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Battlesny chapter 6 . 2h
I always personally believed that Barty became a death eater 'after' his trip to Azkaban. after all, who's to say Sirius was the only one who didn't get a trial that was innocent.
and no, bring at the Longbottoms' home when the aurors arrived to arrest the death eaters does not mean he was with the death eaters.
principessa-della-mafia chapter 7 . 5h
You may never get this, but I’m hoping I’ll get a reply. I really love your story and how you’ve developed Harry and I love fake Moody. Honestly really great character development!

It’s rather unrelated but do you have any examples or visuals of Harry’s planner layout? I’m really curious as to how it looks and seeing if I can use it personally.

Thank you!
FotoDi chapter 22 . 7/14
I have a question: Did Thomas ever investigate the other “half” of his ancestry? From the near squib Merope Gaunt he inherited s(sM)M gene and at least heterozygous Parsel Magic.

We know that the Peverell Family magics also lie dormant within the Gaunt line (just like they do in the Potter genes). After many generations of intermarrying Gaunt to Gaunt, it is safe to assume that Merope Gaunt had a ridiculously low “life expectancy coefficient”. She could have only expressed dominant magical traits (like being a parselmouth). However, Merope could have been a carrier for a great number of rare recessive magical gifts. If she found a squib with a magical genome rich in rare traits... Voila! The Dark Lord.

Thomas Marvolo Riddle is too intelligent, powerful, and skilled in a vast array of obscure magical arts for him not to have inherited a bunch of recessive magical gifts.

Thomas’ noble (with distant Royal ties) muggle paternal Family - The Riddles - obviously intermarried with at least one if not more squib lines. Father was probably [Power: SsMM]

Family could have been ... LeFey? Ambrosius? Pendragon? It’s a fascinating area to explore.

Just curious!
Lady Stardust 619 chapter 30 . 7/11
Have you abandoned this story?
ogdenallie chapter 30 . 7/10
Thank you for sharing your world!
Kyuubi-dono chapter 30 . 7/10
Damn. That's practically a cliffhanger! Aw man. Are you still going to update this at all? This is so good. Your Wattpad story looks cool too. Well, update when you can. Later.
anand891996 chapter 21 . 7/7
Well, I haven't read your profile (yet, I probably will now), and thus hadn't known you have said something about the over analysis of Canon characters in it. Just read that insanely long AN of yours.
Still love your story though. Keep it up!
anand891996 chapter 6 . 7/7
This is an interesting story. However, you read too deeply into what was, essentially a kids book, written with little to no research. Not saying it was right, but the hp books weren't meant for reasoning adults. Just saying.
anand891996 chapter 4 . 7/7
You know, it need not have been governed by just 2 genes. Magical ability that is. For example, there (I think) 8 genes which control skin color, thus keadi g to the varying shades
mumphie chapter 30 . 7/4
I truly hope that you continue on with this story. It may not be how I see the HP world, but it is very good and I really NEED to see how it unfolds. I generally don't like first person stories, but - your writing style flows so well and the storyline entirely intriguing. In other words, good show and please carry on!
mumphie chapter 26 . 7/4
Wow, you do - or have done a lot of research. Well done!
mumphie chapter 17 . 7/3
I so want Sirius to put Harry first - JKR didn't give him a good life or a future.
mumphie chapter 12 . 7/3
A part of me thinks THIS Harry isn't as nice to know - caring-for-others wise.
mumphie chapter 6 . 7/3
Your explanation in your AN about Harry and his lack of exposure to religion is true. I just want him to KNOW about his soul and give him hope. (I know, that fact that he is a fictitious character, and I want him to have hope...ah well)
reberebecca chapter 13 . 7/3
Una storia strepitosa! La sto leggendo tutta di’un fiato
È affascinante e scritta con cura è intelligenza. Una vera perla. Ma erano un paio di capitoli che si respirava quel aria claustrofobica in cui ti aspetti che succede qualcosa ma non si va da nessuna parte,semmai ci di arrena di più e poi... eccolo qui il capitolo tanto atteso ( da me almeno). La grande svolta. Colpo di scena geniale! Mi piace sempre di più la storia. Più ne leggo più ne vorrei.
By rebe
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