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Guest chapter 94 . 9/12
Great chapter
TheHindiGuy chapter 94 . 9/12
Namaste npberry bhaiya. Shukriya is naye chapter ke liye. Kaafi accha laga yah jaankar ki David bhaiya phir se lekhakon ki shrani me aa rahe h!

Trunks ki berehmi kaafi mazedar lagi dekh lar. Aur jab CP47 janab unke aaath jam jaayen, tab toh baat hi kuch aur hoti h! Main Yamu ki dardnaak mauth ko dekhna chahta tha, par wahan naarashi mili :( Lekin koi nai, Gohan aur Trunks ki fight ne baaki ki kasar puuri kar di!

Waise main Chi Chi aur Ox King ko zinda dekh kar kaafi hairaan hua. Mujhe nai laga tha ki woh un dusht Androids se bach paaye honge. Unki kismat hogi...

Kara bhi mujhe kaafi acchi character lag rai h... Uski vichaar dhara kaafi realistic h.

Main besabri se intazaar kar raha hoon Grah Vyaapar Sangathan ke aane ka. Trunks ke samraat ka kuch toh phayada ho!

Magar yeh naya Half Saiyan kaun h?

Chaliye, in sab baaton ka javaab milega agle chapter me. Nikalte h, npberry bhaiya, thik se rahiye ga aur apni maata ji ko mera pranaam dijiyega.

And yeah, I'm the same guy who reviewed in hindi before :p
The Power chapter 94 . 9/12
Has David returned then?
Guest chapter 94 . 9/12
You know in this future timeline how they have already dealt with Babidi and the like. Then why dosen't Bulma or Gohan (Trunks was briefly told about Babidi and probably dosen't remeber.) Tell Trunks to use the time machine to warn the past Z-fighters about Babidi and Dabura. Also they should warn them about hirdegarn as well since that creature is far stronger than the ssj2s of the past. Trunks might have alot of faith for the past fighters but the majins and hirdegarn come about in the same month or so.
Jhotenko chapter 94 . 9/12
Aw Bulma, don't you know that saying Trunks could be the strongest in the universe is practically a ritual for summoning a much stronger adversary bent on destruction? It's like saying things can't possibly get any worse. She's just asking for trouble.

Thanks for the update. I look forward to the next one.
felixng2013 chapter 94 . 9/12
Really love these bits with Future Trunks. Its said that in canon we really never saw him again and never got an update on how his world was doing.
Hektols chapter 94 . 9/12
Now comes Earth's reconstruction. It would be interesting if Gohan found the town that became Satan City in the original and found that it was defended by a woman named Videl.

Great explanation about Future Gohan not becomig as strong as his younger self, to that reasons we should add that he was never warned about the androids coming and didn't use those years to train with Goku or Piccolo.

About the question of not good characters becoming evil there is a certain namekian that found out that it was going to be his case and separated himself into Kami and King Piccolo in order to prevent that.
grassm55 chapter 1 . 9/12
i know you wont listen to me.. but I would like it if this fanfic was more vegeta centered in the latest chapters
grassm55 chapter 94 . 9/12
man your writing is so goood.. if I had the power then I would make sure you get a gold medal for all the work you did here.. and I cant thank you enough for writing a fanfic about another alternate universe where vegeta is the hero.. I thought things will change in dragonball super and vegeta will be the main character. but no the creators had to screw things up again and give us a botched sequel to dbz. this sucks. dbs is so lame and childish.. the graphics sucks.. voice sucks... story sucks.. I wish they turned this fanfic into an anime instead of making dragonball super.. that would be really cool..
Perfect Carnage chapter 94 . 9/12
Oh this was a very good chapter.

Question: Does going super saiyan before fusing affect the power of the fusion? From Piccolo's advice to Goten and Trunks and what Goku said to Vegeta it seems like it does, but I can't see how.

(And please don't say it'd affect the time; I could not go on enough about why I disagree with that whole idea)

Mr. Nemesis X chapter 94 . 9/11
i love how you put the science in science fiction,also what's your reaction to the rematch of goku vs superman?
ShadowLDrago chapter 94 . 9/11
As usual C47 is a brilliant example of Comedic Sociopathy and I LOVE it, he reminds me a bit of Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate, he's just doing his job, but he does enjoy oh so much. Piccolo and Gohan are revived, and Piccolo is as strong as base Gohan, which is pretty impressive. Also, a new player enters the game, this should be good.
Guest chapter 93 . 9/11
I still give him the benefit of the doubt as, if I recall correctly, he is a school teacher and classes are just starting up again.
Guest chapter 93 . 9/11
If a human with the average power level were to shoot a Ki blast, how powerful would it be?
Sadness chapter 1 . 9/11
I check every day and nothing. ) :
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