Reviews for Expectations
Kusj1125 chapter 12 . 7/28/2023
Are you going to finish?
castle2126 chapter 9 . 7/7/2019
Backettsense of marriage is seems to be bizarre she say her name is her identity and taking name is a tradition she doesn't seems to be believe in. Bullshit it all about her every fucking time. Then why she married castle? It is also a tradition that when two people fall in love they tie a knot and shares a name which their future generation takes after. But Backett only think about her self being modern independent women doesn't mean you can't respect tradition and how confusing to the baby that her mom and dad doesn't share a common name . Backett is a hypocrite and fucking selfish always talking about what she want from their relationship it two way street.
skater1263 chapter 8 . 3/5/2018
I can't see the dress :(
remadora-ftw chapter 12 . 2/5/2018
that room is so nice? and thank you for providing a picture with it omg
and it makes me so happy that they actually went shopping for furnituree together. and put the other things he bought to the hamptons
that's so good yes I approve mhm

and LANIE OH MY GOD I LOVE LANIE and her telling him that kate loves him as iron man so she can look at his butt that's hilarious I love it

and she decided to go for the epidural and I am actually glad about that and like her reasoning is so wow and sabdvuipsto I am so glad and it will be so good and omg

and I know it has been years but I really hope you manage to finish this some day

remadora-ftw chapter 11 . 2/5/2018
oh god no
he had a nightmare and there was blood and I am not okay
but he woke up and there was kate and it got better so yay

but he doesn't want her to be in pain and he knows she'll be in pain and it worries him so much and I totally understand that but I do understand why she didn't like his remark of like of course you'll get the peidural (though he also realised that was not a thing he should have said.)
but they talk about it which I love so much okay (what does it say about me or these characters that I get /this/ excited about them talking? wow)

and god what she said to him about being wonderful and always there for her made me emotional send help

remadora-ftw chapter 10 . 2/5/2018
I swear the cuteness of all this will end up killing me at some point and it will be glorious

I love the way you write this like I don't know how to describe this without sounding extremely weird but when I read this I picture the scene (I mean that's kind of obvious right?) but every scene has this warm light and blurred edges in my mind and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and like how do you do this? I mean obviously with your words somehow but still how does this work? it's so good and nice and wonderful and I love it so much and I am so impressed honestly
like the love of them for each other purs out of every scene but you can also read the love you have for them? does this make sense? I have decided it makes sense

I just love it so much

and they decided not to actually get to know if their baby will be a girl or a boy and keep thinking of a daughter and honestly that is so sweet?

and then Castle worried because they didn't do so many things from the list but I mean Kate is right about finding their own way. like sure a guiding list is helpful but in the end does it really matter when you actually do all this? so yeah idk

but god I am so in love

remadora-ftw chapter 9 . 2/5/2018
I don't know why I suddenly stopped reading for a few weeks (probably Uni and more stress than I realised ha ha oh well) but I am back and I am in love and wow did I miss this story

first fo all god he is so in love with her I cannot deal with this but also I can't get enough of it so never change that plase and thanks

and she was worried that he'd be disappointed because she doesn't want to take his name as if he would ever be disappointed in that. but god if I don't love this conversation

and they're so happy and he wa suprised she wanted both their names for the baby and my mind still kind of hopes it ends up being a boy just because that would be funny

remadora-ftw chapter 8 . 1/18/2018
oh my god oh my god oh my god
she left him notes that lead him to the hamptons and then she aske dhim to marry her there and then and oh my god oh my god oh my gd

also I am imagining him not going into the bedroom but straight into the kitchen and finding the note that sayas 'drive me' before finding the note that says 'wear me' so he doesn'T even go into the bedroom and then shows up at the hamptons in his normal clothes
like I know he would frst check where Kate is and Kate knows that too obivously but I still can't stop imagining it

also her dress is so nice
and everything is so nice
and they walked down the aisle together
and the vows made me tear up and I am emotional and wow I love your words so much

remadora-ftw chapter 7 . 1/18/2018
I love how she is still so sure it will be a girl even though they do not know. and baby didn't want them to know
but it's so sweet like normally Kate like needs facts and stuff but here she just believes and I love it omg

also ohhh I remember I read this before. like I knew that when I read chapter one but I remember the scene where he shows her the nursery and she gets upset and leaves (I have to admit I did think it was in another story but I mean I read so many it's probably fair to get mixed up at one point right?)
and oh my heart
he was so excited about this and Kate just got sad and I totally understand her because she was looking forward to doing this with him and now she can't but I also understand why he did it and oh my. my poor heart
and I am so glad Kate also understands why he did it and that she made sure he knows she won't let him be responsible for everything by himself

and also he could feel theri baby and this is so sweet and soft and I love them so much and I am so happy about everything and omg thank you so so much

remadora-ftw chapter 6 . 1/18/2018
qwpdfhvti# THEY'RE SO SOFT oh my god (also this sounds weird but I don't know how else to describe this...)
like she's desperate because she wants him all the time but she can't have him and it's frustrating
and then she's also upset cause he doesn't touch her anymore. which he does because he doesn't want to make it even worse for her
and then he managed to calm her down with his touch and god this is so sweet and precious and soft and I don't know what to do oh my god

and then he found someone to come to the loft so kate could do some maternity clothes shopping cause nothing fits anymore and she can't leave and god he is so good

and then they have a date on the rooftop and i am in love

I love this all so much oh my

remadora-ftw chapter 5 . 1/17/2018
she deveolped a morning routine that is talking to their baby I am fine this is fine everything is fine

and god it's so nice that Castle is rich and can just let someone come to check on baby whenever Kate needs it (or he.) and like I am actually glad about this
and he bought flowers because she made it to the 3rd trimester honestly how sweet is this man I can't deal with this

and she misses her mom
why did I not expect this? I am in pain

and she watched temptation lane with martha and I love their relationship so much and you're writing it so well and I am emotional about everything agiagufögevtu
and CAstle told Martha that KAte used to watch temptation lane with her mom when she was sick and NOW SHE IS WATCHING IT WITH MARTHA AND I AM EMOTIONAL SEND HELP

remadora-ftw chapter 4 . 1/17/2018
oh god no
oh god no oh god oh god no
I am so glad this went okay
I mean I did read this before and I did remember this so I knew it would end well (and also this story has 12 chapters so you know) but I still was like oh god please let this not happen please let this not happen I am not okay
but everything is fine
well mostly
she is now on bed rest (I assume she's going to be bored as hell but she will do what's needed for baby to be safe)
also I love how they're convinced it's a girl (part of me kind of hopes it's a boy )

and Castle was so scared and they were back and he saw the blood and just lost it and oh no my heart
and Martha oh no I am so sad D:
why must you do this to me and my emotions?

but god I love this chapter
like you wrote these emotions so well. the panik and the fear and the sadness and the relief and everything and I love this so much oh my god okay thank you

remadora-ftw chapter 3 . 1/17/2018
fbvhöuenOBN KJRGÄVNV I am actually emotional oh my god okay

Castle hates how can't do anything to help the morning sickness and then worries that he might just not have noticed that with meredith because he was young and didn't pay enough attention
I want to hug him

and then he worries because Kate lost weight and Kate is moody all the time
and also scared and him telling her that not eating isn't good for the baby isn't helping

and Alexis, oh Alexis my child I love her so much
of course she needed some time to be okay with the news. it's not like that was planned or expected so I understand
but I also understand Castle being disappointed

what a sweet Chapter I love it

remadora-ftw chapter 2 . 1/16/2018
god that is so sweet I am so in love
she is so insecure because they didn't plan this and he is so happy about it and omg I love them so much

and also I love that you put these timestamps in to tell us how long it has been and how long it will be and what day it is and I am very grateful for that omg

"there's a head bubble and a body bubble, two little arm bubbles on both sides and leg bubbles on the bottom" what a description oh my god. so eloquent and wow

And i love how that was castle's POV and before wehnt ehy were in the waiting room he was like it will be a boy and now the description only uses the word 'she' and idk why but I really love this? it's so sweet? cause like Kate thiks it's a girl and I am pretty sure he doesn't even realise he thought of their baby as a she but he did and sndagviaöhtähgu I am emotional about this? okay

and they're so cute with the countdown apps on their phones oh my god

and it's an anniversay baby omg how sweet is this? oh my god I love this

remadora-ftw chapter 1 . 1/16/2018
wait wait wait I read this before oh my god I read this before. I didn't know you wrote this. how did I not know you wrote this? Or did I just forget?
but like the title seemed familiar and the summary but I couldn't say why until he got the first clue and I was like I READ THIS BEFORE OH MY GOD I AM FINALLY REVIEWING THIS I CANNOT BELIEVE
(also I don't think I remember anything from the other chapters but that I will find out while reading them mhm)

"he may have to have that picture framed"
based on your description I really hope he does
also I LOVEEEEE how you described the pictures like I could see them and I am so in awe of this because I don't know how to describe anything but you do it so well oh my god it's so good and great and wonderful
also if he frames this he can tell their child(ren) about how Kate told him with clues and that is a nice image in my head hehe

ALSO I love how he doesn't get the clues until she literally tells him with the oven
I mean I think the first time I read it it took me as long as him but I don'T remember cause I don't remember when I read it. I am guessing 2014 or 2015 but you know that's been a while
also that's unimportant haha
anyway I love how he didn't get her clues in the beginning and how he was like WHAT ARE YOU TELLING ME KATE

and then he made Gina reschedule his latest meetings so he could spend his day figuring out what Kate was telling him

and I also love how she seemed to get that he understood and then just sent the pictures faster
OR she was just tired that he didn't get it and sent them faster because of that hmm
either way I love it
and then she sent him the ultrasoung picture (sonogram? is there a difference?)
and I am like what fi until then he still didn't get it? I mean it wouldn't have changed things I think but still...

and also I really like that she decided to tell him like this? and I am excited to read the rest of this story and how they manage all this and what he'll say to her when he opens the door
conveniently in the moment she asked him when he'll be home

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