to have anyone on his power level in this saga but rather have a group that is plotting in the shadows, sort of like dbz broken records? Also seeing as Majcnavn isn't dead would it be possible for Buu to absorb him later or is Majcnavn's magic to powerful for that to work? Keep up with the awesome work.
Guest chapter 93 . 7/3
Wow, I loved this chapter. I like the new girl.
RWayne chapter 1 . 7/3
Really liked Kara's adventure there, in a post apocalyptic world. For a moment, as is clear that Kara can sense Ki, I thought she was a younger, harsher, Videl. Felt good to stray away from planet-bursting intense fights for a while.

Also, the name Kara is just a coincidence? Kara Edwards is the name of the voice actor for Videl, Goten and Gotenks
IceBergen chapter 93 . 7/2
This Kara girl seems like an interesting character. I hope she and Bulma are alright.
Lord Kratos chapter 93 . 7/2
I still hope you would explain how the future z-fighters were killed by the androids once future trunks takes care of his business. That way, all loose ends relating to future trunks can finally be concluded.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 93 . 7/3
o.o suspensful.
Perfect Carnage chapter 93 . 7/3
Keep at this story! After the depression of the last saga, it'll be nice to see some future shenanigans from Trunks. I wonder why Sorbet is such a Frieza-fangirl, especially after Abo and Cado already took over the empire. Loyalists, amiright?

Seeing Trunks interact with PTO goons is just as fun as watching Gohan do it in Honor Trip.

Everyone's asking how Mac would do against others, I'd like to know if its possible for him to get stronger on his own. And also, does the SSG transformation fit into your system at all?

Science question: How do you know that emotional instability and insanity are the affects of modern day cloning?

-Perfect Carnage
ardee chapter 93 . 7/3
Buu stuff?! Already?

Makes sense: I guess the presence of an Ascended Saiyan Goku in the future would be enough to draw the Majin group into the mix.

I'm liking the return to semi-regular updates, have you guys established some kind of schedule now?

Oh and by the way, you guys are friends with American Vigor right? Have you heard from him? Is he ever coming back?

Great work, seriously, you guys deserve every single plaudit you have received.
Plasmic chapter 93 . 7/3
Not sure what to make of the future trunks saga yet. We'll see keep up the good work

Jhotenko chapter 93 . 7/3
Unless I'm remembering wrong, Yamu was a relative pushover in cannon. Satan could beat him no problem. Until Babidi made Yamu a Majin, there was no way he could catch an arrow. Did the android apocalypse somehow lead to Yamu getting stronger by leaps and bounds? He clearly has at least a basic amount of ki control here.
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