Reviews for The 17th: Rubber Rooms and Deadlines
Thgfan9 chapter 30 . 10/6/2012
So many things were awesome about this chapter!
Mainly the unveiling of the terrain of the arena outside of the hospital! I found the desert like setting to be quite cool.
Also when Laken found the page from the story Odysseus - was that for Chandler I presume? I think he was reading that in his reaping chapter?

Laken's death was expected yet it still shocked me. I didn't think it would come right away I thought she'd be in pain and be hurt and suffer a few days. She had a pretty horrible death between starving/dehydrating/bleeding to death , it probably would have been easier if she had have been stabbed to death. I liked the dialogue between her and her other self at the end it was quite moving and the ending line was quite touching too , quicker than falling asleep.

I really hope Flavia and Gray kill each other in a fight , like I don't know it makes sense to me like you know they both inflict fatal wounds during a fight?
Or actually I don't want either of them to get any more kills , especially Flavia. Grey because he can't handle it and has gone mad enough as it is and Flavia because well I am sick of her gloating about getting kills haha.

Also! I was right! I knew it! I was thinking the material Alec found at the feast would be some type of thing that would help survival when out of the hospital. That was really cool! And I loved how excited it made Chandler and Newt. It sucks Newt is alone now but it's also great that he made it so far for such a weak and nerdy kid. But still , I liked Chandler and their friendship was sweet even if it was awkward and geeky.
An other awesome thing? The sand dragon! That is a pretty epic mutt even if it is totally sick and twisted.

Anyway , enough from me! I really can't wait to see the final three xD I'll be happy whoever it is but I have to go along with the other non career supporters and say I'm not too fussed on District two xD haha!
Til next time! Keep up the writing :)
Stardust Terrastar chapter 25 . 10/6/2012
Update soon okay!
Thomas J. Flynn chapter 29 . 10/6/2012
Great chapter, I like seeing the inner workings of the capitol and I'm glad you brought back the capitol girl and had a tigris cameo
GeekGirl456 chapter 30 . 10/6/2012
Oh simply awesome! Delany in the top five! Never would have thought it:) I am so happy!
OH! FINAL THREE! I hope it is Newt Luis and Dee :) Haha! Sorry but the District two pair just irk me so much. With Grey I just don't get him or why people like him ... he is boring! I like Flavia more than him just because she is more interesting but I'd hate if she won.

Haha! Newt and Chandler Fangirling over the protective suit :)
And chandler's death was so unexpected! Laken's was so tragic! The talk between her and Merry was so touching.
This chapter was perfectly executed as always. I loved the premise of the Capitol choosing favorites.

Anyway , amazing chapter.
PenMagic chapter 30 . 10/6/2012
aw, this was SUCH a good chapter! I really like how you have done the chapters even though they were obviously really sad, you have written it really well!
Xylia Ren chapter 30 . 10/6/2012
I loved this chapter! I'm really hoping that Grey gets to kill Flavia, maybe after Flavia kills, like, Luis, he attacks while she is celebrating another kill. That would be pretty cool.
I still like Delany but I never really liked Luis or Newt.
I hate the fact that the Capitol chose favorites. It's going to make Newt very, very sad and probably make him feel kind of guilty, the whole survivors guilt thing.
I can't wait for more! Update soon!
sock-feet-and-stirring-sand chapter 30 . 10/6/2012
Laken! Aww nooo she was too good to go... What exactly happened to her? I mean, I know it was from the explosion but what was it?

And Chandler... Holy gosh I didn't even have time to worry about him before he was eaten. Now I feel bad because the first thing I worried about was whether he had been wearing the suit or if Newt was. D:

Well, final five! This should be very interesting, with Newt and Luis hoping to avenge their district partners' deaths and Gray struggling to realize he killed his ally.
District11-Olive chapter 30 . 10/6/2012
Chandler...he...he...he is dead :'( actually crying right now Dx Newt has lost all these younger kids, first Neon (at least they werent allies, sorta glad about that since it didnt make him sad for long or hurt his chance), then Chandler (loved this kid so much and he was just so innocent, i reall thought he might have a chance), and then Bay (who made this so freaking funny and awkwark that you couldnt help but love her). Rip Bay and Chandler, hopefully Newt wins and you didnt die for nothing! Also somewhat sad about Laken...she was interesting and while I have seen that personallity type before I liked the different take on it :)
DA Member Hogwarts chapter 30 . 10/5/2012
Good thing I can never sleep! hah , I get to be the first reviewer again XD yayay.
New poll again? You sure love polls xD.
Okay on to this chapter.
Along with the fact that you updated earlier than I expected which was awesome this chapter was great (aren't they always) a few more unexpected things happened! and more deaths! It is really becoming apparent that the end is near!
Five left now!

Ah! I understand the metal suits now , very clever!
I am liking how Gray is affected by what he did to Alex -_- so he should be! But he can not place all of the blame of Flavia.
I like how he is resolving to avenge Alex's death even if he did it - he knows it was wrong and that is good enough ... for Gray. Also it is quite sad how he is realizing he doesn't have much to go back to.

Ah! I get the title now! Poor Chandler :( The Capitol wanting to get rid of him just because he is young :/ I liked that part though because it did show how despicable the whole thing is and keeps it in my mind that this is all for the purpose of entertainment ya know.

Laken! Awh! She survives then she dies ... I knew she'd be in a bad state but ... it was sad! I knew she had to go (couldn't see her as victor) but nonetheless it was one of the deaths I am saddest about. I like her ending line , quoting a bit of Harry Potter are we? :P

And Chandler's death! You did it the way you said you'd thought about! The whole , here is what we need to do ... *dead* ... thing. A MUTANT LIZARD!? Am I the only person in the world who thinks that is awesome , eh probably!
But yes , poor Chandler :( At least it wasn't a tragic death.
And I am glad you did Newt's reaction in a typical confused awkward Newt fashion ... wouldn't be right for him to go all emotional and cry.
And I liked his thoughts about Bay and Chandler ... yes such a loss of young life.
And epic last line xD Newt is ready for action! hahaha that may not go so well!

And :( UGH! your author's note. That is terrible for Laken and Chandlers family/friends.

and I shall go vote now ... even though it may be obvious who I'll vote LMAO
Even when musics gone chapter 29 . 10/5/2012
400th reviews! congrats xD that's awesome
I liked the banter between Tarpeia and the adults , it was good humor. I loved how she showed Miss Thames up.
I like something about each tribute , well maybe not Flavia but she is good entertainment I have to say. I can not wait to see the outcome of these games.
huffleclawgirl chapter 29 . 10/4/2012
Definitely one of my favorites chapters solely for the character development of the tributes due to the true unveiling of their life's back home and their backgrounds.
I am definitely rooting for either Laken , Delany or Luis but I've a feeling Laken may be hurt :( I love Newt and Chandler too , agh! It's too hard.
no matter what happens it will be tragic because you've successfully gotten me attached to the characters and you have truly portrayed the message so strongly of how wrong these Games are - it almost feels real to me because of this story.
LexisZ-10 chapter 29 . 10/4/2012
A very unique take on the final interviews! I kind of wish now more than ever Karlie had been around just to see how you did hers and how the Capitol citizens reacted to her xD
Well anyway I enjoyed this a lot and can't wait for more as always!
GeekGirl456 chapter 29 . 10/4/2012
I loved them!
By the way! It's me , Delany's creator here , I changed my pen name a few days back:)

I have to agree I love how you used Tarpeia and I like how you used Tigres too and the other Capitol people , it give a new perspective on the tributes and that was cool.

I can't help agree with Myrtle falls that Chandler , Flavia and Gray are the three I don't root towards at all. Of course I have to like Delany because she is mine and then Laken is so interesting and mysterious , Newt is funny and easy to relate to and I can't help feeling bad for Luis and wanting him to prove people wrong.
I do like Chandler but compared to the others he doesn't stand out so much. Maybe I am biased as I never like district two tributes but Gray isn't memorable at all to me and Flavia is too scary.

Anyway it broke my heart when you had Barley speak out in the interview :( And I love the way you have portrayed Dee's friends every time and Lydia and Barely too. I felt so sad at the end when Delany's mom was crying because it just reminds you of the people left behind when a tribute dies.

And I also agree that I didn't realise how messed up Laken's and Luis's lives were and it makes me want them to win because it would be good for something good to happen to them.

Anyway I just love how you wrote the interviews and it was definitely not a problem being away from the games for one chapter because this was worth it :)
MyrtleFalls chapter 29 . 10/4/2012
Haha, told ya! I knew that you wouldn't've gone through that entire dramatic, "Where's Laken?" just to drop the bombshell, "Oh, she's dead. GOTCHA!"

I really did like the dramatic way that you did the interviews, through the Capitolian's eyes. I'm pretty sure you got your stats for tribute popularity from your poll, though!

Tarepia was right, Gray just sort of fades into the background. The only time he's really made an appearance is with his killing Alex, but other than that he's pretty monotone.

I have no idea who to root for! I love Laken, but Delany's just so normal that I have to support her, and then Luis is so sad, and Newt is funny...Chandler, Gray, and Flavia are the ones that I don't really care for, Flavia's evil and then the other two have no character development whatsoever. They're flat. You don't know anything about them, and even Gray who had his one moment was totally out of the blue and completely random, opposing his previous characteristics completely. Totally OOC.

Nice touch throwing Tigris in there, by the way. It makes you remember that this Game is pre-Rebellion, not post-Rebellion like most HG SYOTs.

Poor Luis and Laken...I didn't really realize how messed up their families were until I saw the interviews...*sniff*

And then there's the entire little sibling thing in Chandler's and Delany's interviews...they have no idea what's going on and it breaks my heart...*sniff*

But altogether, great job with the interviews! I loved them!

Update soon!

Foxface5 chapter 29 . 10/3/2012
An other enjoyable chapter. I like that you went back to Tarpeia she certainly is an interesting character and I like how this chapter really highlighted the Capitol view point on the Games and compared that to that of those in the districts.
These interviews were very interesting I liked Gray's , Delany's and Luis's the best , I think their backgrounds are the most interesting.
I agree that this story remains unpredictable and I've no idea what will happen next or who will win.
I can't wait to see how the arena is outside of the hospital.
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