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Guest chapter 15 . 3/13
I don't like Vin diesel
thecharles101 chapter 29 . 1/20
First off, this story plot is really great and I really enjoy imagining this world you've created. Unfortunately, the grammar, spelling mistakes, misused words, and above all, the verbs jumping from simple past tense to present future tense to future continuous within a single paragraph is driving me insane. I'd genuinely love to finish this sometime as all the reviews are also highly complimentary. I strongly advise that you get a beta reader or put your paragraphs through a proof reader for future reference in order to craft an easier to read story. It's such a waste that simple grammatical and spelling mistakes are detracting and distracting from the plot.
Vsewell chapter 50 . 1/6
This was such a good story! I'm so happy and sad at the same time you finished it. This was definitely a emotional roller coaster! I loved reading it unfinished the first time and now to have an ending to this amazing fix is fantastic. You did so well on this. I'd love to read an epilogue and figure out what happened with everyone else!
Moniq chapter 50 . 12/29/2017
Soooo good! Please do outtakes!
cecilia4059 chapter 49 . 12/2/2017
I’m so sad...
haylee21 chapter 50 . 11/21/2017
please please more...thank you for finishing...I've reread this unfinished a hundreds finally have an ending...thank you
Debbie Hicks chapter 50 . 11/19/2017
Chapter 50.
suddenly Pssed out then Sakal reported the implantion of both races's b eware you jouse m ated but imprinted Bene Gesserit sister you are train in the code then was with Childgrac ed them with child from the then with b est friends With the three then withus three with seed then Destroyed without mercy then news of my strange alien pregnancy was bound tom y Duke was a Lady to the house of Cullen but was Bene Gesserit then Snapped freely then it was too late to stop it then had Cracked with them but with them suddenly we report a Bene Gessirt sister b roke law an d is with seed from them but Died here of true Venom death but something weider had chan ged into her body changed it they had children were born different then Irina was afraid tried to hide you reported on these alien children Guards rid of them with her Executed then screams of them but suddenly was murdered then Esme helped me then too late had a Daughter from genetic breeding to a Vampire had his looks and m y eyes then Chained tHEN LOST Her as well made me promise then Exploded with us/them the child both aged too fastest with her own with their destroyed thenwith us/them Executed bring them fred from here then suddenly reported they hold her who sired him a female illegally so they are eight then killed from herem yself felt it a strangest force of the change then Screaming from it was venomous then suddenly Esme his widow crossed over made me Reverend Mother by forceb y law she was too oldest but ancient with them shattered then m yself felt it Other Memory began to swirl then Merged myself squeezing eyes of blood with han ds and nose thenbegan to alter it but suddenly Changed it then suddenly then myself birthed him a daughter with her mind adult then puked it out then a strange alien chan ge voices a lot then Blared open m y CGI Blue within blue eyes She changed it Bella Reverend Mother Esme Cullen gave up her life now I Am a Reverend Mother daughter you will listen I Will train you where am I She is my daughter what is happening to you with them your eyes it's Com Generated Blue within blue Alice had a vision your eyes scerla pupil an d whiole isrieea turned Blue I Adapt it is called the Spice Agony we both share other memory Am I Fremen yes then now Fremen lessons and training but m yself used the weirding way then it really happened myself were faster strong more agile holding a Cryiknife was a native of Arrakis was a Fremen Reverend Mother trained women and men and children from the Movie playing a thumper blaring intoning these words I Will not fear fear is the mind killer I Will face my fear there is a little death premits me let it pass through me and through m e only I Remain oh my god she is Bene Gesserit Fremen Reverend Motherby law you are young really it had expanded your mind extended your longevity Emmett yes Yeow it's me used the Voice on him Bella you look different your Eyes are Blue within blue so us then at night Snapped freely now they reported of nwest breed of chilrenborn differently they were hybrids they were furious of my act had a preborn daughter Mother yes child where gran dfather and grandmother she is lost daughter myself wor a Veil to hide my hair with Black aba rbes was rom DUNE 1984 Donated to us then it really happened aged fast so he with themimprinted by Shifters herself sired had eight children from herself so they that a history trained Maggie as Sister Bella yes can I Call your reverence my lady As your truthsayer my job to guide you Mother Supierior that myself was a true on e then now a new age came for us train ed ourselves for the upcoming battle Alice they know who you are are not human you n ever had kids then Asleep crunched freely then with great-grandchildren and as all now shattered frely then b rought here reported they hold as all then atomized from here now unable tobear more children then myself was older by it so they then crunched freely crashed forth thenno longer alive then stopped mating broughtherte then Blazed came guards reported they had as all of dscendants then they nuked from here with the v ery all now more with bothof them suddenly Cursed them forever more then Young/youth topok their place reported they expanded from help are no longer alive blown from her crime of more than as alown freely bring them now too late the bodies nuked as all of them suddenly all chain ed these on es are accused of treason and witchcraft an d murder find you guiltyall of you are sentenced to die GUARDS Rid of them then too late then too late the very all of them Illed then too late the newest but more powerful guards Exploded their young/youth were adult now with Blood red eyes and m ore paler skins now were Nuked then their kids reign supreme then lost everything then never aged we will find them but they blown into space warped to Vulcan had them destroyed the guards are here we killed them they are dead with as allmore as all now rid of them then stranded from here never had more kids adapted this diet then lost from here then then it really happened never reproduced then that was it news of us/them went native officially now it was full time.
MrsB chapter 50 . 11/16/2017
I'm so sad that your story has come to an end.
It has made me laugh, cry and feel so many emotions! Thank you so very much for writing this! I would love more!
NY.PattinsonLover chapter 50 . 11/14/2017
Wow I just binged-read this in one day! I love the mythical creature elements as well as the unique personalities/actions that edward and bella have/take in this story. Never read a witch-vampire love story before so this definitely piqued my interest! Great work, can't wait to read the epilogue :)
ChristianMom54 chapter 50 . 11/14/2017
I normally only read vamp and wolf. I tried this and am so happy I did. It was amazing. Well thought out and put together. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. A two part epilogue would be perfect to get everything all tidy up.
dlajmc chapter 50 . 11/3/2017
Very good story but yes it does need an epilogue or more to wrap up questions
Ren1983 chapter 50 . 11/3/2017
Awesome story! I'd love to see an epilogue for it
venure chapter 1 . 11/2/2017
Nina05 chapter 50 . 10/25/2017
this story is so good, I'm in love with your story jeje
if you really want to know my opinion, you have to make a sequel of this amazing thing!
but, yeah an epilogue or an outtake don't hurt either
great story and I cried in a few chapters
Rowanita chapter 50 . 10/18/2017
Epilogue! Epilogue! Epilogue!
Outtakes! Outtakes! Outtakes!

I am going to miss watching for alerts for this story but I gotta admit, one of my favorites!
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