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ImmortalsDoItForever chapter 23 . 4/8
I hope you do still plan to post the sequels to this someday, I'm dying to read more. Please continue the story.
Breval chapter 1 . 3/16/2016
This story made me lose one night of sleep , take that as a compliment :D (I was a bit frustrated by the end though ) but Mortality took care of that :)
Katepatterson chapter 23 . 2/10/2016
Very well done your endings make me sad
MayFairy chapter 23 . 9/27/2014
This was a lovely, if bittersweet ending, and it was a really good and clever way to do it too.

Good to see Damien still around too. :P
badkidoh chapter 23 . 9/26/2014
another great chapter.
Queen Farli chapter 23 . 9/17/2014
Thank you.
Ah, a wrenching ending. I don't actually remember it, has it changed that much?
Glad that you have finally finished posting at least one story? :)
Queen Farli
Queen Farli chapter 22 . 9/17/2014
Based some time before a baby would be able to survive outside the womb, but relatively far in to the pregnancy as minor telepathy needs to have formed. After the Children of Time in the Doctor/Master’s timeline because Donna would get in the way. Jenny is on the other end of the TARDIS, asleep and doesn’t know what happened. A few months after the fact and the Master hasn’t run away yet. Yes, I know I screwed with your time line but otherwise a couple of lines and logic points don’t work. Very AU, probably a tad OOC, but I was daydreaming on the train today and thought that you might like it.

*Alien of your choice just been killed and the Torchwood Team are back at the hub*

Jack lay on the table in the med-bay/autopsy room of the hub. She was crying silently and curled around her stomach protectively. The rest of the room looked on, unusually sombre: Owen totally pissed and Ianto held his stoic mask firmly in place while the two women seemed to bounce between fury, horror and hurt that they had not known of Jack’s pregnancy until it was too late.
It was supposed to have been a routine Weevil hunt but there was another alien involved and it all went to shit. Jack was hit. Fatally.

The worst thing about this was that it would be a slow but sure death, maybe 24 hours before her organs completely dissolved themselves and she died. Normally Jack would have simply slit her throat to speed the death up but she couldn’t kill her child herself – she was clinging on to the forlorn hope that her accelerated healing would fix it up and she wouldn’t die. The hope was slowly fading away.
“What will the father do when he finds out?” It was Gwen who had broken the tense silence which had descended over the hub with the completely horrifying question.
Ianto, who had been filled in with a few of the details of the personality of the Time Lord known as the Master, gasped in horror at the question and looked towards his lover fearfully and therefore was shocked to see her sit up sharply with a look of renewed hope adorning her features.
As she collapsed again from the pain the abrupt movement caused, Ianto rushed forwards to help. Jack grinned at him and requested that he get her phone from her coat. Bemused, Ianto obeyed.
“Master, please, I’ve been fatally injured…”
*** ***
The Master was sulking. He was sat in the TARDIS, just in the corridor in an attempt to get away from the infuriating cheer that his captor – The Doctor – was extruding. Having him around really seemed to bouyun her spirits and he was deliberately resenting anything which made her happy.
It was with great surprise that he heard his phone ring. It was the one he had had as Harold Saxon and few people knew he was alive and fewer still would ring him. In other words: none. Idly he checked the caller ID and his hearts seemed to stop for a moment.
It was the freak. Normally he would not care but she was currently pregnant with his child. HIS. With a trepidation that he would never admit to, The Master tapped the green button and brought the device up to his ear.
“Master, Please, I’ve been fatally injured. Would the two of you be able to come and heal me? I don’t want to lose my baby!”
Normally the fact that the Great Jack Harkness was reduced to begging in a truly hysterical tone and actually used his name would fill the Master with a malicious pleasure but in his case he was feeling too horrified to feel any other emotion. He may not have really wanted the child (he’d prefer the fully Time Lord child the Doctor refused to carry, and not yet anyway) but he sure as hell wasn’t going to let some foolish, self-sacrificing freak of a human kill HIS child!
He was up and running before he could consciously think about it and the TARDIS was very obliging, making his corridor lead directly to the console room where the Doctor was happily pottering about. She looked up in cheerful askance at his entry but paused when she saw something in his eyes. A few quick words summarised the explanation and after Jack had proceeded to explain the ailment the Doctor ran off to the med bay, conveniently located just outside the console room – thank you TARDIS!
While the Doctor went around grabbing equipment the Master proceeded to link the phone to the navigation circuits in the console, ignoring the persistent spikes of agony shooting through his body from the restraint band by pure will power - and from having been through worse. Normally in the vortex they would have an eternity but as the phone was connected the two timelines were temporarily temporally aligned – ever second counted, the Doctor’s rules be damned. He couldn’t even disconnect the line because it provided a temporal link to ensure that they would arrive EXACTLY in the right time and place.
Suddenly the Doctor was back and the duo of Time Lords were hurtling through the vortex.
*** ***

Within seconds of landing the Master was out of the doors and running to the table in the middle of the room, the Doctor only a second behind with the medical tools. Without further ado the Master placed his index and middle fingers on the pressure point on the top of Jack’s spine. It was a telepathic communication point but it was very useful for ascertaining where the body was injured and how badly – sort of instinctive interpretation of the signals the neurones were sending to the brain, regularly used by REAL Gallifreyan healers.
He stepped back suddenly in denial.
“No, no,no,no. NO! It cannot be too late.”
The Master suddenly turned to a horrified looking Doctor with wild eyes, and spat out a couple of lines in Gallifreyan, and thenignoring the humans in the room, actually begged. “Please Doctor.”
But the Doctor was already nodding before he had even finished speaking.
“Which role should I play? I have three regenerations left.”
“No, you have two. That one where you didn’t change still destabilized your DNA a little more. I have four left. Anyway, how was it you put it, ah yes: there is a ‘matching biometric reciprocal’ to channel it into. You also have a better link with the Captain and myself.”
It was at this point that Ianto attempted to ascertain exactly what was happening. He was out of luck as the Master gave him a glare which could have ended the Time War with all combatants fleeing in terror. The irritating human was rooted to the spot (the Master’s POV, not mine!) and stopped attempting to interrupt. For now.
The Doctor was standing by Jack now looking at her instruments forlornly. He heard her talking quickly to Jack and saw the currently female Time Lord touch her hands to the impossibility’s bare midriff and freeze into a telepathic trance. The Master turned suddenly at the horrified gasp form the being standing by the table.
“We’re out of time, the infection has reached the womb. Give me a scalpel, knife, gun, anything and quickly!”
The last was directed at the group of stupefied humans and the note of Command in the Doctor’s voice had the Asian girl automatically passing over the bladed instrument before either of the stupefied males could stop her. When the Doctor passed him the scalpel, Elantirian in origin, the two men moved to attack but a vicious telepathic command amplified by Archangel stopped them in their tracks. Surprisingly, there was no complaint from the restraint band. Perhaps both it and the Doctor agreed with him? Or maybe it sensed that he wasn’t trying to cause harm? Whatever, it didn’t matter.
The Doctor was positioned with one hand firmly on Jack’s stomach while the other was reaching out to him, her body braced against the operating table. The Master firmly grasped her hand and stood in the classic regeneration pose. With a glance to ensure he was ready the Doctor spoke; “Master, I give you permission to kill yourself.”
They both ignored the startled gasped from the telepathically rooted humans and with a deep breath and the conscious not thinking about his actions the Master swiftly ran the scalpel across his own throat – severing both jugulars and half of his windpipe. Fatal, but not full decapitation. Time Lord blood sprayed everywhere and the Master dropped the blade, forcing the regeneration to hurry up.
The Master felt the familiar burn spread over his body and heard the Doctor scream in agony as his regenerative energy flowed through his hand into hers and through her body into that of the fatally wounded Jack. The Master was only dimly aware of this – only enough to know that the Doctor had not broken the link as the foetus’ telepathic cries of fear and pain were still resonating through all three adults.
The Master felt his throat was completely healed and with a supreme effort he twisted and clapped his other hand to the Doctor’s. Her hand was now sandwiched between both of his so she would be unable to pull her hand away from the burning power he was channelling through her into the baby and its mother even if she had wanted to. It also helped to direct the regenerative energy through the other Time Lord to be directed towards healing and reduced the loss to the atmosphere.
Suddenly the flow of power stopped and both touch-telepaths fell to the floor in exhaustion, their throats raw from the screaming that had taken place during the agonising energy transfer. It appears that when you start directing regeneration energy into something else it stops healing you. Figures, humph.
The humans suddenly ran forwards towards their immortal leader who was sitting up with tears of joy and pain running down her face as she felt that she was healed and the child was still alive within her. The telepathic command holding the four members of the Torchwood team in place had failed with the Master’s not-suicide but the light-show kept them in place until it was all over.
The two Time Lords were sitting on the floor, only upright by leaning on each other for support, when Jack jumped down off the table and hugged them both sincerely. The Doctor stiffened and then relaxed while the Maste
MayFairy chapter 22 . 6/25/2014
I nearly died when the Master came in like "DAMIEN WTF DID YOU DO WHO DO I HAVE TO KILL" because that was just the best thing ever

Excellent chapter!
badkidoh chapter 22 . 6/22/2014
Yet another great chapter.
Also for some strange reason my last review just has Emily Holroyd on it?
badkidoh chapter 21 . 5/19/2014
Emily Holroyd
MayFairy chapter 21 . 5/19/2014
So Tosh is saved but we still lose Owen? CRUELTY

Still, good on Damien for being resilient about not interfering too much. Jack did need telling.
EIMIM chapter 21 . 5/19/2014
I'm glad you didn't chose to save Owen. His (final) death was really well done in the show and gave the character a perfect ending. I hate fics that try to fix everything, including the well done parts.

That said, I'm not sure how I feel about saving Tosh. Considering the circumstance, it would have seemed odd if Damian didn't save her. It just slightly cheapens one of the few genuinely heartbreaking moments in Torchwood.

As always I'm looking forward to more, and can't wait to see where you go with this.
Guest chapter 20 . 5/10/2014
Oh this is amazing. I really hope you do post the rest, I know you have finished it? I'm very upset about Jack's son. I would love to know what happens.
MayFairy chapter 20 . 1/30/2014
This was really great, I've missed this story. Have I mentioned how much I love Damien? Cos it's a lot. I really hope he's okay.
badkidoh chapter 20 . 1/30/2014
Another great chapter.
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