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A Sirius Individual chapter 50 . 11h
Interest! There is much interest in an epilogue over here! Like... yeah, please always have this story posted. This might be the 3rd time I've read you story and I'm already anticipating a 4th go around.

Much love and definite interest,
Ohiosweetheart chapter 50 . 9/18
I loved it sooo much..this could be a book..i would buy it..please write a pt.2 i have so many unanswered questions lol
imastar511 chapter 50 . 9/17
Loved it. Would love an epilogue. I want to know what happened to Marcus's familiar and whether or not jasper caught Alice. Also if aro was captured and who was the girl that could see Bella's bubble during the battle
ohiowriter chapter 50 . 9/15
I reread everything up to your most recent updates. I had given up hope on this fic. I thought something had happened to you. I really did enjoy reading this again. I had forgotten a lot of it...I read so much I can only remember certain pieces. I did notice that you have a habit of combining verb tenses or even splicing them.

If I remember correctly you wrote, "Alice had knew to rescue." It is had known or just knew. Other than that congratulations on completing a wonderful story that held me all these years (even if I couldn't remember details).

I wish you the best in all your other endevours (I have a ba in English...but have a hard time with spelling. ..go ahead laugh. I know you want to.).
Blind Wish chapter 50 . 9/14
Love it! I really hoppe you post an epilogue
ebbegirl chapter 50 . 9/14
Yes please! I need closure ️
SaveMe2017 chapter 50 . 9/14
Absolutely one of the best stories I have read on this website, and I've read many. This was written so well and is such an interesting concept. Absolutely amazing.
Be-Light-ed chapter 50 . 9/10
Of course you must post any extra chapters. Glad it's finished.
gobsessedreader chapter 50 . 9/10
I loved this story and had to reread again as I never picked it back up before the final battle. Disappointed that Carlisle died. I thought for sure the curse would be used in the battle. Where is Aro? That's a loose end. And Alec giving up so easily seems fishy. I thought it would be more different than everyone else's battles that have been written. Marcus always seems to be the wild card. I thought Jake would have betrayed the res. It makes more sense. Please write more!
Tia 13E chapter 50 . 9/10
Loved it!
hothoney111 chapter 50 . 9/8
So happy you updated! Loved it! Would love an epilogue or some outtakes! U had the prologue in Edward's voice, would the epilogue be the same? Would love to hear his thoughts!
jane chapter 50 . 9/8
Obrigada por não abandonar essa história, que é muito boa.
PuzzlePerfect9 chapter 50 . 9/7
I just found this story and really liked it. I would love an epilogue.
EVK70 chapter 50 . 9/6
Kathryn L. Malone chapter 50 . 9/5
So, I just discovered this story really and read it all at once basically and I totally LOVED it! Bella is absolutely HILARIOUS! Also, I just have to ask a couple of things even though you will probably address them in the next chapter: 1st) did Jasper catch Alice on her birthday? & 2nd) is the mage Phil that Renee dated prior to Charlie that Charlie mentioned to Isabella when they first met and Mr. Weber(who she also called Phil in this last chapter) one and the same? If so, that would explain why he helped her I suppose other than just being a nice guy. Also, just curious will we find out what happened to Mrs. Weber and does her husband and children now know that she was in on the Voltori's attempt on Isabella's life, via werewolves.
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