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Guest chapter 24 . 1/2/2013
this the same you wrote last time i saw it same words same almost everything
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 23 . 12/26/2012
Great and exciting episode. Poor Kirby she has no idea that Alicia put something in her water that could kill her and that she is the killer, I do understand why she would think Jill is the killer she knows her better then anyone and knows what she is capable should have believed Jill when she said she was innocent if she was killing again she would have killed Jessica right when she walked into the living Jessica she must have been shocked to see that Jill was right about of alica she turned on Richard quick she pushed him toward Jill knowing that she waould kill him so she could escape. Poor Dewey he never had a chance.I'm just looking forward to the finale at Casey Becker's house, everything is going to end where it all begin at the place where Billy Loomis and Alicia's father Stu Macher started their killing spree 17 years earlier.
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 22 . 12/19/2012
This was a great and sad episode, Richard is sick and he has a big surprise coming to him when him and Jill come face to face. Poor Dewey it's like he has lost his sister also has to be upset that Sidney didn't tell him that she was still alive and he has figured out who Michelle Edwards really is Jill Roberts. I can't blame him for thinking she is the killer he proably thinks she is back for revenge against everyone who stopped her 2 years 's good to see that Steve believes in Jill It's kind of diappointing that Kirby thinks Jill is killing people again but I can't blame her Jill did fool her before and is capable of doing it had to be in shock first he finds out that's it's possible that his girlfriend Jill has snapped and is the Ghostface serial killer again and he was proably a little scared when she emerged from his closet he proably thought for a second that she was there to kill looks like Jill is planning on dying no matter what happens it's possible that she is planning to kill herself after she stops this may think if she is dead that means Ghostface will be gone for is very happy her plan is working Sidney and Mark are dead and everyone now knows Jill is alive and they think she is the killer. She has no idea though that Jill has figured that she is the killer and that she is copying her killing spree that means Jessica is next because she is the hot girl like Olivia was. One last thing RIP Sidney Prescott!
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 21 . 12/15/2012
Great episode everyone is getting ready to enjoy the batchelor and batcherlotte parties but they have no idea that The new Ghostface is about to start a new killing spree. Poor Sidney once again she is the target but this time the killer wants to kill her so Jill will get blamed for the should rememeber who she is dealing with Jill is reformed but she is still very dangerous and she will want revenge for Sidney's death.
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 20 . 12/11/2012
This was a really great episode Alicia's evil plans are beginning to take shape, she is very scary she is a combination of Jill Roberts her mentor and Stu Macher her real to see Sidney and Mark are coming to is being unreasonable Steve isn't going to forget Brianna just because Kirby is pregnant. I liked Jill and Kirby's talk I'm glad that Jill told her what happeend with Steve and that she has no feelings for him anymore and he has none for her, they are just friends. I'm glad Jill is going to be the Godmother because that means Kirby has truly forgiven her. Poor Woodsboro they have no idea another Ghostface serial killer is about a new killing spree and the only person who can stop this deranged psycho is the reformed Ghostface serial killer Jill Roberts she knows how Alicia thinks because she was her mentor.
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 19 . 11/28/2012
Another great episode. Poor Kirby she thinks her friends are neglecting her now that she is hurt. Mrs Berandi made a big mistake when she called Alicia retarded, she is proably going to be one of her murder victims. I can just imagine the look on Alicia's face when she was watching when Jill revealed her as the Ghostface serial killer and said KILL KILL ALL THEM ALL THERE WILL BE NOTHING LEFT and now the killing will begin. I would like to know what Jill thinking when she saw the ending of Stab and was watching herself saying kill everyone.
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 18 . 11/27/2012
Very good episode, I don't blame for being upset Kirby that must have been awful to wake up and see Richard in her bed. I can't blame Owen for being upset with Jill but it was good to see that they got back together and that he realized he was being Kirby she really has had been through alot in her short life now she i going to be in a cast for about 4 months. Alicia really is evil she is playing games with her friends before she goes on her killing spree.
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 16 . 11/12/2012
That was a very good talk Kirby and Steve had, Kirby admitted Richard was right that she would have tried to steal him from Jill if she knew Steve loved her. I know Steve was being honest about loving Kirby and Jill but it looks like he has picked Kirby over Jill.I know Jill blames herself for that little boys death but it's not her fault that he killed himself she did the best she could to help him, Also it was nice and surprising to see the boy's mother say she didn't hear anything after Jill told her who she really was so she doen't have to worry about being turned in to the police by her.I think Sidney is right Kate would have forgiven Jill for what she did Jill was sick when she committed those was great to see Steve was able to save the boy.
Dallascowboysfan chapter 15 . 11/4/2012
John we'll see. The start of Kirby and Steve's conversation will begin the enxt episode which will be up on tuesday.
John chapter 15 . 11/4/2012
Umm a bit confused? what happened in the end? :/ ..
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 15 . 10/27/2012
Another very good episode. Welcome back Sidney, I should have guessed it was her at the was wrong of Trevor to tell Richard all the things she did with Kirby espicially since he promised to keep it a secret. It also looks like Richard is trying to make Kirby her love for Steve so he can have her for himself. It is good that Sidney returned since it is the 2 year annivsrary of when Jill sent on her serial killing spree she is going to need Sidney's support.I can't blame Fred and Emila for being nervous about the Stabathon returning they remember the massacre that happend that night and they don't want to upset Kirby because she almost was killed that night man poor Jessica her boss is a going to pimp her out to tell houses, I do have a feeling Alicia will proably kill him too when she starts her killing spree. Alicia is right Owen does really care for Jill. Is Alicia right was someone watching her and Jill or did she imagine it?
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 14 . 10/23/2012
Another great episode. Kirby was kind of rude with Richard.I havenoidea who it couldhave been that showed up at Kirby's house at the end of the show. Jill better hope richard doesn't find out that she Jill Roberts because he might want to get revenge for Trevor's death she did kill him pretty I think Alicia is thinking of making Richard her pastie she may want to make it look like Richard Sheldon find out that Michelle was really Jill Roberts and killed her and her friends for revenge she would then say she killed Richard when he tried to kill is right Jill almost did get away with her killing spree.
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 13 . 10/9/2012
Very good episode, I'm assuming Jill is the one who killed Brad 's mom and Mrs Lavender in self Owen he must have felt jealous when he saw Jill conformting Steve about Brian's death. Alicia really is crazy she has no remorse about what killing Brian and those other kids and now she wants to do stabathon again. I'm surprised that Kirby didn't say no considering that she almost was killed and that her other friends were killed in that massacre. The only person against it ironically is Jill the psycho who killed Jill she really feels guilty about Brian's death and in her dream he blames her too. Jill needs to be careful round Richard and he can't find out who she really iis because if he finds out that she is really Jill Roberts the serial killer who killed his cousin Trevor he might want to get revenge.
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 12 . 8/8/2012
will be.

they will.


and Steve

5.I think so.

I think Sidney should return because Jill will need her to clear her name and support if she is accused of committing these murders, they may think she has snapped and is killing people again.

I don't think Jill can truly really ever be happy because people will never forget that she killed 9 people for fame when wshe was 16 years old. They of course don't know she is also the one who killed Dan Olson months before her murder will always try to make herself a better person.

should die she is evil like her father Stu and Diganicto the cop who raised her.

she is the girl he will realize is the girl he truly loves. he is the love of his life but they can't be together because they are on different sides of the law, he is a cop and she is a serial killer.

10. No I truly believe Owen loves Jill and has forgiven her for killing Dan because he has seen the good side of her and she is truly sorry for what she did.

I don't think Brian had a secret.

should kill her because she is the obe who made Alicia realize she kiled killing people.

13. The final scene should be Alicia telling Sidney that she is Stu Macher's daughter and she will kill her to make her father happy, Jill who Alicia thinks is dead after a vicious fight between suddenly gets up and yells her name Alicia goes to attack her and Jill stabs her in the chest then she gets Digacinto's gun which is on the floor and shoots her in the head to make sure she is dead. She then walks over to Sidney and says to her I feel alot better now too in response to what Sidney said to her 2 years ago after she shot Jill in the hospital is Jill's way of saying that it is finally over.

14, Alive,Jill,Kirby Steve,Dead Brian,Jessica and Owen

I would like to see a prequel, I would like to se how the gang met and became friends.
Jill Roberts Fan chapter 11 . 8/1/2012
Great episode. Well I was wrong it was Brian who Alicia looks lke she regretted killing him after she did it, I think she did love him.

Alicia also just made it clear she is planning on killing the whole gang I figured she wasn't the one who killed Trevor's father or Jeny's mother because she was sincerly shocked by that news of their deaths.

That was a great twist Brad's mother is the one who killed Trevor'sfather and Jenny's mother, she did it for Brad because she thought Jill forgot him, but I think she's wrong I think Brad's death was what made Jill start to go crazy.

I think Mrs Lavender didn't kill Jill I think she realizes that Jill didn't kill her daughter nd I think she shot Mrs Smith again because she proably got up and charged at her and Jill.
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