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Martha chapter 1 . 4/14/2015
I enjoyed this story, and understand John's attitude. Having
your life violated by someone, I think, a person would have
a visceral reaction. There are some reviews on here that
agree with the way I feel, so I understand them, that in so
many stories Roy and John are written so out of character,
TOO close. I've read a few that indicate that if Joanne
didn't like it, Roy would choose John over her! Those are
just too ridiculous to take seriously. Thankfully, I'm finding
many where the friendship is put into perspective. I hope
to read more of your work in the future.
Emom chapter 1 . 7/20/2012
Wild and irrational responses can never be predicted when someone you love is in danger. You just go with your gut and figure out what happened later. I like this story (saw the crazy review discussion lol). Johnnys response was rage. Roy's response was protective and Joanne's response was maternal. It's called a family.
Lori chapter 1 . 6/18/2012
It was so totally understandable at how Johnny reacted after the break in and near injury of his best friend...especially after such an emotional day. I am glad that you showed a tender side as well as humorous of the 3 characters. As usual, Johnny now was concerned over his minor injury, LOL!...and wants attention. I love it! I really liked your story, loving forward to reading more them.
NickTonyK chapter 1 . 6/13/2012
Excellent! Loved it!
Guest chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
Very cute (in a violent way lol). Can so picture Johnny "losing it" to protect those he loves even on a good day! Nice job.
Johnnysgurl51 chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
Excuse me, but Dogstar51, Destiny Queen, and Irish Rebel, your comments should ONLY be about the story you hit the little blue review button on and NOT about any other story you don't like. Writers come on here to get feedback about THEIR work, not hear you rant and rave about what other types of fanfic you all like or dislike. The comments about slash, abuse stories, and Mary-sue fanfics had absolutely nothing to do with Sandybeliever's story and therefore should not have been mentioned in what is supposed to be a review of Sandybeliever's work. If you have problems with those kinds of stories, kindly avail yourself of the opportunity to share your thoughts with writers of those kinds of fanfics, I'm sure they'd love to hear from you and I'm guessing that such authors also have review buttons available on their works so that you may freely comment about them.

As to this story, while I admit I'm a bit uncomfortable about the "baby" aspect of the work, I can state that anyone under this kind of pressure will likely react like this. It's a combination of adrenaline, fear, and then relief that floods your body and so Johnny's reaction was not unheard of in a situation like this. I work in an ER myself and I can tell you that people take stressful situations differently, some break down and weep, others get hysterically out of control, some begin laughing, and others just sit there in silence. So after Johnny has faced a life or death instance like this, it's not unusual that he got as emotional as he did once the adrenaline left his body, it's a natural response. And I do agree that EMT's, firefighters, police officers, doctors, nurses, anyone that deals with tragic circumstances on a regular basis, they do break down and cry when something affects them. We just had a case last month where a mother and her young son were killed by a drunk driver and the little boy reminded me so much of my own son, I couldn't help but cry as I helped disconnect the tubes and wires from his little body so that he could be taken to the morgue for autopsy. This kind of job gets to even the strongest of us and we all have buttons that are tripped off by certain cases. So this isn't unheard of and I commend Sandybeliever for such a lovely and emotional read.

catlover chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
I like your story and I can definitly understand Johnny's rage and I don't think that rage an losing control emasculates him in any way, shape, or form. I think it's great that Johnny has as good a friend as Roy. If Roy and his wife can and want to comfort Johnny after what is an extremely emotional and devistating and trying day, then they certainly should be lauded for their sensitivity and caring nature. Just because he shares emotions with them, doesn't mean he's a whiny baby. It simply means he's human. I like your stories, don't let other reviews deter you and keep you from writing.
Ginger S chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
I think this is a perfectly believable story. Rage can take over a person. When you lose complete control and lash some point you have to come down...and come down hard. Joanne's calling him baby could be seen as odd, but when a person is out of control it is not uncommon to handle them as a mother would a child. And with that, the person so strung out from the grief and fear could lose it like a child. Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Police...and other emergency responders are trained to face a lot and maintain a professional face to the public, but when the situation hits home all of that training can be lost. That is why doctors are not supposed to treat family. This is an emotionally charged situation and that showed through the written words. Well done Sandybeliever. Well Done!
IrishRebel111 chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
Destiny's Queen...dial it down a bit.

Actually others spoke obout not liking Mary Sues and other kinds of fan fics...and Dogstar was just stating what he or she did not like about fan fics, and is entitled to have an opinion, about what is a realistic fan fiction and what is not.

I don't care either way, but you seem to have taken a vitriolic attitude to that statement about him or her not liking slash or thinking they were not realistic...while not saying anything to other about those who said they did not like Mary Sues, which this story is not either.

Further more I beleive Dogstar actually did state that he/she hated babying stories too, so why are you attaking him or her on that score?

But what I find most offensive was the remark by the one reviewer who said that abuse victims would be abusers themselves or ruined from being a productive part of society.

Many abuse victims actually become strong survivors,and active members of society. There are abuse survivors who are judges, lawyers, police officers, firemen, social workers and doctors et cetera. To state anything else is judgemental and vile.

You have stereotyped a segment of society, that has already had to overcome horrible pasts.

In third world countries people survive terrible happenings successfully everyday.

For you to make such a general statement about abuse survivors was uncalled for.

I apologize to Sandy for using her story to bring this up. But I too am allowed to have an opinion.
sandybeliever chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
Why does my little story cause so many to go on and on about things that I did not even include here? Please, if you can't be nice, do not post anything. If you take a few minutes to read my other stories, you will see that my Johnny is strong and capable. And you will see by the reviews of people that are or know firefighters, this is not outside the realm of possibility. As for the wonderful writers who have made Johnny's background the way you describe it - they are creative and caring and sweet. This is called FICTION for a reason. I think my description of the story was clear enough that you should have avoided it. I've had fun writing these but you are seriously taking away that joy. Leave the writers alone and go write what you want to read. :-(
Destiny's Queen chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
Dogstar51, I understand part of your review that is a response to the previous reviews, but where in the world did anyone mention slash or abuse fics? None of the reviewers mentioned those issues at all, they focused on the way writers turn Johnny into a helpless manchild or a blubbering wuss.

But okay, since you brought up abuse fics, let's discuss how they are not in any way canon with the show. Nowhere in any episode was it ever mentioned Johnny was orphaned or abused; in fact one episode early on in the series, after he and Roy handled a teenaged girl that had overdosed on pills, they were discussing kids of that era and Johnny mentioned that his parents were never that unaware of what he was doing, so where in the world do writers EVER get the idea he was orphaned and abused? Just because he mentions having an aunt doesn't mean he lived with her...I have several aunts and uncles, so if I mention them, does that mean I automatically lived with them? NO. So it's pure outrageous fanon and NOT canon when writers portray Johnny as an orphan because according to the show, he HAD parents who cared about him and I actually applaud writers who have his parents alive and well in their stories because I get so sick of the same old 'abused orphan Johnny' crap that clogs this site and others.

And going to the abuse angle that writers so love to create on this you folks realize that if Johnny suffered such traumatic physical, sexual, and verbal abuses that you enjoy heaping onto him, he would NOT be a productive member of society, but rather he'd be more likely to be an abuser himself? Take a good look at the backrounds of serial killers like Ted Bundy and Ottis Toole and Charles Manson...they suffered the same kind of childhood abuse Johnny suffers in so many stories, so does it not make sense that if Johnny endured such awful torment at the hands of his adult caretakers, he'd be apt to be a serial killer, or at least a constant lawbreaker? I know that yes, a lot of abused children rise above their upbringing, but statistically an abused child is more likely to be an abuser themselves, plus they would be more likely to develop mental disorders and issues with socialization, along with being predisposed to become drug or alcohol addicts. Yet despite such horrific torture that so many inflict on him, Johnny somehow manages to be "normal" with absolutely no mental issues or socialization problems, plus he works in a field where he would encounter abused children and adults. And really what IS the fascination with depicting such abuse? Having experienced it in my own childhood, I can definitely say that I certainly have no desire to read about a fictional character enduring what I endured in real life, it smacks of exploitation and plot gimmicks, and I have yet to see any abuse fics that accurately depict the true suffering victims experience at the hands of their abusers.

As far as slash goes, there's only a small handful of slash fics on here, and since this writer is not a slash writer, what was the point of bringing that up? As I said, it wasn't mentioned at all in the previous reviews and as far as I know, hasn't even been an issue on this site.

And I don't believe the main issue was whether or not those in the EMT or police fields cry...we all know they do and I don't think that was the point the previous reviewers were making, I think they were complaining about the tendency to turn Johnny into a spineless ball of sniveling jelly that weeps at the drop of a hat and has to have Roy or Cap hold his hand, even when he's getting a hangnail trimmed. Writers on here LOVE to estronogize Johnny and make him a weak little manchild incapable of taking care of himself, needing Joanne to mother the poor little dear like the little baby he is, and that portrayal is so far out there it's laughable. On the show, Johnny was a fully grown adult male that was incredibly capable of taking care of himself, he didn't need an army of mommies bringing him chicken soup when he had the sniffles, he didn't have Dixie and the Rampart staff hovering constantly over him like he was their only patient, and gee whiz, Roy and Cap didn't have to take him home with them after every shift so he could have his diaper changed. And really, where in the show was it ever mentioned that Roy's kids called him Uncle Johnny? Where was it ever mentioned he even cared about Roy's kids? I understand that yes, they took vacations together, but I think the whole "DeSoto family" or "Stanley family" adopts Johnny as their own child is pretty farfetched, because the crew seemed to have lives of their own that didn't revolve around caring 24/7 for John Gage, and if you all actually watched the show and paid attention to the crew interactions, you'd realize that.
dogstar51 chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
I am of both minds on this matter.

I happen to think that at times the writers of the 70's show got it wrong when they wrote the guys like tough as nails "John Wayne" types...Having both firefighters and paramedics in my family, I can most assuredly tell you that when they come upon a scene where children and friends and horrific needless deaths occur, they DO cry.(and especially when it is a comrad) In fact they are told it is unhealthy to not feel, or hold it in once they are away from the scene.

Now that being said, it is not reasonable to have them fall apart on the scene, they remain professional while they have a job to do. It is what they are trained for... but they do feel and are not in fact robots.

I have no issue with the whole Johnny being an Uncle to the kids or being like a brother/sister to the DeSoto's...and in the show they DID have Roy and John on vacation togther in more than one episode.

I myself had adult family friends as a child that were close enough that I called them "Aunt and Uncle" and so do my kids now...In fact back then it was considered inproper for a child to address an adult by their first name, and so using the term Aunt or Uncle was and still is common.

Having been to many reservations, I can also state that abuse and alcholism is sadly a common is a tragedy how the Natives were; and still are; treated and what this proud people have had to overcome, and live to have Johnny come from a reservation, and have a rough past is NOT out of the realm of possibilities, I have seen it first hand. And the show states he was raised on a reservation.

BUT I DO balk at them having him as a son type of person to Roy...and such an infantile helpless person...I agree he was a man and a self sufficient and able bodied paramedic and quite able to stand on his own two feet.

Being a brother and being close I believe...I have a friend that I am that close to...and I know many other people that do as well. And I feel sad for those who have never had the pleasure of having a friend that you are so close to that you love them as family...if you never have, you don't know what you missed out on...and I do believe in real life that Randy and Kevin share a closeness that could be seen as "brotherly".

I do roll my eyes at the babying stories that occur and Mary Sues make me crinnge. And slash is just disrespectful...I am not anti gay, live and live is my motto, but if you want to make a gay character, make it an OC..none of the E characters were even close to being gay...and that is the biggest stretch of all.

But showing them as being humans who do have to let it out from time to time when tragedy strikes is actually more realistic that the tough guy image that was around in the 70's...we are not robots...and the shit they see in their line of work, can be tough...and human and family tragedy elicits just such emotions. In real life, POLICE, FIREMEN AND EMT'S cry more often than you might guess.
Jan chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
I guess I don't understand why writers on here attach Johnny to Roy's hip and he's considered the adopted member of Roy's family. On the show they were never that way. Sure they were friends and there was the occasional mention of a get-together while off duty, but most writers on here seem to basically move Johnny in with Roy's family and frankly if I had a person like that in my family, I'd be seriously annoyed. There's such a thing as friends needing time apart from one another to grow individually and yet writers make Johnny the third wheel in Roy's marriage, even to the point where he goes with them on dates sometimes. If I were Joanne, I'd be laying down the law and limiting Johnny's involvement with the family. He's even considered an uncle to Roy's kids in most of the fics on here, yet not once in any of the show episodes is he referred to as their uncle, or even mentioned that he's close to Roy's kids. I always thought he disliked kids anyway, and he never seems too interested when Roy's telling things his children did on the show episodes. And Roy seems capable of fucntioning on his own without Johnny attached to his hip, so why do writers on here write Johnny that way? I like my coworkers but I wouldn't want to spend my free time with them. And I don't get the whole babying thing either, it's pretty sickening how some writers turn him into a child, when in reality on the show he could be very strongly opinionated and an arrogant jerk.
TheNaggingCube chapter 1 . 6/1/2012
This was magical. Your sharp build up and Johnny's reaction and post-reaction... wow. Then you ripped my heart out and made me cry with this:

"He…he was going to…" the tears started to fall, streaking his face. "He was going to hurt my family."
Rescue45 chapter 1 . 6/1/2012
I'd like to respond to a coupl of other reviews. I am in EMS and can tell you that after the funeral of one of their own their emotions are running on edge. It is very relastic for Johnny to show his emotions to those that he considers family. He may not have shown them to everyone at the station, but he would show them to Roy and Joanne. They are best friends and family to him. Even in the 70s. In this story and other stories written by Sandybeliever, Johnny is not portrayed as a whinny baby. He is very confident and self assured. If others portray him as something else that is their story, not hers. Sandybeliever has done a wonderful job of writing her stories and her descriptions are great. I look forward to reading more of her stories.
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