Reviews for Troubled Sleep
garnmcgaughn chapter 1 . 9/7/2012
Nice little one shot
NeverEverFaceTheDark chapter 1 . 6/3/2012
i was pretty shocked when Rachel dismissed Ku'sox torturing Ivy for three days out of hand in Pale Demon. It's like she still doesn't get anything about vampires, even though she's loved(/s) two. I understand that she had other things to worry about at that moment but. all of Ivy's bones were broken. REPEATEDLY. i's pretty much established that Ivy's done some horrid things with/for blood that might have been painful occasionally but to suggest that such vampire neurotoxin/pheromone cushioned activities with random undeads who knew of her standing/a master vampire who actually wanted her for a mate (in other words who would never cause her excessive pain/damage) are comparable to the pain of having all your bones broken for three days...(and who knows what else). i mean. that's just absurd. sigh. no mention of it again in APB because Rachel is so FRICKING self-centered and whiny in APB. ugh. i've never truly disliked Rachel but now...just ugh.

anyway. i'm sorry for my rant. this fanfic merely inspired it in me because yes Kim I think even tough as nails Ivy wouldn't have fared so well after having been at the mercy of an insane psychopath demon (even disregarding potential emotional torture as you suggest in this fic). What is it with Rachel sparing Ivy's tormentors again and again despite knowing they might show up again and hurt Ivy/herself? so hypocritical and just stupid. also, that description of destruction and death in San Francisco really sharpened my awareness of just how many innocent lives were lost because of Trent. which i guess is why it's not described like that really in the books because Trent's a love interest. uggggghhhhhh. ok. story. i really like that you addressed this giant character development-hole (in my opinion) and allowed it to turn into a truly heartbreaking but also a true friendship moment between Rachel and Ivy. i liked that Rachel could be there for Ivy reflecting the relationship/discipline/trust growth between them since the blood-rape, while Ivy kind of going for Rachel's neck anyway still acknowledged Ivy's problematic nature and their seemingly unconquerable issues. which of course only reinforced her anguish over losing herself to her inner monster at the instigation of Ku'sox. an interesting addition to the torment she canonically suffered. when i think about it it is also a logical addition since Ku'sox had all of three 'boring' days and is an life-reading sadist (although i doubt that Ivy then would have been so well mentally when Rachel finally came for her) If that had been canon i don't think Kim could have so easily ignored it in the next book (although she continues to amaze me with her knack for ignoring everything she doesn't want to write). this story fills the gap she's left gaping open. though i would have to echo your Rachel: why must life always beat Ivy down again? :(
anon chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
Funny how Ivy being tortured for three days and Jenks being captive never came up in APB. Collateral damage I guess _

Thanks for the story.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/31/2012
First off, thank you for sharing. Now I do not like what Kim Harrison is making them do and making them go through...I have never encountered another authors who, for the lack of a better word, tortures her own protagonists like she does. Not to mention she creates their perfect soul mate for them but then they have to go through of this bullshit (there really is no other word for it) and still Rachel can't admit her feelings and they can't truly be there for each other. I have not read Pale Demon and I have decided that I will not read another Hollows book until I get the idea from reviews that Harrison has finally decided what it is she wants. Sorry for the ramble but after the first book I got so hyped and I'm just so disappointed with how she has made things go...especially with Ivy I mean after everything she went through and survived she has her tortured by a demon who makes her either think she did or who really caused her to kill children...I do not care how strong Ivy is this really is getting ridiculous...I am NOT liking Harrison at the moment. All I can say is thank goodness for fanfiction.
etain-lives chapter 1 . 5/30/2012
Happy Birthday! :D

This was really good. I was wondering would someone touch on that incident, KH totally ignored it (as usual) in the following book and as always made everything seem overly fine and dandy. I'm really curious as to how your interpretation is going to turn out, so please keep it coming!
Over Worked Witch chapter 1 . 5/30/2012
Firstly, Happy Birthday.

Secondly, wonderfully written one-shot here. I've never really thought about really exploring a moment between Rachel and Ivy in a manner more of friendship and love without it being part of something larger.

Thirdly, I feel like like scum. I completely overlooked Ivy's own terrible ordeal for those three days Rachel was out of commission. I remember reading about it, I remember being pissed off, but after that it just slipped from my mind.

Fourthly. thanks for posting this story and reminding those of us that read it the suffering Ivy has had to endure as Harrison does seem to have forgotten about that herself.
Hewhoislost chapter 1 . 5/30/2012
There's no way your leaving us hanging? That's just so mean. K thats out of my system. Interesting take on the day after, I will admit I never put much thought into what he did to Ivy, but now... Kinda makes me want KH to write the Hallows series for Ivy's pov. That would be a much darker spin wouldn't it. Great one shot.
OmletteLurch chapter 1 . 5/30/2012
This is a good start! We forget how traumatic that must have been. Was it three days? Wow. Ivy is one tough cookie.

Looking forward to seeing how this develops. And of course keeping an eye on Heartbreaker :)
AvidRawr chapter 1 . 5/30/2012
Always happy to see more Rachel/Ivy. Thank you. Nice work.
A Lonely Planet chapter 1 . 5/30/2012
That was awesome! I really liked this chapter! It's a really nice one-shot. Very sweet but heart breaking. I loved it.

I wish you all the best today.


A Lonely Planet