Reviews for Indecent Proposal
Twilightfanatic85 chapter 33 . 3/12
LOL that was so funny! I loved Edward and Bella's kids! D Great job with the story!
Guest chapter 18 . 3/9
I really liked this story but can't finish it to sad for me going to epi then farewell
ThatOneCellist chapter 18 . 3/9
This chapter is making me cry my eyes out and I just started reading this story a few hours ago
Guest chapter 33 . 3/2
Rebadams7 chapter 33 . 3/3
That was some of the most inspired and perfect mayhem created around the David that I've ever read. Such.a great statue. Florence was so worth it!
TangerSoto chapter 33 . 2/28
Just amazing! Thank you for this story! You made my day. Thank you.
FinnMac chapter 33 . 2/24
OK, I take it back. They have been THAT bad. Maia is a hoot. Thanks so much for sharing your story.
FinnMac chapter 32 . 2/24
They haven't been THAT bad so far. But if your vegan shouldn't you warn a bitch if you're showing up for dinner?
FinnMac chapter 31 . 2/23
Like air out of a balloon.
FinnMac chapter 30 . 2/23
The moment with Maia...priceless.
FinnMac chapter 29 . 2/23
She's right about the penis.
FinnMac chapter 28 . 2/23
It's a weird thing, but I'm annoyed at how she keeps her travel documents, too.
FinnMac chapter 27 . 2/23
That was an epic show down.
FinnMac chapter 26 . 2/23
Jake. What a guy.
FinnMac chapter 25 . 2/23
Yeah, the Jamie comment pulls at your heartstrings.
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