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elgeonmb chapter 1 . 10/31/2016
If I'm going to re-read this (I am) I might as well provide some actual feedback while I do it.

Obviously this is an old chapter so I'm just gonna glaze over my likes and dislikes.

Still love and will always love the multiculturalism. Any Fake Big American City that's full of white Anglo-Saxon Protestants and /only/ white Anglo-Saxon Protestants is immediately suspect.

You introduce a lot of characters at once. With prior knowledge of the story I know that these characters are supposed to recur, but memory of them /will/ fall out of reader's brains.

I love everyone's... diction? It brings back good memories of the slightly-kludgy-in-a-charming-way dialogue from P1/P2.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 106 . 9/28/2015
What perfect timing. This is an amazing birthday present. Even if it's coincidental timing and I'm not getting around to reviewing this until the day after.

Second sentence and I see a missing word (well, don't see it). There should be a 'was' in there.

And then in the first sentence of the second paragraph, you wrote 'more and shadows'. There should be another 'more'.

Jurassic Park 4? Who would think of such a thing?

Could you really classify a gallows as a torture device? Execution sure, but not really torture.

Effulgent...the epitome of purple prose since that isn't even a foreign word or anything. Couldn't radiant or bright do?

Considering that she actually met Julia at one point, I think it would make a bit more sense for Serena to be the one to point her out as all the Ater Vox's loved ones are appearing.

Zao and Ethan are related? Just barely, but still. Now that's a twist I didn't see coming.

Yeesh, Nihane is a massive dick.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 105 . 9/17/2015
And caught up. You explained the title to me and I still think it's a weird word.

'How queer' Wow, she is outdated.

Ah, Ashi. That explains it. Must be the last Persona user.

When talking about the Albion computer, Kyle says he 'Wants one know' instead of 'now'.

Even Blaine ships Tara and Matthew.

New meaning to bedroom gymnastics? The only possible way I can think of that phrase is dirty.

Well that's an...original take on Mithra.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 104 . 9/17/2015
So it's pretty much an evil wild card? Horrifying.

Ooh, references to the Kirijo Group and Teddie.

Oh Blaine, you and your potty mouth.

Uriel Prime? I thought it was Uriel Ignis?

Ooh, mystery soul.

I agree with Shirley, these puns are getting out of hand.

There seems to have been a CP mistake or something after Ethan uses Prism Apex. It says 'gribbed' instead of 'gripped', doesn't mention what he's gripping, and mentions a mummy.

What is that mystery Persona? I'd guess Sophia, the Gnostic angel that created the Demiurge and is therefore responsible for the Material World. But that doesn't fit Ethan's Persian thing.

Oh, Ethan's dead. That's rather sad. Oh wait no, it actually meant sleep. Bait and switched.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 103 . 9/17/2015
I'm ba-ack!

Not sure if it's an actual error or just weird wording but "A lot of kids are going out and playing sports again. Aeturnus actually kept most of them in good order..." doesn't make much sense. They kept sports in good order? The kids? Do you mean parks or something, in which case it should actually be mentioned.

Honestly, in pretty much any work 'Cameras can't pick up the important secret thing' is an asspull. Also 'No way to prove they existed.' Bullshit. An entire city telling the same story, including people who grew up only knowing a world of Shadows, is tons of proof. As is the destruction and deaths they caused that could be recorded.

The more Ethan describes the Nullity Masquerade, the more I get flashbacks to the Yamato Perpetual Reactor. Big thing with no offensive powers, allows for interdimensional travel that will stop once it's dead, has its power abused which allows for smaller mooks. This situation as a whole reminds me of the Megrez fight. Hopefully this won't be as annoying as that.

This is only chapter 3 of a ten chapter arc, I highly doubt the Nullity Masquerade is as helpless as they think.

Called it...about two minutes worth of reading before the Nullity Masquerade kicked into 'Let's Get Dangerous' mode. I would say that yet another boss rush of the Trauma Shadows is kind of boring, but things are going fast enough for it to be good.

Also, nice twist with the teams getting shuffled each time.

Ah, Tara is so worried about Matthew.

What a horrifying abomination. I wonder what is this real force that's apparently above even Janus.
elgeonmb chapter 46 . 9/9/2015
"Pomme de Terrece" I swear to /god/ gorram bilingual puns
FanficSinsOfficialReviews chapter 1 . 8/26/2015

This is one of those stories that feels more like a published piece of literature than a casual fanfic. The first chapter is well-paced and rich with well-executed exposition. The quality of the language is supreme and there are some good moments of descriptive detail. The published story itself is beautifully presented and looks and reads professional.

There are small moments of confusion or bits which don't really seem to advance the plot or tell the reader much, but that should be of no concern. The content of this chapter is limited in terms of plot, but I'm sure the story really picks up in the following chapters. As far as opening chapters go, this is definitely a good attempt.

In conclusion, I think that this is a nice opening to a well-presented plot. I greatly encourage readers to check this chapter out and read on through the next 103 chapters as well as any further installments. This story is certainly worthy of its high rating and I'll be sure to tweet about it on the official FanficSins Twitter page.

-Don, from FanficSins
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 102 . 7/27/2015
I was not expecting this.

Almost six months ahead, that's a good-sized time skip. I wonder what all has gone down in that time.

And Real People actually went down. 'Tis the fate of print in the age of the internet. At least they were able to move on well.

Everyone is moving on so well, even Joe. While they're at the café, Priscilla says "Maybe I should Tara if I can practice in her private studio", forgetting the word 'ask'.

Yeah, I was expecting Priscilla to be pregnant. "I'm carrying your baby" sounds a bit stilted.

Shiny Garchomp isn't pointless, it, uhm...if they wait a few months it'll let them have a really purple mega evolution. Yeah, it's one of the worse shiny colors.

Beans on toast? I'm honestly not sure if that sounds awful or not.

Yay, bad puns. I doubt that this is the kind of thing you can keep covered up, especially when internet becomes a household thing again in New Motus.

Ethan wishes that his old friend were 'hear' with him instead of 'here'.

Generally, Blaine, shouting about a past of trying to kill people is a bad idea.

Serena asks Karl if 'Yu and Liam' are taking part in the Red Heart Marathon. Wrong Persona user there.

I kind of want to hear about Nathan's stories in college now.
Guest chapter 102 . 7/27/2015
wonder what/who this last shadow is
elgeonmb chapter 21 . 7/20/2015
Man, you just /barely/ missed setting the founding date of Tachibana U before the end of Sakoku. I almost had an attack.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 101 . 7/5/2015
I've already been sad about such a wonderful story ending. By this point, I'm more happy that this story actually finished and didn't suffer the common fate of being abandoned a few chapters in.

Lots of happy fluff. I love happy fluff, so no complaints here.

Is that a cameo from Hanako and Kashiwagi?

I don't understand any of this Soccer talk, but it probably makes sense.

When Marcel pops up, it says he's wearing 'shoots' and not 'shorts' (Unless he's actually wearing bamboo or some other plant).

Kaman's having a kid? Guess characters don't even need an appearance to get a happy ending (And a damn well deserved one at that).

Well, can't argue with Dan about him and Blaine being lucky (And for more reasons than them being fictional characters).

Can't really think of much more specific to say. Good finale to a great story, can't wait for your next work and the further updates to the Extra Material.
Number13teen chapter 100 . 6/16/2015
Aww a happy ending for all 5 main characters. I found it got progressively sweeter as you introduced the characters and their loved ones. I'm so glad I was finally able to finish!
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 100 . 6/1/2015
And the end. Sad to see this go. But, at the least, the 100th review for the 100th chapter (God I hope no one bangs out a quick review before I can post this. It'll still be the 100th review for the 100th chapter, but it won't be this review).

Damn, Nihane is just so set on things being pointless.

There's a typo after New Motus is opened up. Other Serena says "The children who have never ocean".

For some reason, you change from Personae to Personas for one use (When Aimee asks Ethan about the NDDs).

So the people who had a Persona in the other world have their memories but those without one (Or with only an artificial Persona) don't? Well that lessens the horror some...except maybe for Kyle and Kaman.

'Or a Venus Fly Trap'? I feel like I'm missing the joke.

'There is no T in SD card'? Ultimate call-back. All this chapter is missing is a muffin.

An amazing end to an amazing story. There are only two real criticisms I can think of:

1) Lack of Kaman in the main world feels weird.
2) The 'Real People' might shut down thing feels like a total 'Big-Lipped Alligator Moment'. It popped up out of nowhere when the story pointed to Real People doing good, it hasn't been brought up since, and the only mention of 'Real People' here makes it seem like they are confident it'll keep running since they are planning more articles for it.
Number13teen chapter 99 . 5/21/2015
Ah, the To Live speeches were cool. Reminded me of Devil Survivor 2 although I only watched the anime. This chapter was well done.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 99 . 5/19/2015
And so, the final final final battle finally begins.

Things keep getting more and more horrifying. Two worlds colliding and ceasing to exist, along with all the other chaos going on. This certainly feels climactic.

'Ate Her Box'? That sounds incredibly dirty.

When Amara starts running to Zao, it says "Finally, she starting running". That should be 'started'.

Span around? That doesn't sound right (I'd say spun around), but I think that is a regional thing.

Using those quotes that have been in the Movelist Extra Chapter forever? Well that's cool. But I'm going to be that guy and point out that you changed Richard's, Roger's, Tara's, Matthew's, Karl's, and Zao's. There's nothing wrong with the new ones, but it defeats the purpose of setting them up if they are changed.

A bit nit-picky, but you don't pronounce the letter 'h' in Ethan as an individual letter. So, when Ethan here's the others calling his name, he should probably hear either '...than' or ''.

Killing thousands of shadows with the power of friendship? Yep, seems like Persona. Also a cool scene.

God, Janus had to say tenacious. Now I want to listen to Tenacious D. Actually not a bad band for a climax.

And so the Eternal Road finally arrives. And it is great!

Great final battle. Kind of sad to see this end, even if there is one chapter left.
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