Reviews for Bringer of Death
Guest chapter 1 . 1/11
The concept of Whis training Goku and Vegeta is quite would be to interesting how Vegeta could come up with a counter for Hit's time skip and one punch technique.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 99 . 1/12
Incredible story, I am glad to see that it's still as great as ever!
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 95 . 1/12
It was nice to see what happened to Trunks. You did an excellent job at explaining how human nature would influence those events.
Svane Vulfbad chapter 21 . 1/12
Yeesh, I know Trunks has Daddy issues, but sending an evil alien overlord after him is a little excessive.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 87 . 1/11
I actually like Hercule, so I hope you do him justice. The Fight was nice, it will be interesting to see what kind of friendship you're going to develop between Gohan and Broly. Also, I just noticed something weird, at the moment Krillin's base power level is 270 million (I love how stong you've made him), meaning without the enhancement around 20 million. However, earlier in the story, I think even just before the Andriod sage Krillin was either still below or barely above the 1 million mark. He suddenly gained a lot of power when he went into the time chamber, but the jump seems kind of unrealistic. By the way Levi being Videl totally blew my mind!
Svane Vulfbad chapter 14 . 1/11
Love it, love everything about what you are doing with Vegeta now. The TFS influences just fit him like a glove in this situation, I am absolutely delighted he takes over Frieza's Empire, and I hope it won't be pushed to the back and forgotten about in like, an arc or two, like Kaioken was, or Yamcha.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 85 . 1/11
One of the things that this story has truly done well at is keeping the early techniques relevant and useful. After a certain point, DBZ started to solely focus on power techniques, like the Final Flash and Kamehameha. However, although those moves look cool, i still missed the ingenious attacks we saw in the early days. Perfect Afterimage and now a combination of Solar Flare and Destructo Disk, Solar Destructo Disk, are great examples of the sort of ingenuity that I was missing.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 84 . 1/11
I just wanted to say that I love what you're doing with Broly!
Svane Vulfbad chapter 12 . 1/11
First-time reader, and wow, already I'm amazed with how much has changed from the get-go, for the better. The fighting was swift, brutal, and not overly drawn out. Power Levels are actually explained (I get the feeling it'll be scientific notation soon. Willin ta bet Cell's will be 9.4 x 120), and Goku was hopelessly outclassed, having to put his son's life in danger on a gamble. Already impressed with the story, this'll be an amazing one. Also loving how unlike Savior of Demons, the chapters are on the shorter side, and it doesn't compress entire novels into one chapter, making it much easier to read.
Agent Frank Underwood chapter 79 . 1/11
Excellent Chapter, it's been so long since I've read this story. It's been great rereading everything, those scenes still haven't lost their effect on me.
Dark Son Gohan chapter 99 . 1/9
1) What if in Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, both Future Trunks and Future Bra were born at the same time as one another in the form of fraternal twins?

2) How strong would a Saiyan reincarnation of Cooler be if the latter had been killed during the end of Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge and was then reincarnated in the form of Son Goten?
basemynick chapter 41 . 1/10
Did you MEAN to write "homeless romantic" in chapter 41?
I mean it works either way I guess
Guest chapter 99 . 1/8
So good to see Vegeta being someone other than Goku's the creator was just then Vegeta would have transformed into a super saiyan first just like in your story.
Blinded in a bolthole chapter 72 . 1/8
The only Cell-creature to go to Warrior's Heaven and retain his body.
Guest chapter 99 . 1/6
What are gohan and ottavino's power levels at the moment?
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