Reviews for From Savior to Avenger
lilylunapotter7 chapter 8 . 5/10
Absolutely love this story! Please do update! Its literally been 5 years : (
GalaxyWolf chapter 8 . 3/22
Absolutely love your story plz keep writing
No name chapter 8 . 12/26/2017
Do another chapter
AlexandriaPotterBlack chapter 1 . 11/29/2017
SDTheWriter chapter 6 . 11/19/2017
I cried at the ending of this chapter and I love this story
1sunfun chapter 8 . 11/12/2017
Very nice and interesting Story.
Lulumo chapter 8 . 8/1/2017
AAAEEEWWW,cliffhanger,but hey with our majestic fire bird, wont Harry be able to come and go between worlds? since Fawkes can use his fire teleportation. After all theres no way some barrier even if super strong is gonna stop phoenix
Dragonman109 chapter 8 . 6/26/2017
I hope you can update soon please.
azzzeeeehA chapter 8 . 6/15/2017
I really love this fanfiction, it's brilliant. To be honest, I'm used to writers abounding there stories or whatever. But seriously, I don't think you really need to explain any thing to us. Real life happens. It's not really my place to complain. You've done an amazing job so far. I love how you made Harry all mysterious. If you do update at any time, know that you've defiantly got a reader in me. Good luck. ;)
azzzeeeehA chapter 6 . 6/15/2017
It's okay.. I'm not crying..

Love this story so far. Good luck and all that jazz. ;)
TweakyGhostLover chapter 3 . 6/13/2017
OLOL HARRY already knew they were coming for him and is just waiting out the front for him XD XD XD GO harryi
Lol dissapears suddenly
Lol there he goes again
TweakyGhostLover chapter 2 . 6/13/2017
Lol suck it fury
Redfieryrose chapter 8 . 5/15/2017
I seriously just screamed into my pillow when I saw that this was the last chapter as of right now. It is one in the morning, and I seriously am annoyed at this fact. I understand it takes a while, but seriously?! At the worse possible spot?!
camp1500 chapter 8 . 5/11/2017
It would be nice to see more of this.
Guest chapter 3 . 4/16/2017
don't read
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