Reviews for Nakkia Kills
Tyler chapter 1 . 11/14/2014
Big fan of Kill bill. You have done well so far but do know it wasn't Beatrix who poisoned Pi Mei it was Elle
PrinceToddWilliamson chapter 1 . 6/12/2012
Can I be honest? I did not like this at all.

Where is the depth in Nikkie aside from being a one dimensional stereotype of an angry bitter black woman?

In the last few sentences the whole thing was about her being angry and black.

And no black women named Alice? I actually know several.

I get what you are trying to convey but the story is high on stereotypes and low on characterization.
Slave2Karma chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
Your introduction is solid and your version of Nikki has a strong voice, well done! I like how you're depicting her anger problems, how she's looking for trouble and unhinged, very interesting. My biggest suggestion is to work on your formatting—when posting a story online, putting spaces between dialogue and paragraphs makes things MUCHHHH easier to read, especially when dealing with a story on the long side. You’ve also got some grammatical errors and quite a few run on sentences, but those are all easy fixes. Sometimes I have a friend read over my chapters before I post them, it’s easier for someone else to catch mistakes than yourself. Keep at it, your story has a lot of potential! _

Write on!

(Just one side note, you’ve misspelled Nikkia’s name in the title of your story, something you may want to fix. Additionally, her fathers name was Lawrence Bell and her mothers fake name was Jeanne Bell, but I’m just being anal retentive now XD)