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Daniel chapter 90 . 4/16
I believe Majcnavn has actually done the Z-Fighters a favour by unfusing Piccolo and would benefit hugely from the existence of Katanaji. I'm looking forward to the role Katanaji will play in unforeseeable future.
renju chapter 1 . 4/16
is the snake way 1,000,000 miles long or is the distance between king kai place and yemma's place that long?
how did death battle conclude that goku travelled less than 1 million miles when the curves were not uniform?there were some curves that went back and forth.
goku swam halfway across the earth in a day before the second world martial arts tournament ,which would be approximately 20,000 by that calculation he should be able to reach in 50 days even when goku was considerably weaker?do you think snake way is longer than 1 million miles.
i did n't understand the ratio formula death battle used to calculate the distance?doesn't the ratio depends upon the point of observation and doesn't it vary according to the angle?
can goku run at his top speed for two whole days or did goku travel as fast as he could to complete that distance?
jcogginsa chapter 90 . 4/17
King Piccolo sure is one to talk since he's probably the single weakest person there. Even Kami in his old age is stronger than him

Ah, i see King Piccolo is now the same PL as Piccolo Junior. Oh well, he was never as skilled as his son, so a battle of equals is gonna result in him being the loser.

Only a small minority of Piccolo's techniques come from his dad. And it doesn't really make a difference. Goku himself new the Mazoku style well enough to use it's moves, and Piccolo fought against him well enough. Then there's the years of training with Goku to consider. By all logic, Piccolo's style should be dissimilar enough for King Piccolo to not be able to out fight him. Best case scenario they're mutually predictable.

A small mountain? That shouldn't be much of an effect on a Super Saiyan 2

About never seeing King Piccolo in hell, Hell was never shown in canon until the recent Frieza movie. The only time Toriyama had any input on Hell in the anime was for the episode where Goku fell off Snake way, and no dead villains were shown at all then

In canon i recall it being stated that after a year in the HTC, he could have defeated Semi Perfect Cell. However, i could be wrong.

On a side note, i've developed a theory about Super Saiyan based on recent Materials that I'd like to share. It won't work for the fic, obviously. Way too late for that, but i'd still like an opinion from you.

In a recent interview from Toriyama, he stated that a 50x boost didn't really fit the form, and that it was probably closer to ten times. That doesn't jive with the events of the Frieza arc, so my theory is that when a Sayian first Transforms into a Super Saiyan, he's 50 times stronger, but when he reverts to base, his base power is 5 times what it was prior to transformation. Subsequent transformations have the 10x boost. Furthermore, when FPSSJ is achieved, the power of Super Saiyan starts to interanalize into the base form, steadily lowering the gap between Base form and Super Saiyan.

Your thoughts?
Dame Shadows chapter 90 . 4/17
*The return of the King of the demons, well, who would say, I must admit it's not a bad idea to introduce this character, so after all the evil part is purified to join one being and bring back a Super Namek but I wrong.
**Now see, poor my baby (Trunks), that Majcnavn looks bad, Majcnavn seem to have evil plans, will not be anything good when the dragon balls be in his power. I think the Warriors will not be easy protect the dragon balls and less able to retrieve the child energy or "ki".

Needless to say it was an excellent chapter... By the way I want to apologize for not comment before farget, I hope, please you do not kill me
By the way I want to apologize for not comment before I forgot, I hope please You do not kill me ha ha ha...Goodbye and many farewell kisses.
irishauthor94 chapter 90 . 4/17
Well... Now what do I do? this story has been endlessly addictive but it looks like I now have somewhat of a wait on my hands...
Denzel08 chapter 90 . 4/17
Overkill much? Poor Trunks.
Sailor Pandabear chapter 90 . 4/16
damn it. I feel like getting all the characters to turn that...villain into a pile of dust or a corpse.
0718dragonlord chapter 90 . 4/16
Shit just got real! SSJ 3 Vegeta vs Majcnavn incoming
Yung Warrior chapter 90 . 4/16
Unbelievable. I never would have imagined that this would happen. Trunks not having energy floored me. It really would be amazing for Vegeta's character if he had to live with a son who couldn't use energy. Plus, this also prevents Present Trunks from being an inevitable disappointment compared to his future counterpart. I am amazed.
maximusrexmundi chapter 90 . 4/16
Are we about to see BoG tier Vegeta rage? Cuz I'd love to see some BoG tier Vegeta rage lol.
And I guess trunks not having ki isn't too bad. Mr Satan doesn't have ki and he's the strongest there is!
Angels will bleed from pain chapter 90 . 4/16
O shit!? That was harsh!
JFF chapter 90 . 4/15
Poor Trunks :(
DeedBot chapter 90 . 4/15
Fantastic and superb. I hope vegeta rages into a new SS level. Righteous rage is awesome.
Masenko56 chapter 90 . 4/15
Whoa. How does D-spawn removing Trunks' ki work? Isn't it their life forece mixed with their physical energy? Wouldn't the boy die from that? And please don't tell me that it's permanent, that would just be cruel.

Is D-spawn related to Whis in some way? Why would I think that, you ask? Because Who's can move time back up to three minutes, that's why. He and D-spawn are super-super-super natural.

But I think you said that Whis and Bills don't exist because you didn't like the new DBZ. So, does this D-spawn replace those Gods as THE God?

Also, what language is D-spawn speaking? When I say the words out loud, they don't sound made up.

Sorry for the long review, but thanks for being an awesome story author.
irishauthor94 chapter 72 . 4/15
Goddamn, this, on a level of pure writing in regards to plot mechanics and use of plot devices has to be the best written story i've seen on here, you set up every thread well in advance with careful deliberation, nothing feels like it came out of nowhere, every event feels like it's set up well with the exact right reactions to each action. you've made Cell into a far more compelling villain than he was in Canon. you've made every character feel relevant, and the story has enough twists to keep the reader guessing while never falling into contrivance. simply, Bravo.
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