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DMLG Softy chapter 32 . 2/27/2017
Dearest Author. I read all your stories beforw, but since the beginning of last week, I Re-read them all! Yeah, it was non-stop reading! Which is absolutely Love! I might have mentioned it before, probably left reviews when is was not "registered" yet, BUT you really are a fantastic writer! You just KNOW . . , Chosing a favourite story from you would be like chosing which of my kids I love more! It's impossible! I am not sure if RL allows you to, but I am wishing upon each star in the nightsky that you are writing a story again! Hugs!
DM Super Fan SA chapter 32 . 9/12/2016
Loved your story ! ! ! Yes, I guess we all wanted to know what happened to Louisa in London and this is a GREAT version! Keep writing DM and LG stories ! I will Forever read tem non stop!
bee.zippy chapter 32 . 3/17/2015
Very enjoyable, and I love your ending. You have a gift for seeing into the emotions and thoughts of these characters and putting them on the page. Well done as always.
Sue Sassy Sue chapter 32 . 1/24/2014
Well done! I enjoyed the characters you brought in to enrich this story of Louisa and Martin and how you searched out and recorded the infrequent but sweet and tender moments between them. Yhank you.
D Charles chapter 32 . 7/10/2013
Wouldn't it be lovely if the series did have time to go into the background of what happens as we wait for a new series. This story felt very real and plausible, I can understand the confusion and apprehension on Louisa's part. She is always so insecure about Martin's feelings for and about her. I enjoyed this story so much and just loved the expectancy of each unfolding chapter. The narrative flowed so naturally and the characters were all so fully developed. Louisa and India's friendship was very real and the way Lilliana just took to her so easily. This was a first rate story in every way. Thank you so much for the pleasure of reading such a lovely story.
Guest chapter 32 . 7/10/2013
It is very refreshing to read your story and see Louisa treated as a mature, responsible adult. I am new to fan fiction and became quite discouraged seeing how poorly others treated her. Doc Martin certainly appreciates her looks, but I cannot imagine he would have much to do with her if she had not a brain to match. I am going to back to read your other stories if they are of this caliber.
ke0212 chapter 32 . 4/20/2013
I was a little surprized that this was the last chapter, but as I read it over, it all fit together perfectly. The wedding you describe is just what i would expect from these two at this point in their relationship after all they have been through. Interesting that all these letters are from Louisa's point of view. She seems overly optimistic that martin is looking forward to meeting all her London friends; let's hope she is right. You are an enormously gifted writer and i enjoyed your story immensley. I hope you are inspired to give us another one some time in the future
Chapin chapter 32 . 4/18/2013
A wonderful "Rest of the Story" finish Boots. The letters are a novel way to tie up a lot of loose ends. With any luck there are some other loose ends to be bound up a bit and you will find them - and we will enjoy the result. And I understand the cameras are rolling in Port Isaac.
robspace54 chapter 32 . 4/18/2013
An unexpected, yet happy finish to this episode of the Perils of Louisa and Martin!

Superb writing. Well done.
partsguy chapter 32 . 4/18/2013
Well what a surprise. Nice way to wrap it up though.
fanficfan71 chapter 32 . 4/17/2013
Their relationship has certainly been anything but smooth. I enjoyed your view of their lives over this period of time.
Thanks for sharing.
Snowsie2011 chapter 31 . 4/12/2013
I love the meeting between Chris and Louisa. He is initially shocked at the pregnancy, but quickly realises this couldn't have come at a better time for Martin.

Edith and the girl pack is brilliant. Martin has no clue Edith is waiting to hook him with her talons and Louisa show's up to upset the apple cart.

Lovely description of the children playing on the train and nice transition from Louisa's POV to Martin's.
statesidefan chapter 31 . 4/11/2013
Wonderful - thank you!
ke0212 chapter 31 . 4/11/2013
To quote Louisa - neither of us would call the other...and all their friends keep telling them to do it - ackkkk! So now you've set them up for the train wreck - and why is Martin feeling sick when he sees Louisa - does he know on some level that things are about to blow up? Great story and chapter. Keep up the good writing
Chapin chapter 31 . 4/11/2013
In a nanosecond all the thoughts, dreams and hopes of the past 30 chapters run through Martin's mind with the redhead present. No wonder he has the physiological response - and that before his eyes
have traveled to the tummy. Any hope for a good response is drifting on the wind over the village.
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