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BlackDragon741 chapter 26 . 5/15/2013
:D Oh. My. GOD! This was my FAVORITE one yet! I absolutely love the progression between Dastardos and Avalon! He always seemed like a hard character to get close to, but you did it perfectly! It was slow and gradual, and made sense. I'm a little disappointed that Avalon was passed out drunk for that, but I'm still very happy about how it ended!
Also, I have a question, your stories all entwine into each other, but I have no idea in which order they go. Do you mind sending a PM and telling me? I kinda regret not reading these in order lol.
Great story though! I'm gonna jump right into your other ones!
Guest chapter 6 . 2/21/2013
Daaaang Eddie/Patch have a thing going on, don't they? ;D
I'm rather liking this story so far! Leena and Seedos are adorable and I ship them so hard! I hope to see them more in the rest of the story, which I hope to read more over the weekend if I can! And I can't wait to see what's going on in that musical Eddie wants to take Maxime to. This is great ouo
Tiigerliily chapter 26 . 2/18/2013
Such an amazing ending! :D Leafos and Patch are cute together - and WOW, Dastardos' (winning) attempt to scare the F out of Patch is in-character comme tout! :P Haha, I can't blame the Islanders for not linking their piñatas falling asleep to Dastardos, though, they're at a party after all! :P And like Seedos said, it's been a long day.

Man, I'm so happy for Leena that she's won, it seems to have done a lot of good to her confidence! That's another thing for me to agree on with Seedos. :D I'm curious of what she'll be like in The Fall, man, her character has been growing on me and she's among my favorites now! :D Her moodswings are funny too, hehe! I like how she stood up for Avalon against 'Niles', if she has the guts to do that, I'm sure she will be fine in the future.

Lukah is SO annoying, oh my God! :P I can't believe Eddie adores him so much... Funny thing is, some kid in my school is called Lukah too (though I believe his name is spelt differently) and despite him being funny from time to time, he's a total douchebag as well! :P

Oh man. I used to be anything but a fan of DastardosxAvalon, but damn... It looks like Daz is really developing some deep feelings for Avalon, oww... If he only were the young, handsome gardener he could've been, that would've made things so much easier for him and Avalon.
It'd make your stories a whole lot less interesting, though, so in a way, I'm happy he's a corrupted, floating corpse now. :P

Anyhow, this fic was amazing! (I have a feeling I overuse that word when reviewing you... :P) Every single story of you seems to be better than the ones you've written before, so I can't wait on starting on The Fall! :D This one definately was an A already! :D
Toripocalypse chapter 26 . 2/17/2013
Guest Ahh, thank you! Of course you can add me, my gamertag is Tyrannous Tori :D
Guest chapter 26 . 2/17/2013
oh my god, this is amazing, i just LOVE this.I think Dastardos and Avalon should be togerther. i really like your storys and if you play Xbox, i could add you and sent you some pinatas :D
Veneesla chapter 26 . 1/15/2013
Jeez, I can't believe no one else has reviewed this yet! A spectacular ending if I do say so myself. Another masterpiece.
Patch and Leafos? Hahaha! I never even considered that! It's adoreable, especially with Patch's bubbly, nervous stuttering. One word: Langston. XD The poor Lickatoad! Leafos just doesn't like you, man. He needs to find another of his kind. Not a human like her. XD
Wow. Your Bear is much more forward than mine! Mine is a bit more reserved. Nothing wrong with the difference though. It's unique! "Bear don't like to brag, but he's pretty damn strong…" I think you do like to brag, Mr Maracus! I love how Maxime was just toying with him and Sparcticus pretty much didn't react to randomly being lifted above someone's head. Hahaha! Poor Bear though. He just needs to let things come to him and not TRY to find the girl mentioned in his future. I doubt it is Maxime though! XD
Looks like Eddie is finally moving to bigger things. He has certainly got star quality. Will he accept the offer?! I must know! He'll be leaving everything behind. I'm not sure his little heart could take it. How ever will he part with Maxime?
Sorry about that Yen. You got here just a little too late. Poor guy. If only he knew just how nice Das was to Avalon. Maybe he wouldn't feel so bad. Yoto's right (whoa, what?). Yen should wait until they get back to the Village to give her the gift. That way there will be no Das-Yen conflict when it happens. I look forward to seeing Yen try to convince Avalon he's better than Das. Trying to top the Reaper? He's got his work cut out for him.
Awww! Das! I love how he takes care of Avalon like that. Good on ya Das! You're much more respectful than I pictured! About time he got a positive mindset like that. Your life doesn't suck after all! Can't wait to see more of you guys!
I look forward to your next fics, Tori! Keep up the awesome work!
Tiigerliily chapter 25 . 1/10/2013
Sorry, it took me a while to read and review this awesome chapter, I was kinda busy!

Wow, I can't believe you had such a hard time writing this, as you said! To me, it's a perfect P-Factor round, and it includes some great twists like Flavius proposing to his girl instead of Yoto and Dastardos picking the actual winner... LOVELOVELOVELOVE this chapter! :D

The way you described the tricks the contestants' piñatas did was flawless, in my opinion. For some reason I thought Angie and Steve were adorable, hehe! :D Maybe I'm biased 'cause I really like Kittyflosses and S'Morepions, though... Also, I liked Sahari liking her new look so much! :D She's right - in her desert village men will be drooling over her from now on! :D

However, amazing work, as always! :D Keep it up!
By the way, your frequency of updating is impressive! :O
Veneesla chapter 25 . 1/5/2013
Whoa. Leena won! Yesss! I can't believe the decider of tie went to DASTARDOS of all people! That was a nice touch. I feel sorry for Yoto. At first I wondered why Bart was happy for him proposing but when I saw he just wanted him out of the house, I knew I shouldn't of expected anything else! Poor Yoto went terribly! Just to add to the list of people exclaiming this, I'm going to yell "DATE?!" WHAT?! Oh my gosh! That was SO unexpected! I really want to see the next chapter! Good job as always, Tori!
Tiigerliily chapter 24 . 12/29/2012
First of all, this chapter was written amazingly, as usual! :P The quality of your fics is in the little things I guess, like in how you compose your sentences. This line is a perfect example of good use of metaphors, or however you call that:
''"No, no, no!" Eddie ran in front of Patch, horrified at the very idea of one of the local gossip hounds being fed information about Sahari and Sparcticus' breakup.''

Love it! :D

Another thing I love, is how you write Patch... He's SO cute in this chapter! :D I like how you make him stutter, but not too much... I might adopt that way of writing his speech, hehe! :D

Petula's awesome to here. She's actually nice! :D Still a bit conceited, but nice! :P

I like how each and every girl made an effort to dress up for the P-Factor, I find Leena to be especially adorable! :D It's great to see Seedos developing some 'feelings' for her, haha, how he didn't understand that new fluffiness inside of him was CUTE! :D
''"Everyone's gonna love you!"'' Aww... :P

Oh my God, Yoto and Storkos made love! xD That's adorable as well, man, Yoto actually bumping into Jardineiro was a great touch in my opinion... I'm glad they had such a good night! :D

Looking forward to reading more of this, as always! :D Keep up the amazing work!
Tiigerliily chapter 23 . 12/25/2012
Hey! :D Sorry for not reviewing until now, I had some Christmas preperations to do! :P

I LOVE how Eddie's mom uses Swedish words when she's speaking! :D It's great to see she's kept some of her mainland culture; if more immigrants on the Island did that, it'd be an even more special and colorful place! :D
I think the relationship Eddie has with his parents is beyond cute! :D They seem like a true, genuine happy family... Bet they'll be even cuter when the baby arrives! :P

Oh man, I'm so glad to see Leena's chosen to be a competitor! :D I hope she'll do amazing - that'd sure help her confidence! :D

Ah, so the entire -os family (minus Dastardos) is judging huh? :P That should be interesting... There's still quite some tension between Jardineiro and his youngest son!

Anyway, great chapter and have a merry, merry Christmas! :D
Tiigerliily chapter 22 . 12/19/2012
Aww, Leena... You're right, Seedos DOES like seeds much more than you! xD But he's just a little freak like that; he's nothing like the other males of his age (or other males at all...)
Don't get me wrong, I like SeedosxLeena a lot, but I think Leena might need someone who'd be willing to offer her more attention... Seedos is really sweet, but Leena seems insecure, and Seedos isn't exactly the kind who can take her insecurity away, I think, with him always being away in the swamp and hardly ever having romantic interest in any girl...

Wow. Seedos and Dastardos hanging out together must seem verrrrry strange to someone who doesn't know they're actually brothers... Sh*t just got suspicious, I think! :P I kinda have the feeling Avalon will find out about Stardos some day...

That ring sounds gorgeous, and TOTALLY Storkos! :D Isn't a bit early for Yoto to propose to her, though? They've only been together for a few months! :P

I like how Yoto got his ring by Tinkering. I've always loved that some VP characters have magical abilities, it's great to see those come in handy for him now! :D

Flavius is such an eccentric one, by the way! XD He's PERFECT for Fannie, I think. They'd be really cute together! :D Freaky as freaky can be, but also fricking adorable! :P

Man, Dastardos getting his fortune read is awesome! :D Thanks to these chapters of yours, I kinda want to get my fortune read myself, just for fun! xD He's being quite insulting towards Farrah, though... Poor her, she's had a few... difficult customers that day! :P
I like how she can't see Daz's future, though. Maybe because he isn't exactly human anymore? Who'd say? Yet, him being cursed is new for me... Wonder how that'll turn out!

Anyway, great work as always, keep it uP! :D
Tiigerliily chapter 21 . 12/19/2012
Oh Gosh, it took me a while to finally get around reviewing this, but THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! :D Like I've told you countless times before, you really write like a professional author. :D

Poor, poor Sahari... Poor Farrah, too! :P I can imagine people thinking SparcticusxEddie is cute, by the way, and I find Sahari being jealous of the attention they get as a couple PERFECT! :D

For some reason, I feel even worse for Sparcticus, though. He'd kissed Eddie completely against his will, and now the TRUE love of his life is mad at him... PLUS, there'll be loads of gossip about him in the Village! :P

Wow, Maxime and her Limeocerous are sweet together! :P I love a tiny, petite girl like her giving preference to big, dangerous piñatas. If she has a garden, it must be a pretty interesting one! :D She still lives at her parents' though, if I'm not mistaken? :( It'd sure be great to see her as a gardener in the future! :D

Seedos' opinion of Avalon is just priceless! xD I never really thought about which kind of people he'd dislike, but him not being too big on Avalon makes a lot of sense, I think! :P She DOES come across kind of snobby-ish after all... Hehehe, him teasing his bigger bro with his possible 'crush' is fun to read, though, usually that stuff's other way round with those two! :P

The brothers buying flowers for their 'friends' is soooo sweet! :D I like how Seedos offered to pay for Daz's bouquet, too... Feel bad for Leena that she got roses that stood for 'friendship', though! :P Yet I don't think Seedos is aware of the flowers' meaning. At all.
Leena being the daughter of a florist is an interesting detail, too! :D Shows she's always been around plants and stuff... I like how, in spite of her background, she's not that talented of a gardener at all! xD
Learning about OCs' pasts is interesting anyway, in my opinion. Especially when they're mainlanders! :D I like Viva Piñata characters being linked to real-world places, like Leena coming from NYC. :D

Farrah reading Bear's future was intriguing. Man, I kinda feel bad for Bear. I've gotten more sympathy for him, too, now that I've read how much he cares about his little sister... Bear might act 'tough' (he wouldn't be fooling anyone on the mainland, though, I think! :P) but he's actually just a scared boy. I hope he'll learn how to control his emotions eventually; I think that that would help him a lot in life! Wonder who that girl in his future will be, by the way... Let me guess, let me just do a few suggestions...
LEAFOS? She's sweet but she could sure handle a guy like Bear, given how much of a jerk her dad is...
BABOCHKA? I know she's too young for him now, but it'll be okay for them to date when she's about 16-18, right? :P And I do think Bear has a thing for 'cute' girlies.
PETULA? I'd rather see her end up with Eddie or something, but since they're both fascinated with mainland culture in your ficverse I think they'd make a nice pairing in that respect...

Anyway, this chapter was awesome! :D Onto reviewing the next one! :D
Tiigerliily chapter 20 . 12/11/2012
''A young, dark skinned woman with a pink Tigermisu mask emerged from the fortune teller's booth, a shimmer in her brown eyes. Obviously she must have liked what she heard…Eddie hoped he'd feel the same about his fortune!''

OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH! :D You put Ameena in this chapter! :D Hehe, even if that was just a tiiiiny appearance I LOVE you for it, wow... Wonder what the fortune teller told her, though! :P Maybe something about her and Patch? Or her garden?
Anyway, thank you so much! :D That was a very nice 'present' of you! :D

Aww, I can SO relate to Yen's feelings of jealousy towards Daz! :P When someone cool is hanging around with your crush (pardon me, man or woman of your DREAMS XD) it's not that bad, but when someone you despise and find a loser is with her/him... It can get really ugly! :P

I like how Dastardos suspects Jardineiro of having hunches about his true identity... it's very realistic! :D I'm sure Jardy actually WOULD recognize Dastardos, if he hadn't been too caught up in his fangirl...

That anti-Dastardos scam stall... Wow... Daz must feel like a celebrity... sort of! :P First they make a musical of him and now THIS! XD

Goodness, Seedos is SUCH a dork! :P He must hardly ever text anyone... I like how he finds Leena to be a bit... boring, I think? :P He really has the psyche of a geeky 8-year old when it comes to girls... How old is he supposed to be in your ficverse? 16? He should be drooling all over her, he's finally getting some attention! ;P
The bond he has and wants to maintain with his brother is sheer cuteness, though. :) Shows he still cares about SOME of his family! :D I'm glad it's mutual, too!

Oh. Em. Gee. Dastardos is such a badass! :P For one moment, I expected him to make up with Yen, I mean, it's not very in-character, but he was in such a good mood... Instead, he returned him the favour of having piping hot coffee spilled on your body. XD

Wow, I really like Farrah's character... I hope she'll appear again in some future fics - a fortune teller fits perfectly in Viva Piñata's colorful, magical work and her character design sounds just phenomenal! :D Her past makes me curious too, she's Filipono, right? I wonder how she ended up on the Island! :D

That ending, wow! :P Poor Sahari... While EddiexSparcticus would be cute, I, like Sahari, just can't with the couple! :P
Wonder how Sahari's confrontation with Farrah will go... I'll read and review chapter 21 either tomorrow or tonight! :D
Veneesla chapter 22 . 12/10/2012
Yoto did awesomely! How come everytime he does something good in tinkering, someone takes it? I wonder how the proposal will go for him. I'd be sad to see him shot down but Storkos is a busy lady. Best of luck, Yoto!
Excuse me Flavius, did you say FANNIE?! *facepalm* I'm going to ignore that...
Good news: Avalon liked Das' flowers. Bad news: Das' fortune. Poor guy. I hope he ends up happy. Seriously, he could always kill Pester. One less bad guy/boss for the inhabitants of Pinata island to worry about and Das' secret would still be safe. Although, on the verge of death Pester would probably pull the "I am your father..." card.
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