Reviews for Persona: Duality
Number13teen chapter 99 . 5/21
Ah, the To Live speeches were cool. Reminded me of Devil Survivor 2 although I only watched the anime. This chapter was well done.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 99 . 5/19
And so, the final final final battle finally begins.

Things keep getting more and more horrifying. Two worlds colliding and ceasing to exist, along with all the other chaos going on. This certainly feels climactic.

'Ate Her Box'? That sounds incredibly dirty.

When Amara starts running to Zao, it says "Finally, she starting running". That should be 'started'.

Span around? That doesn't sound right (I'd say spun around), but I think that is a regional thing.

Using those quotes that have been in the Movelist Extra Chapter forever? Well that's cool. But I'm going to be that guy and point out that you changed Richard's, Roger's, Tara's, Matthew's, Karl's, and Zao's. There's nothing wrong with the new ones, but it defeats the purpose of setting them up if they are changed.

A bit nit-picky, but you don't pronounce the letter 'h' in Ethan as an individual letter. So, when Ethan here's the others calling his name, he should probably hear either '...than' or ''.

Killing thousands of shadows with the power of friendship? Yep, seems like Persona. Also a cool scene.

God, Janus had to say tenacious. Now I want to listen to Tenacious D. Actually not a bad band for a climax.

And so the Eternal Road finally arrives. And it is great!

Great final battle. Kind of sad to see this end, even if there is one chapter left.
Guest chapter 99 . 5/19
if you do a bonus segment theres a god called omoteotl [smt based] that calls itself lord of duality, it could be a secret boss or persona that boss uses
Anonymous chapter 99 . 5/19
Bet Nyarlahotep's throwing one hell of a tantrum right now.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 98 . 5/14
'I'm not that evil'? Lies, I read chapter 75.

When Adam is having his freak-out, he says "a purple tornado of some time" instead of "a purple tornado of some kind" (Assuming 'of some time' isn't a phrase I'm unfamiliar with and he's saying 'It's been a purple tornado for a while'; on a more nit-picky side-note, vortex probably fits better than tornado since tornado has a connotation of wind).

Weird the attacks are named after benevolent deities, I'm assuming that is to represent the fact that Janus thinks it's doing the right thing.

I'm also assuming it's just because of evolving and not fully-planned out symbolism and plot threads, but the Roman Janus stands out oddly among all of the Persian symbolism.

I kind of like how you stopped referring to the Other World's version of the main four as Other Amara, Other Serena, Other Blaine, and Other Nathan. Helps show the unity of the two worlds. Although it does make things a bit confusing when it goes from Amara's group to Amara's group.

Was the name of the third seal said? I don't remember it being said, but I might have just looked over it.

Wait, what's with all the bold when Janus used Eternity ~ Erasure? For most of the chapter, it's used to show Janus speaking or powerful attacks, but there is a big section just in bold.

Since the 's' is part of their name, I don't think Janus' is correct. The same way you would use Dennis's and not Dennis'. I think using an apostrophe right after an s is for plurals that end in an s. An object belonging to dogs that belong to James is James's dogs' thing, for example.

After Last Elixir is used, it says that "It broke upon," and is missing a word.

Of course it wasn't the last fight, there are two chapters left and you can only do so much for an epilogue. And anyone constantly googling the symbolism could've called it being Ahura Mazda coming from a mile away. Still, at least it makes sense.

Ahura Mazda says that 'Apologies wound ring hollow' instead of would.

The a bit predictable once the doors started dying. It also felt a bit like a rehash of the final Ater Vox battles. At least next chapter we finally get an Everyone against one giant, godly monstrosity fight.
Number13teen chapter 97 . 4/14
This was a cool, nice and long chapter. Impressive. Even during the final battle, Persona Users still have time to engage in witty banter.
I've been playing Devil Survivor Overclocked and there are some moments where I wish I could've ended an enemies life because they tend to come back to bite me back in a later battle. Oh no you destroyed my comp, let's get another!
I'm not a big fan of SMT x FE. It could've been so much more, but judging from the trailer it looked something I'd overlook.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 97 . 4/13
And so Janus pulls a "This isn't even my final form"...again. At least they're a nice, patient sociopath and allows his enemies to get ready to kill him.

Well thanks for sending me back to Google so I know what these names mean. Although, from my quick research, it seems that Spentra Armaita should be Spenta Armaiti.

"Yeah! Magic, bitch!" That is an amazing line. Just amazing.

And an angel flipping someone the bird, that's pretty funny too. Have I mentioned how much I love the Holy Cross? They are great characters in both worlds and both have a good team mechanic with themselves and the others.

"Sammy-recarmed"? By this point, I think Blaine may be purposefully not learning these names.

I never noticed that they never brought up Matthew's fate to Other Matthew. Not sure why they thought they could hide something from a detective, but it's understandable why they hid it.

Well that is an amazing fight so far. Lots going on without being impossible to keep track of. Part of me can't wait to see how this ends, part of me is sad that this is almost over.
Guest chapter 97 . 4/12
this is getting exciting, wonder what Janus's final form will be?
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 96 . 4/1
Not even a week and there is already a new chapter. And the start of the last arc. Nice.

Different opening with it being a scene instead of...musings of Philemon? I think the other arcs started with Philemon narrating. Actually made me think you didn't put in the usual beginning of chapter things like the name and location because it was so different.

Interesting interactions between Nihane and Ethan.

Cool to see how powerful the team has become, taking down shadows like it's absolutely nothing.

When the original Nihane is chewing out Jahan, Nathan says that "Parents need to discipline their parents". Of course a parent should always keep the grandparent from going overboard in spoiling a child, but I don't think that's what you meant.

After Nihane used Shimmering Wasteland, I think you referred to Nihane as a 'she' in the description of the attack.

As always, Richard is funny.

And an amazing end to a great battle. Well, there are still four chapters left, so I doubt it is the end to the battle overall. But still a great end to this part of the battle.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 95 . 3/30
I think you missed a word in the second paragraph. It says "But Karl that all of this were from memories of people who had passed away..." I also think that should be 'was' not 'were'.

When Karl is reminiscing, he says that Zao "kept slashing them in the sea." That seems rather more violent than I think you meant.

There's never a bad time to quote Ghost Busters. It's like Men In Black, The Princess Bride, or Monty Python.

On a side-note, you're Scottish, right? Didn't you guys just legalize gay marriage earlier this year? I'm not gay myself, but it is nice to see acceptance spreading. Moving back to the story...

Void Sniper? Sounds like something from Kingdom Hearts.

A bit more nitpicky goodness. The first Call of Duty came out in 2003. Although any replacement would need the joke to change.

Oh Richard, referencing video games that probably don't even exist in your universe.

At first, I forgot prioritise was a word and thought Roger was using an attack. Probably because I'm American, so I would spell it as prioritize.

No matter which universe, Richard is funny.

Arsene Lupin novels? P5 reference? I mean, obviously Arsene Lupin is already a thing, but still seems like a P5 reference.

During the flashback sequence, there is another missing word. It says "It doesn't where we go" instead of "It doesn't matter where we go".

Hey, title drop! At least, it was before you changed the title of the chapter.

And at long last, all the Ater Vox have been silenced.

I doubt Amara is actually dead, since she is the main character. But I'm not sure about Ethan.
Kanjilearner1988 chapter 95 . 3/27
Shouldn't it be "Adieu?" "Au revoir" doesn't sound as final.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 94 . 3/13
Hey look, I'm reviewing a chapter the day it's posted and not four months later. So it's Carlos's turn.

"Clairdol is as peaceful - and boring - as you can get." Wasn't there a baby snatching there earlier that year? Yeah, real peaceful.

You know, Septentrione is a weird name knowing it means seven oxen.

The characters are witty and fun to read. The fights are still good. Poor Shirley, can't do a thing. Well, barely anything. Oh god, Matador's Capote. I've never even played Nocturne and I find that intimidating.

Another dimension? What do you think this is, muffin man (Hey, that gag's back!)? Shin Megami Tensei if...?
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 93 . 3/9
Finally caught up. Things are almost done. What, three chapters left? Four if you did a prologue, but that could probably just be at the end of chapter 96.

Obviously the killer was Professor Plum in the Library with the Candlestick.

So, the Milliardo Pale is a Gundam reference? Looking up Milliardo only got Gundam things, although I'm not sure what is up with the pale part.

"Aquadyne is the best I have." Really, third-level magic equivalent to what some of your allies are throwing out in their main element is just 'the best you have'. Maybe if she was stuck throwing out Aques that would actually mean something. I mean, she isn't throwing around specialized Water moves like the Serenas, but Aquadyne still isn't a weak spell.

After the Mummy used Mamudoon, why does it say alas when only Other Amara was knocked out? Alas means something bad happened, but only one person being knocked out-and it not even being the healer who was weak to Dark-sounds like a good bit of luck.

The fight was still good, but it did feel like a copy of the last two fights. Long section of combat, what seems like a fatal blow to the heroes, loved one in main universe getting their full memories, no one actually died and both versions of main character combine powers to defeat Ater Vox. They're still good, but the formulaic nature of these fights makes them a bit boring to read. I guess it'll be interesting to see which pairs do the team-up move in the next two chapters since those teams don't have two of the same people.

Who said life was fair, Tara? Life isn't fair, it's just fairer than death, that's all. Sorry, couldn't pass up the Princess Bride reference.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 92 . 3/9
And so it's Serena's chapter. Hey, this kind of mirrors the start of the series. The story starts off with Amara. Once she gets to the Other World, the first person she meets is Nathan. Then they find Serena, and Blaine joins a bit later. And now the final fights go Blaine, Serena, Nathan, Amara (Okay, her fight started earlier, but it will probably end last). Probably coincidental, or the Pierre and Carlos fights would've been done first and second so they didn't break the flow.

Jeeze, Map Apps are never useful. They can scan and make a map of an area as you walk around, even if the area is a warped area of space. But as soon as things get mysterious 'Mapping Function Unavailable' or whatever they say. Seriously, how can the map show me the layout of Lilith's dungeon but not a generic one? Sorry, SMT IV annoyances. Moving on...

When Other Serena was yelling for Nina, Kazuya covered his hairs instead of his ears. Must have big hands to cover them all.

The attack Veritas Von Liberatit seems to be a misspelling of Veritas vos Liberabit. It may be some sort of word play, but I can't figure out what it would mean.

After Kyle is knocked over by Avalanche, it says he isn't about to love his only means of maneuvering instead of lose.

Too bad Kazuya and Serena haven't talked more, those jokes were definitely so bad they were funny.

God, I already compared the memories coming to the main universe to a psychological horror, but the more it happens the creepier it gets. I'm assuming it is only alternate versions of Persona users who are getting full memories, but as Kyle remembering his mom's death shows, that's already terrible. But if everyone in New Motus City (Or outside of it, but who would've been trapped in the other universe) suddenly got memories of the other world...people who were driven to depression and suicide, people driven to desperation and murder, those who saw their loved ones die, or who died themselves all suddenly getting these memories. Horrifying.

The fight was good. But that is a bit of a given and I don't have much else to say.

I just got the symbolism of the team fighting Janus. Janus is a two-part being where neither part feels like it has a place, so it is going to destroy everything else. The team come from two universes and are finding their places in both, so they work to save the world.

And more flashbacks for more sadness.
CurioOfTheHeart chapter 91 . 3/8
So the chapter theme naming for the last few chapters is different words for goodbye? Fitting.

The Cathedral of Shadows? Fitting name (Maybe even a bit on-the-nose) and a reference to the main SMT games, nice.

The Ater Vox have pierce? Now that's just nasty.

Jahan, huh? To Google! "Jahan (Persian: جهان ) is a Persian word meaning "world" or "universe". It is used as first name or surname in the Middle East and South Asia." Well that sounds meaningful.

Nice little touch with Amara starting to call Sophie Seraphina. More realistic than an instant change-over without any mix-up.

So that is the nature of the Trauma Shadows and what Kinsmen meant. And, based on the stress of the word World, Janus seems to represent the reversed World arcana.

Silly Alistair, of course a Shadow can have a Persona. I mean, just look at Teddie (And since he has Death in him, I guess Minato counts a bit). But yeah, that was surprising. Really, everything in the scene with the Mummy is surprising.

It took me a moment to figure out why it looked wrong, but I noticed that you made a small screw-up in Amara's last thought in the mummy's first scene. She mentions her loved ones that died and goes 'Mother, Father, Rudo, Zao'. Rudo is her dad, so that should say Tomas there.

The fight against Archibald was also really cool. I actually already knew what Jarngreipr was...I didn't know what Megingjord was, but that became obvious after he used Jarngreipr. I'll admit to having to google Vingthor, though.

And so the floodgates between the worlds are opening. It was inevitable, but it is still a bit creepy. Memories that both are yours and aren't yours just coming into your head? Sounds like something from a psychological thriller.

So that's the story behind Archibald and Nina, soul time travel. So the other world is the original timeline, and the main universe is the altered one? Probably way more complicated then that, though.

'These motorcyclist guys got killed in an accident way back'. Is that a reference to the suggested backstory given to the Rider and Stallion in the Extra Materials? If so, good job tying everything together.

Ah memories. The sources of teajerkers, heartwarming moments, and humor. And these do all of those. It is a bit nitpicky, but the SNES didn't come out until 1990 (1992 in the UK and Europe). In 1988, Blaine would be getting a normal NES.
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