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Xxx chapter 22 . 10/26/2013
Carry on with this fanfiction it's really good x
Guest chapter 23 . 4/18/2013
Practically copied the whole 'Aarson' storyline here.. No imagination or input from you. Worse chapter yet. Sorry.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/18/2013
I am enjoying it honest but it seems you are just quoting verbatim from the programme at the moment.
Shawnyola chapter 23 . 4/18/2013
No wonder Jackson is annoyed at Aaron and confused over the mixed signals he's been receiving from him. Seeing Aaron head home with Bryony must have filled Jackson with jealously, knowing that he'd fallen for him. With Aaron being in such a mixed up state, all he can do is let him know he's not alone and there if Aaron wants to talk but I can understand that Jackson had had enough of his behaviour and how dismissive Aaron had been of him.

Paddy and Marlon didn't help matters, barging in like that as the boys were on the verge of something but I get Marlon's concern for Paddy, thinking that Aaron had been bullying him and wanting to stand up for Paddy. Though will Jackson hearing what he did from Marlon think again about getting involved with Aaron? I liked how you used the on screen scenario here, adding your own thoughts on it, plus there's the situation with Holly which will add a definate twist to the story.

I'm glad you're carrying on with the story but there isn't any need to stretch yourself with daily updates to get to the 'juicy part' of the story. You just need to pace the chapters well and not drag on certain scenes. Thanks for the update xx.
BrokenSpear chapter 23 . 4/18/2013
I liked how you used the on-screen scene but then took your own spin on it. For a moment there I thought they would kiss... but then Paddy came in and ruined it all.

I can understand Jackson's frustration with the younger man. I did like how Aaron followed him outside and that Jackson stuck around during the argument. Too bad that Paddy and Marlon's friendship too such a hard hit over it. Marlon's just looking out for Paddy. I liked how he didn't let Aaron threaten him. But I'm worried how this might affect Aaron. He'll feel horrible over ruining their friendship.

Aaron is such a mess. I'm worried over him and I hope he won't do anything stupid. I do hate how he pushes Jackson away even though he seems to need him.

Great update and I'm chuffed you have decided to continue this story!
BrokenSpear chapter 22 . 4/17/2013
I do hope you'll carry on this story. It feels like there are so many loose ends which needs to get tied up. I love the style and themes of this story. But if your heart isn't in it then maybe you should take a step back and give it some time. As a writer I understand that sometimes your inspiration and energy runs out.

Aaron is definitely frustrating me here. Jackson really seem to have taken a liking to him and he tries to help him. If Aaron keeps going on like this I wouldn't blame Jackson if he get fed up and left it alone. Just as Shawn said, I'm sure that Aaron would be gutted deep down over it.

I can't believe the nerve of Aaron... First he dated Holly and they split up. Then he got into a sexual relationship with whatshername and now he's chatting that Bryony up! He tries to convince himself so hard that he's straight... so deep in denial that I fear he'll never find his way out of the closet.

Jackson wants to help him but I'm worried it'll just lead to tears... :(

Great new chapter and I hope to read more of this story!
Guest chapter 22 . 4/17/2013
Well I hope you do carry this on.. there seems to be so much to come and be revealed and I think it's bubbling along nicely. It's not naff at all and doesn't seem rushed, hope you can carry on writing as I have always enjoyed your fics. Mcllst123
Shawnyola chapter 22 . 4/17/2013
I feel sorry for Jackson here, he's attracted to Aaron, realising that there's 'just something about him' that he likes and most probably, more than likes. He knows Aaron's struggling with his sexuality and is giving him some space but Aaron isn't even meeting him halfway here, treating him like a leppar!

I get that having Jackson in the village is too close for comfort for Aaron but he should at least talk to him, rather than just blanking or avoiding him which is just rude and if he continues like this, Jackson may call it a day, thinking Aaron's not worth the effort. I think Aaron would be gutted about this as deep down, I'm sure he is as attracted to Jackson as Jackson is to him.

I'm sorry to hear of your dillema. It's up to you whether you carry on with your stories or not but as a reader, it does get frustrating when a writer doesn't finish a story that I've invested my time in reading but if your hearts not in it anymore, maybe you should stop. Perhaps just taker a breather for a while and think about it first though. Hope this helps! :-) Thanks for the update xx.
In-My-Head-749 chapter 22 . 4/17/2013
please carry on with this story, I'm really enjoying it
Shawnyola chapter 21 . 4/10/2013
It was sweet that Jackson phoned Aaron to invite him out for a drink, just as friends, even though Jackson was attracted to Aaron and wanted more but respected Aaron's feelings. I liked that Aaron said yes, even though he was determined not to be gay, he couldn't help himself in accepting Jackson's invitation.

It's a shame he was put off by Scarlett and Victoria as he saw them at the bus stop, making him reconsider what he was doing in agreeing to meet Jackson. Ooh, Victoria suggesting that she and Aaron give them another go was awkward! But the way he made a hasty exit will also make things awkward when he next sees her.

What will Jackson do now that Aaron's stood him up? I have a feeling Aaron may regret this and go looking for him? And how long can Holly keep her pregnancy secret? A nicely written chapter x
Shawnyola chapter 20 . 4/9/2013
Aaron's still trying to kid himself he isn't gay but this was clearly not the case when he was more interested in reading the past texts from Jackson on his phone rather than the more explicit ones from Natasha! The way he remembered how Jackson had smelt too was a give away that he had gotten under his skin.

A nicely written scene with Victoria and it's good to see them being mates again and chatting as mates do. Aaron seems closer to her than he does with Adam at the moment, which is not surprising considering what Adam knows. I can see him becoming increasingly wound up by Adam and Marlon and anyone else who ends up getting his face and I'm fearful as what that'll bring.

Why was Jackson trying to call Aaron? Just a social call? If so, it prooves that he's interested in him but how will Aaron react? Looking forward to thier next meeting. Thanks for the update x.
BrokenSpear chapter 19 . 3/17/2013
Damn, Chas put her foot into it, blurting it all out to Marlon. I got a feeling that Marlon won't let that rest. I'm glad that Paddy refused to tell the truth. It would break Aaron if more people found out! His mother even! But I get another feeling that Chas knows something is up. Will she confront him about it?

Holly should tell her parents about the pregnancy. She won't be able to keep that a secret for long. I wonder if Moira thinks something is up? I liked Holly's thought about being a mum, feeling so hopeless and ashamed.

Aaron does a hard job in staying away. It's sad that he hates himself so much and can't stop pretending. It'll be interesting to see how things works out! But I got a bad feeling this won't end well...

Great chapter although you may want to give it another look over. I spotted several missing letters and misspellings.
BrokenSpear chapter 18 . 3/17/2013
Uh-huh Chas is not pleased with Aaron! But she doesn't seem to know the full story and the question is, will she ever? I got the feeling that Aaron will stick to his denial. His mother could have chosen her words better though... "disgusting" may not have helped Aaron much! I like how Paddy try to be the voice of reason here.

I liked Aaron's comeback. With all the times Chas has let him down she deserved that.

Great new chapter and no worried for it being late!
Shawnyola chapter 19 . 3/17/2013
Holly's playing a silly game, wanting to keep the baby but keeping it a secret from her family and from Aaron. She's bound to start showing at some point and her mum guessing will be much worse than if she just told them all. On the other hand, if she hates the situation that much, that she resents having to miss out on her studies because of a baby, then why keep it? And Aaron won't be much of a dad with his problems, I feel.

Trust Chas to let the cat out of the bag! Now that Marlon knows that Aaron attacked Paddy, he'll be on Aaron's case which will make the lad either run again or do something stupid. I'm glad Paddy defended Aaron though, saying that Aaron had said he was sorry and that they'd moved on but Aaron avoiding everyone, especially Paddy, can't continue. It'll be interesting to see what happens the next time he bumps into Jackson. Thanks for the speedy update x.
Shawnyola chapter 18 . 3/17/2013
I'm glad that Aaron returned to the village of his own accord and wasn't dragged back kicking and screaming, though getting the third degree form his mum was bound to happen.

'Slowly, the young mechanic turned around to face his mother and see just how angry she was. If they were in a cartoon animation, he swore there would be smoke billowing out if her ears and her head exploding.' Haha, I liked how you described this, made me smile.

Bless Paddy, stepping in to calm things down but it's understandable that Aaron can't bear Paddy to be nice to him after the way he lashed out at him and I'm glad Paddy didn't push him again after Chas had left, though it is a concern that Aaron's still trying to hide who he is. Nicely updated x.
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