Reviews for Indecent Proposal
ChristyWIX chapter 23 . 4/23
He spent the night at his house brooding over something he didn't do wrong, instead of doing what he should've done and gone straight to Bella. Then Mike and all his drunk glory has the audacity to think HE was the one that was wronged her? Talk about delusional. Esme knows the truth of what has been going from start to end. She can explain to the family. Once Bella actually lets Edward speak for longer than two words, he'll be able to tell her everything that happened. Whatever happens, she isn't around to do it in person . . . hence the letters back and forth. Bree was completely out of line by throwing all of this in her face right then. Wouldn't put it past her if she did it on purpose, to make it seem like her and Edward were scheming behind her back last night. She's evil. Isn't it a little odd that some were so quick to believe that this actually happened between Edward and Bree. Disgusting is what it is. On top of that, what was the angry part between Carlisle and Edward before the others even showed up? When Carlisle was on the phone?
ChristyWIX chapter 22 . 4/23
That was all completely expected. I'm not really sure where the tissue waning stemmed from? We knew that Bree was after Edward. That she would pull out all the stops. We also knew that Edward already loves Bella way more than he ever loved Bree. Their love isn't even comparable. Bree is delusional with saying that her and Mike was the same as Bella and Edward! However, she would see it that way after seeing that file. In her therapist mentality, she would find it normal for Edward to want different just as much as she herself wanted different with Mike. He did feel absolutely nothing for Bree with her attack on him. So that was good for him to learn. I don't like him brooding over it. He can't blame himself for Bree's actions. Bella wouldn't blame him either, not like he's thinking she will. No, not this Bella.
ChristyWIX chapter 21 . 4/23
You did that completely on purpose . . . I know you did. You made everyone think that she'd taken only her backpack and her old belongings and left town . . . that was devilishly evil of you to do. It was funny that he called Jake first and not his parents. That did make me giggle. Her aloofness towards him in the backyard was a little sad. You could feel her closing herself off to him. He will not give up on her, I know he won't. She won't stop loving him, even if she separates from him for a while. Her actually thinking about going to Tuscany frightens me. With how much she wants to visit there, I really, really want her to go there the first with Edward. Not to get away from him for a while. Very interesting conversation between Bree and Bella. I certainly hope that Bree does tell Edward everything. He does deserve to know and it coming from her mouth will be the best way. Not from Jasper. Not from Bella. Bree is the one that needs to explain herself to him. I actually understand Bree in that sense. When I was seventeen and met and dated a man for three and a half years. We were engaged as that was the natural next step. I fell out of love with him and tried to break up. He wouldn't let me and I was weak. I started hanging out with my friends a lot more than him. I ended up cheating on him and telling him. That did it, we broke up then. I am not proud of that, yet it does make me kind of understand what was going through Bree's head. Thankfully several years later I met and married the best man on the planet. We have had the fairy tale, it does exist. I really liked the part when Bella came back to the Cullen's and she thought she was having a heart attack. Anxiety attacks can be brutal, I have a friend that suffers from those. Scary situations. Then she finally let herself break down and accepted Esme's love and comfort. I really liked that. I also like that she is ready to speak to her. I hope that she does too. I just hope that me thinking all along that Esme may have known about this, rings true. She may be disgusted with her son momentarily but, I think it will all work out. Not so sure about the others in the family though.
ChristyWIX chapter 20 . 4/23
They are so blissfully happy and really enjoying each other but, living in a bubble they've created that they will have to pop to survive this. She keeps denying having to deal with Mrs. Cope and school. He is holding back and needs to really let go. Her finding that picture, does not mean that he's still in love with Bree. She's a very big part of his past. He probably did exactly that . . . shoved the picture in the drawer and forgot it was there. Or for that matter, he may have pulled that sucker out all the time up until and maybe even two weeks into meeting Bella. It represents a much happier, idolized time, of his and Bree's time together. We already know what he feels for Bella is much, much deeper and all encompassing. It was sad that he mumbled Bree in his sleep. Again, that could mean he was having a night terror about being pursued through the hospital by her and trying like hell to get away . . . it doesn't mean he cares about her at all. Gotta tell you, when she was going through that sock drawer, I was worried she would come across the ring, not that picture. Whew, I'm glad she didn't find that . . . she may have really gone off in a spiral, thinking the ring was for Bree, not even knowing it was for her. I just realized, this whole chapter was BPOV . . .
ChristyWIX chapter 19 . 4/23
Again with his words at the top . . . goodness . . . they were good words . . . scary words. I'm now hoping that they are letters the two of them are passing because she decided to go back and finish college while he is interning. She can come 'home' on long weekends, breaks and holidays. I'm still really hoping these are not goodbye letters, even with your HEA promise, I'm nervous all over again. She hinted that there would be no way that she will leave him . . . that it was entirely up to him. She even said she wasn't sure he would want her any longer than a little while, or a couple of years. That must stem from the foster system part of her life. Thinking that she is happy with him as long as he'll have her. Not good . . . she needs that therapist, STAT. She said to him she doesn't care about getting an education, that it doesn't matter to her. However, if she doesn't go back, then she is on the hook financially for the whole thing. That is a very large bill to have hanging over your head. Your twilight jump both off the cliff and each other . . . loved them both. He was wonderful in his words to her when they were standing on the cliffs edge. Those were meant more for their day to day, than for that one jump. Then, the walk back to the blanket and their first time. Edward has had a lot of his firsts out there . . . very special place for him. It was a fantastic lemon too. It showed their lust as well as their love. Both are so scared to be the first one to say it to the other. And, we know with his letter, that he never did get around to it in time . . . but, in time for what. That is what is coming. Eek!
ChristyWIX chapter 17 . 4/23
Crap! I knew Jamie was dead. I figured her parents were as well. Thought that since Jamie was eight years older, that when they passed, Jamie raised her rest of the way. So sad that she lost them all at once. Well now, that sucks. I hope he doesn't frighten her off and just bombard her with questions. I hope he takes it slow with her. She may bolt, just because now he knows and she wasn't ready. I mentioned in an earlier chapter review that I think Esme has known all along. However, she sees how these two are falling in love with each other. Knows that even if it didn't start that way, it sure did end up that way. Encouraging it. Loved her giving him the ring . . . so much. BPOV in this one was fun as hell. Edward came out of his shell in a big way and I loved that it happened so much. Not for the slice of citrus, but it means he is finally feeling free enough with her, to just let himself go. Her loving that he won all of those bears . . . wearing the boa as a scarf . . . love her. It was fantastic to learn that they've chucked the OGBB completely and are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. I have a feeling that the family may all be okay with what has transpired. The one that won't be is Bree. Still wanting Edward . . . and wanting the stodgy boring Edward to boot. She will be pissed to learn it was all to get her back and that in the end she didn't. That he fell deeply in love with Bella and her him. Yeah, that'll piss her off. Knowing they were doing it for her and then didn't care for her anymore. hehehe
ChristyWIX chapter 16 . 4/23
She's avoiding Esme and anything wedding related in conversation . . . all because Edward isn't clearing anything up with his own family. Quite frankly, I don't want him to clear it up. Nobody knows, except the two of them, how this all started. Just because it started that way, doesn't mean it has to end that way. She doesn't need to take the money and leave. He doesn't even want Bree anymore, that was clear in this chapter. Perhaps they can find each other and stick to the plans of engagement. Have the party, pick a date much later to have the wedding. Nobody has to know except them. Wonder what Rose is alluding to and why should she speak to Jasper? I loved them on the surfboard and him telling her her moods when she sings, whistles and hums . . . he knows big parts of Bella, she just needs to let him in and tell him the rest. I love that he went to her at the end of his shift. He didn't tell her everything he is feeling, yet what he did say was HUGE in my book. Very good step there Edward. Perhaps her letter is her getting her feelings down on paper so she can get the words out. As, she seems to turn to mush when he flashes her those green eyes of his. Who can blame her for that?
ChristyWIX chapter 15 . 4/23
For some reason, throughout this whole story, I was unable to relax and enjoy the ride. Always extremely amped up about when the bomb would drop. When one or the other would decide, enough is enough and simply not be able to continue the lies. When will everything shatter. Oddly, in this chapter, when it is finally happening, I have found that peace. Now that they have both said and done things that will drive the story in the direction it needs, I am calm finally. How weird am I? What is wrong with me? Anyhoodles. I loved that suddenly Edward channeled Bella and came up with that magnificent proposal and resulting engagement! Rack that one with the others I wish them to act out when they finally get to Tuscany. Edward suddenly threatened by Felix and the thought of him taking her away, made him say all of that and I loved him for it. Bree being there and gasping made it all the better. I was also very glad that Bella took the time to give Felix closure and let him move on. Three weeks and he proposed . . . that right there proves what Edward said in an earlier chapter . . . she may have never been in love . . . but men have loved her. Bree with her big giant mouth and Jake too! Goodness, the two of them told his parents. Now, that is a hole that Edward dug . . . what will they do now. I'm just glad that the two of them will have to face everything now. Everything.
ChristyWIX chapter 14 . 4/23
I loved every bit of this chapter. I loved that Alice did Bella's hair and make-up, that Jasper wants Bella to loan Alice her dress, that Emmett wants Rose to borrow it as well. Edward's reaction went beyond fantastic . . . speechless is always perfect. Him bringing her the Tuscan poppies . . . swoon. Then Edward's reaction all over again in his POV was even better. His treatment of the valet, Jake and that neanderthal, Mike. So glad that Edward finally put him in his place . . . and LOVED the added 'buddy' at the end of it. I loved that Edward was acknowledging his feeling for Bella and how they don't even compare to what he used to feel for Bree. I want so badly to say 'about time' but, in all actuality it has only been about six weeks for them. Esme was brilliant in this! Her reminding Carlisle, and essentially pointing out to others, that she at one point wore a very similar dress. Then her wickedly wonderful jab at Bree, by advising that she knew what she was talking about, when saying certain women don't have the boobs. Floved that! Then Carlisle suddenly wanting to hear some nostalgic music. Which brings us to the best part, the dance and the words he sang to her. I have known that song since it came out when I was a young girl and I guess I never focused on them before. How beautifully perfect for the two of them. It was just an amazing moment shared between them. I could see why Bella would need the air and have to get away. They are so in love with each other. Not sure who the big beefy guy is . . . but hoping it isn't Jamie . . . that would suck.
ChristyWIX chapter 13 . 4/23
I'm beginning to wonder if what I have perceived to have been a 'Dear John' letter of sorts, with those snippets at the top of each chapter, is in actuality a letter of confession. Meaning, I presumed because she is a free-spirited wanderer, that she would leave at the end. Hoping she stays but, that's not the original goal. Maybe, she wrote this and gave him a time frame to meet her somewhere, if he too felt the same. Ooooh, meet her on the Cliffs! And, if he doesn't show, she will know fully, that she should move on and leave town as planned. I just really hope it isn't a goodbye letter and that he can't find her for a while. Also, I am really hoping that all of these little bits of Tuscany that she keeps making up, will actually be played out with the two of them later. Him being a resident, he won't get that kind of vacation any time soon . . . but, when he does, I want the two of them to act out every last one of those fake things and make them brilliantly real. Okay, love the dress shop with the ladies . . . her chopping fruit . . . all very fun and just entertaining. Then, Bree walks in and tries to diminish Bella's choice on the dress. We know it was because she was seething with jealousy inside. Knowing Bella was a knockout in that dress. I also think that Bree will most likely be getting a very similar type of dress . . . thankfully, Bella's is a one of a kind vintage. Bree will try to upstage Bella . . . I think that Edward will only have eyes for Bella that evening though. She'll knock his socks off. I loved that he is very much in love with Bella but, because he thought he knew what love was with Bree, these feelings are confusing the fuck out of him. His stopping outside his parents home and watching her with Little Dude and it bringing sheer joy to him was wonderful to read. Then later in the kitchen, when LD fell asleep on her and he was just drawn to her . . . holding each other . . . dancing together . . . GAH!
ChristyWIX chapter 12 . 4/22
His dream that he's had for years . . . always the same wavy brown hair . . . even though Bree's is stick straight . . . for the first time ever, he pulls her face up so he can see her . . . and there is his Bella . . . he's not shocked . . . he's not anything but extremely turned on . . . swoon. His thoughts of him finally acknowledging that he has an extreme attraction to Bella, was wonderful to read. He was so excited that she was coming in too. Then Bree comes in and shows him even more how he not feeling it for her anymore. He's feeling like he's doing something wrong. Loved that he was feeling that way. Bree with her hair down and curled slightly. Dressed in a dress like Bella wears. Acting like Bella. She's not fooling anyone. Bella was fantastic with her Tuscany tale . . . she's fantastic when needing to be quick on her feet. That tale even had Edward's heart beating faster. Unfortunately, Bree had to interject with her own lame attempt. Bella letting Edward know it would be anytime now. Poor Bella. Edward won't speak up, because he won't ruin their friendship. Bella eventually writes this letter to him to let him know when and where all this happened for her. When though, is the question . . . will she already be gone . . . before their summer is over . . . before their agreement comes to full term . . . will he be able to find her? The way she lit up again, when he asked if she'd like to go to the benefit. The way he felt when she did and how he now wants that look on her face at all times. This is when her smiling died, isn't it? Unfortunately, this is when Bree's smiling is starting, and her giggling. Goodness . . . you've got me worried.
ChristyWIX chapter 11 . 4/22
Yes, lines crossed, blurred and obliterated. When she explained it to him, you could almost feel his disappointment, though he didn't show it. He probably thought it was a step in some direction he didn't know he wanted to start in. Then she let him down by telling him it was all for OGBB. Her feelings and pain have been showed to us through those snippets at the top of each chapter. Her hearing him repeat friends over and over again in this one, was most definitely letting her know she's in deep now. Thank fuck for your HEA promises, because this one is hurting me right now . . . quite a lot. Yikes!
ChristyWIX chapter 10 . 4/22
It was very interesting to see the very same things through both of their eyes. What Bella thought about certain things, was absolutely different than what was actually going through Edward's head. When she thought he didn't like her deejaying, in fact he didn't like Jake being wrapped around her 'teaching' her. When she thought that Edward was pissed at everything because Bree and Mike were being affectionate, it was Edward pissed at every last one of his friends for ogling his 'girlfriend', at different points in the evening. Very interesting that both of them are feeling jealousy in their tummies when it comes to each other. And, it isn't for Bree, that Edward is having these feelings. Hooray! I really liked Bella's plan . . . it's a very good one. His loud moans, getting captured by Bree's ears. Unfortunately, your snippet of Bella's letter at the top indicates that that is the tipping point for Bree and she most likely wants Edward back now. Don't know why she would . . . just to change him right back into the mold she had him in. Poor Edward. Poor Bella. This is not going to be pretty.
ChristyWIX chapter 9 . 4/22
This chapter held happiness and sadness at the very same time. The fun they were having on the deck, lounging around. Him insisting on putting sunscreen on and her asking him to do her back. You could feel he didn't want to because he knows he'll not want to stop touching her. Yet, he still did it for her. Her waking later with him having his shirt off, goodness she wasn't prepared for that! Loved that she busted up laughing and basically accused him of being too sexy. His raking his eyes over her and letting her know she was just as sexy . . . yumm-eee! Then the questions up on that cliff, the cliff he used to love spending time at, until Bree came along and changed his mind for him. Him saying you change because it's normal to change for others, hurt my heart. You should never have to change yourself when you find the right person. You can mature, you can grow up too but, change completely? And, let's face it, he isn't anything like the young man he used to be, in this slightly older mans body. Bree really did do a number on him . . . and it wasn't a good thing, not at all. I feel like Bella is bringing him back to life. Bringing back the old Edward. Boy, is he really starting to care for her too . . . you can feel it in his point of view. You aren't writing the words, you're laying between the lines and it's wonderful. Loved that the surprise worked. Why the hell are Bree and Mike there? It makes no sense. I understand that they all grew up together. I understand that they are trying to keep that friendship open. I do not understand why anyone in Edward'sgamily would think it was okay to invite them there, when they both hurt Edward so badly. Perhaps, that's explained later.
ChristyWIX chapter 8 . 4/22
The truck, the kisses, the part with Siri, the part with her calling him Mr. Grey . . . I was laughing so hard that my husband wanted me to read that part to him . . . to which, he too, laughed. They are clearly falling for each other . . . but her solidarity to OGBB won't allow her to let those feelings in . . . and his misplaced heart won't allow him. I have a feeling that what he had with Bree isn't anything close to what he'll have with Bella. I have a feeling it's like those fic's when Bella went from growing up with Jake and they just fell into the relationship . . . then they fall back out of it . . . then she finds Edward and finds out what real love truly is . . . this feels like that. I do enjoy how he is starting to get angry with Bree and pissed. Again, he never mourned the relationship . . . he's not 'allowed' to let himself to move the fuck on.
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