Reviews for Networks Of Destiny
Moonlit Crossroads chapter 2 . 11/25/2012
Yay! A battle! Oh, and my OC was originally from Japan, but then moved so her english name would be Aster Silk.
Moonlit Crossroads chapter 1 . 11/25/2012
Appearance:Mid-back brown hair with purple matching jacket with silver,white, or purple shirt underneath,navy skinny jeans complete with white and black vans.
Personality:Kind,respectful,caring,and helpful
History:Parents divorced when 9 which caused her to lose twin brother,Ryuuji.
Digimon partner:Lopmon
Digimon personality:Kind,respectful,forgiving, and helpful
Digivise color:Purple or silver
BringoBongo chapter 1 . 7/14/2012
Name: Isaac Doherty

Age: 15

Appearance: Short blonde hair that looks like a bird's nest. Green eyes with a "dot" right beside. Tends to wear a black shirt with the words "Laziness is awesome" on it,a white hooded jacket and jeans.

Personality: Is very reckless. Often gets himself into bad situations and nearly gets himself killed way too frequently. However he can occasionally make responsible decisions. Can be a very lazy but is relatively smart. Hates being mocked for Irish accent. He is very loyal to his friends. He has a crush on Kari.

Background: Isaac lived in Ireland for most of his life before his parents got divorced and his mother moved to Odaiba. He was initially upset about the move but one day met Kari Kamiya and was smitten. He went on to meet the rest of her friends, and stumbled upon Gatomon by accident. He and Tai quickly became friends, while Davis disliked Isaac instantly. He also spent a lot of his time with Izzy.

At the age of 14, Isaac was sucked into the Digital world. He and Okamimon quickly found companions and for a while, merely travelled the Digital World. But when Belfast was invaded by digimon, Isaac rushed to the save the innocents, including his father. He had an audience with the Soveriegns, who gave him his crest of met up with Tai and Kari in the digital world and proceeded to rush towards the nearest digi-port.

Luck was not on Isaac's side, as a strong digimon attacked the group. Isaac held it off as long as he could while the others got away. The digimon defeated Okamimon's ultimate form and almost killed Isaac before chasing his friends. He was rescued by Azulongmon, and was told that his time to sacrifice himself was not yet upon him.

He gathered digidestined throughout the world, while his friends fought a losing battle in Belfast. With his newly formed army, Isaac came to save the day. Even with the army he'd formed, he still had trouble defeating the leader of the invading digimon. In fact it was actually Kari who defeated it.

Now Isaac is constantly on the move, doing his best to save as many innocents as he can from evil digimon.

Digimon partner: Fresh:

In Training: Lýkosmon: A small wolf pup. It's fur is white as snow. A small fang sticks out of it's mouth at all times.

Rookie : Okamimon: a White wolf with crimson markings on it and A fiery shield attached to it's back. It can throw the shield at it's enemies and if it jumps and twirls, a paintbrush appears in it's mouth. With this it can use it's "Celestial" powers to cut an enemy from before.

Champion : Vulkmon : A White wolf with crimson markings on it, a tail shaped like a calligraphy brush and a string of magatama beads around it's neck. It's the size of a Garurumon. It can whip the magatama beads like a long chain and if it jumps and twirls, a paintbrush appears in it's mouth. With this it can use it's "Celestial" powers to create a single round bomb with a burning fuse. The bomb's blast is small but still large enough to damage more than too much of the surronding area.

Ultimate : Lupusmon : A white wolf with more pronounced crimsom markings, a tail shaped like a calligraphy brush and a large sword slung across it's back. It spins as it swings the sword and if it jumps and twirls, a paintbrush appears in it's mouth. With this it can use it's "Celestial" powers to summon electricity and/or a blizzard to attack it's enemies.

Mega : Airitechmon : A Knight with armour white as snow. It's cuirass and gauntlets are adorned with crimson markings. It's helm is shaped like a wolf's head and red eyes are all that can be seen of the knight's face. It wields a two handed longsword and has a shield similar to Okamimon's strapped to it's back. It still retains the ability to summon the paintbrush from it's other forms. With this it can create wolves made of ink to help it fight. It can also summon electricity and/or a blizzard to attack it's enemies. This form can only be achieved when Isaac and Okamimon merge together.

Digimon personality: Okamimon is hotheaded and she often argues with Isaac. They are despite this, close friends and she is very protective of him. She is very talkative and almost always keeps things cheerfully. She is however, very serious when it is required. When she fights, she becomes savage and Isaac is often concerned she'll attack a friend. Despite how she seems in a fight, she can control herself and find tactical if she is being beaten.

Romance: Sure, but it'll have to be a girl who doesn't need to be doted on.
silverdragon1928 chapter 1 . 6/11/2012
Name: Liam Simmons

Nickname: Li

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance and Clothes: long golden blonde hair, pale blue eyes, lean yet muscular ;white tee-shirt with a black tribal dragon on the front, black jeans and a long black coat

Personality: always calm and collected but always ready to fight (seems to always know more then he lets on)

History: was one of the kids who was given a digimon after Malomyotismon's defeat. he frought with the other Digidestined until the death then he seemed to vanish only to be seen watching the battles unfold. [he also is attempting to gather an army to force the Omega Empire in to combat on two fronts. (if you dont like the second part feel free to cut it)]

Digi-Vice Colour: blue and silver

crest (if you use them): crest of unity (looks like a trinity knot)

Awakened when digimon and tamer are one

Digimon Partner: veemon

Fresh: Chibomon

Bubble Blow: Fires bubbles from his mouth

In-Training: DemiVeemon

Pop Attack: A full body tackle

Rookie: Veemon

Vee-Headbutt: Charges and head-butts the opponent with tremendous force

Vee-blast: launches a ball of energy at a target

Champion: ExVeemon

Vee-Laser: Fires a laser from the X on his chest/stomach.

Energy blast: fires a blast of energy from its mouth

Vee-Punch: Punches the enemy.

Vee-Kick: Kicks the enemy

Ultimate: KnightExVeemon

Looks like Imperialdramon Paladin Mode buts its armor is blue instead of white and silver instead of gold

Tri blade slash: the three blades on each armguard glow with energy before extending to three times the size

Homing laser: fires laser out of the dragons eyes on it chest

Mega: EmperorVeemon

Looks like UlforceVeedramon

Shining V Force: fires a beam from the "V"-shaped armor on its chest.

Crowns Saber: Attacks using the saber that extends from his right V-Bracelet.

Impact Shield: Releases aura from his left V-Bracelet which becomes a barrier.

Dragon Impulse: Covers self in the aura of a dragon and launches it at the enemy

Ultimate: HolyEmperorVeemon

Looks like Gallantmon Crimson Mode but with blue armour

Heavens blade: slashes at the enemy with a glowing sword

Emperor's palm: fires a blast energy from his hand

Word of the emperor: has two different uses 1. Launches a shock wave in all direction

2. Creates a powerful shield

Partner's Personality:

Hastie and aggressive but is also very knowledgeable about the digital world
pokemon fan 1991 chapter 2 . 6/5/2012
This awesome
Kassadar-Emperor of Mankind chapter 2 . 6/5/2012
Yeah! Things are looking good! Let's see where this goes, eh?
An Anon Fellow chapter 2 . 6/5/2012
Barely started and things are already looking intense. Leya and Murphy really seem to have something against each other the way they're fighting.
Kassadar-Emperor of Mankind chapter 1 . 6/3/2012
I'll give this a shot.

Name: Narashino "The Demon King" Oda

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Apperince: Black three peice suit with a blood red tie, black fadora. His hair is blacl and sticks up around his fadora, s small, pointy beard and stace. He has electric blue eyes and tan skin. Although he appers to be normal, he has more muscle then seen. Commonly has his coat on his shoulders, and with a rapier on his belt.

Personality: Narashino is, with out a dout in most anyone's mind, the "Demon King". He cares little for the suffering of others because as a kid no one cared about his suffering. Narashino also happens to be a feirce femcer and is able to beat anyone with it. Few have seen his nicer side and it's said that he is incapible of smileing. Most people will call him "The Demon King", "The Prince of Darkness", "Hell's Lord", etc.

History: Narashino rarely brings up the past, but for the bio sake... Narashino was never really loved by his parents, favoring his younger sister. He ran off around the time of the MaloMyodismon incadent. Liveing on his own, he was taken in by a man of great ambition and taught him that humans are evil and they must be lead by one person. He decided to take up hold in an abandoned Apartmwnt complex, getting water from the unclosed pipelines. He returned to school a monster. Those who asked what happened were shuned and he even lashed at his old parents. When the coucialers asked he said "The boy you all knew is dead, I, however, am bornnfrom the ashes of his weakness. Many then started to call him a demin after he broke the school bully's arms, legs, and rib cage in under 30 minutes. He then staryed a bussiness of "ensureing justoce" both in his school and out side it. Basicly, he became an inter city hitman, hence how he got his suit.

Partner: Kotemon

Partner Personality: Kotemon, much like his partner, is a steel willed warrior. He refuses to give up without a fight. He tends to use Art of War quotes in battle.


Kotemon (Rookie)

Musyamon (Champion)

Asuramon (Ultimate)

Zanbamon (Mega)

Romance: Maybe.

Team: His own, but if beaten he'll join one.
Gallantmon7196 chapter 1 . 6/2/2012
Name: Draco Price

Age: 15

Appearance: tall, lanky, blue eyes, brown hair, wears wire rim glasses (not nerdy kind), red t shirt, black shorts, grey sneakers, crimson bandana to cover mouth from sand, debris etc.

Personality: not friendly but can be helpful at times, warning; do not want to make angry in any way he will lose it

Background: need to pm me

Partner: Guilmon X, normal digivolutions except with X-antibody, also turns into Megidramon instead of Gallantmon

His personality: same as In Tamers anime

Teams: is on neither side but will help anybody in a way that can benefit him, is hated by both sides, never gives away info about either side to its enemy

Romance: none

A/N: Pm me for info on back story and if you want me to change anything about him. Really like the concept of the story. Also Megidramon is controllable by Draco and doesn't normally go completely ballistic, unless his partner is extremely hurt.
DoTheBartMan chapter 1 . 6/1/2012
Name: Kyle Summers

age: 16

Appearance: Medium spiked Blonde hair with a large Spike at the front hanging over his left eye. pale skinned, Green eyes and athletic build. He wears a sleeveless black hoodie, Black denim pants, white Trainers and White belt, he wears tinted sun glasses when its sunny or when there's dust blowing in his face.

Personality: he is Sarcastic, Smart, Funny and a flirt. he also gives people Nicknames as either an insult or as a compliment. he is also an avid gamer that rarely loses.

Background: he was adopted by a rich man looking for a heir, he spends his time with private tutors and trainers during the week and flirting with girls on the weekends. he never knew his Biological parents since they put him in an orphanage as a baby. he met his Digimon after he saved him from an attack.( If you need more PM me :D)

Digimon Partner: Dorumon

Digimon Personality: he is serious and always suspicious...until food (Steak, Chicken, Ham) is in his sights then hes a total pig.

Romance: Yeah Please! :D
pokemon fan 1991 chapter 1 . 6/1/2012
Name: Naru May

Age 15

Appearence: She has blond long hair in pony tails, five foot tall and very femaline. She has red eyes and a scar by her hand. She wear a blue shirt pink skirt, red googles and a badana on her hand.

Background She live in japan when mother died. Her father married another woman and she treated Naru so badly that she get a scar on hand and never told her father about because he didn't never took her side. She still love her father and keeps her mother lives in her heart. Naru step mother threats Naru on a day to day basic until she met her digimon guilmon.

Personally: Strongwill, quiet, very carring and forgiving loving friendly. Tomboy and flirty

Digmon partner: Gigimon Guilmon Growlmon WarGrowlmon Gallatomon

Personally: Happy go luck digimon that has a protective narute over Naru on how she was treated by her step mom.

Like: Guy, dog, her father, her mother. and Digimon

Dislikes: Her sept Mother

Romance: Yes. But she a tsundere to Joaquin De La Cruz if you chossen him
Red Mage chapter 1 . 6/1/2012
Name: Ziskel Faraday

Age: 17

Appearance: Ziskel has a slim muscular build and stands at around 5'3". She has slightly tan skin, blue eyes, and shoulder length black hair. Wears a shabby black trench coat, under that she wears a white shirt and black jeans. Also wears black boots and wears a pair of glasses, because she is near-sighted.

Personality: Self-proclaimed "Great Detective." Generally easy going, which usually leads his friends leading her around. Is tomboyish, curious, crafty and is very dedicated when it comes to solving puzzle, riddles or any of the sort (Though she prefers to call them 'cases') and is generally quite good at it. Is not afraid to get dirty, if you asked her to trek trough a swamp she wouldn't need to be told twice. She also has a bit of a sarcastic side that she usually keeps to herself. However, she can be sensitive and quite rash some times, and hates being incorrect.

Background/ back story/ member of a team?: Ziskel was born in the U.S. and spent her early life there. She idolized her father, Norman Faraday who was a skilled detective, and wishes to follow in his footsteps. However, during the 'Digital Disaster' her father vanished, and to this day is searching for him.

Digimon partner: Xiaomon (In-Training)

Labramon (Rookie)

Dobermon (Champion)

Cerberumon (Ultimate)

Anubismon (Mega)

Digimon personality: Labramon is usually cheerful, hardworking, eager to please, and loyal to a fault. Labramon respects Ziskel as a partner and refers to her as 'Detective' rather than her actual name, but he isn't afraid to correct her if she is wrong.

Romance: Highly unlikely as she is not into relationships. Though even if she did get in a relationship she would never admit it as such.

Likes: Adventure, Traveling, Solving Puzzles, Martial Arts

Dislikes: Formal Wear, Wasting Food
Kitefire chapter 1 . 6/1/2012
Name:Sabrina Garnet Williams


Appearance:petite,Black hair shoulder length with a pink ribbin tied in the back,green eyes,white skin,5'6",well devloped body.

wearing a pink short sleeved t-shirt with a yellow star in the front,A short blue denim skirt, black thigh high socks,light brown short high heel boot swearing a silver necklace around her neck

Personality:Kind,Caring,Friendly,smart,shy,stands up for others if needed to,like to help others,a girlie-girl,when she see a cute digimon she can't help but hug it,Naive,more of the kind of girl who follows the rules and doesn't break them unless it's important or her friends are in trouble.

Background:Transfered to Japan when she when she was ten,she lives in a high class family with her father who is a buessniess owner of a medical company,she's in the archery club in the school and top of her class,she saw her mother murdered in front of her when she was ten and it scar her but for the sake of herself and her friends and family tries to put it behind her

Digimon partner:Waynamon-Gaomon-Gaogamon-MachGaogamon-MirageGaogamon

Digimon personality:Kind,caring,protective of Sabrina,always call her Milady or lady Sabrina as a habit she tries to stop,Serious in battle,cold to those who don't take a situation seriously,blushes when someone hugges him or calls him cute which is mostly Sabrina,worries about her

Romance:Yes,it has to be a guy who's caring and kind,but smart and tough.

Likes:Tending to her mother garden,tea and cake(Become very angry if someone interupes her),sweets,animals,stuffed animals,shooping,drawing,singing,dancing,sleeping in,getting good grades in school

Dislikes:Bitchy Girls,animal abuse,uncaring or mean parents,Bullies,getting bad grades or being late,waking up early

Extra:She in the Archery club,has a twin brother name Kai

Name:Kai Williams


Appearance:Short black spikey hair,green eyes,white skin,well built body,5'6".

Clothes:Red short sleeve t-shirt,black jeans,Black and white sneakers,Has a silver ring on his right ring finger

Personality:Caring,protective of his sister and brother,likes to show off sometimes,flirty when it comes to girls,likes to fight,,smarter then he let's on at times,lazy at trusting of other people he just met

Background:The same as Sabrina but his formal best friend tricked him and nearly forced himself on his sister,but was able to stop him in time and nearly beat him to death if it wasn't for his sister,casing him to lose his trust in other people and his anger problems

Digimon partner:DemiVeemon-Veemon-ExVeemon-Paildramon-Imperialdramon Paladin mode

Digimon personality:Curious,Likes to fight,short tempered,brain-less most of the time,Friendly,Like to flirt with the ladies like Kai,loyal,the only one beside Sabrna and Gaomon he trust


Extra:Knows hand to hand combat
cavaner chapter 1 . 6/1/2012
Name: Joaquin De La Cruz

Age: 18

Appearance: He is just a bit smaller than six foot but he is muscular and this is clear through his tightly fitting shirt. He has a fairly pale complexion and hazel brown eyes. He has neatly kept long blond hair which is swept in various directions but out of his face. Joaquin wears a tight pink buttoned shirt with rolled up beige trousers and a brown belt with a gold buckle. He also wears light and dark brown boots with black sunglasses resting safely on his head.

Personality: Joaquin is very vain and into his looks and he loves to chat and flirt with girls, but at heart he is a nice guy. This sometimes annoys other guys as it seems that Joaquin prefers to speak and surround himself with girls, but Joaquin is capable of having male friends but only when they become close. Although he is into his looks and his clothes, Joaquin is very strong-willed and is very opinionated. He also has a great sense of justice and declares that he will do whatever it takes to bring someone who deserves it, to justice. Finally, Joaquin also can’t help but protect anyone in danger, especially younger children or the odd ‘damsel in distress’, even if he might get hurt by doing so.

Background/ back story/ member of a team: Part of 'Heroes of the West'. Joaquin was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He is fluent in Spanish and English. His father runs a large restaurant chain and manages the Barcelona branch with Joaquin’s mother as the chef and Joaquin often helps as a waiter when he is home. The restaurant is well liked due to its unique Spanish cuisine and the De La Cruz family do well for themselves when it comes to money. The restaurant is called, “Cruz Foods.” He is often travelling to help the original Digidestined when they need his help, but on the chance he isn't needed, he can be found in Barcelona.

Digimon partner: (In-training) Frimon

(Rookie) Liollmon

(Champion) Liamon

(Ultimate) LoaderLeomon

(Mega) BanchoLeomon.

Digimon personality: Liollmon and Joaquin become great friends as Joaquin appreciates the Digimon and Liollmon looks up to Joaquin and thinks he is the coolest kid around. The pair often joke around and Joaquin’s flirty nature rubs off on Liollmon, except Liollmon is a lot less successful than his human friend. Liollmon shares his partner’s concerns for evil and they both passionately believe in bringing criminals to justice, so they work together with the 'Heroes of the West'.

Romance: Sure, but it will take a very strong-willed women to tie him down. He can have lots of flings if you want, because that's the sort of person he is. This may cause some controversies, but by the end he can be in a relationship if you want.

Likes: His looks, his clothes, girls. He loves art and drawing as he can express himself easily. He likes all sorts of food and enjoys sports up to a point. Thoroughly enjoys music and plays the acoustic guitar.

Dislikes: Sleeping in, as he sees it as wasting time. Getting too dirty or messing up his clothes. Hanging around with guys who either ‘cramp his style’ or argue with him.

So, I hope you like Joaquin! Let me know if you want to use him, and if you want anything about him changing.
Digilover12 chapter 1 . 6/1/2012
Name: Yuki Shido

Age: 14

Appearance: Brown hair curled and in a ponytail, sky blue eyes, pale skin, slim, white short sleeved shirt the tekst 'This is what a 10 looks like' in black, violet jacket around her waist (only when it's cold she wears it), light blue short jeans, black and red shoes, lavender fingerless gloves

Personality: a bit stuborn, sportive, cheering, brave when she has to be, she doesn't like to see people cry and comforts them, when she meets strangers, who wanna be friends, she's a quiet girl till she really get's to know him/her, peacekeeper, kind

Background: Yuki is the youngest and only girl in her family, she has 2 older brothers, twins. Her parents are divorced, but she still sees them both. Her grandfather gave her those fingerless gloves for her 9th birthday, a few weeks later he died. Yuki never takes off her gloves, because it was the last thing she had from her grandfather. Her brothers play soccer and Yuki often plays with them. She's a very creative girl and helps her mother, who is writer, with stories when she doesn't know anything. She get's the stories of what happened when she was 7, because that's the time she met a digimon, Dorumon. He was a servant of Myotismon, but became friends with Yuki and turned to the good side. On her 12th Yuki plays baseball, kendo and cheerleading, but she stopped cheeleading on her 13th.

Digimon partner: Dorimon-Dorumon-Dorugamon-DoruGreymon-Dorugoramon

Digimon personality: as Dorimon and Dorumon she's very playful, but also very intelligent and protective. She hates it when others say she's the digimon who was with Myotismon.

Romance: Don't know.

Extra: Name's of her family (you might wanna use them) Mother: Yurima, Father: Shidou, Twin brothers (both 18): Kazemu (oldest) and Karatsu (youngest)