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The Azure Guardian chapter 44 . 7h
Great chapter and fantastic duels. Looking forward to see what Kenji and Kurogasa do to Jaden and Claudio respectively now that they've lost their loved ones.
Supreme Elemental Hero chapter 44 . 10h
Above the Winter Moonlight chapter 44 . 14h
Wow. That was so awesome! And I am so looking forward to Haou and the Drowned Emperor making their debuts. Those three duels were awesome though and I definitely enjoyed all of them, though I wonder what will happen with Reyna and Crystal and all of them, since they were still arguing when Haou took over (at least, that's what I think). I suppose I will find out what happens to them in the next chapter. I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Please update as soon as you possibly can.
airnaruto45 chapter 44 . 15h
Yeah Zane, Aster, Masaki, and Ojama Yellow
Fenikkusumaru chapter 44 . 17h
Shoot man, you really know how to wrench a heart out. Seriously, Mikoto had to bite the dust, really? Man, it was a good chapter I guess, but seriously, what the heck?
Code-Emperor07 chapter 44 . 17h

I can't believe you stopped it there! I want more! I wanted to see how this all turns out! I really want to see everyone's reactions upon seeing Jaden and Claudio as the Supreme King and Drowned Emperor!

They actually were responsible for their succumbing to the darkness for all the bashing they did. But it's understandable given the situation. Oh how I can actually see the regret stitched on their faces upon seeing their former friends completely broken and warped, now existing as two forgotten, powerful beings.

Lightclaw's Shadow chapter 44 . 18h
Oh man! *pulls hair*
Guest chapter 2 . 8/27
Boy in Chapter 2, everyone were expecting Kurogasa to lose that duel against Mikoto, but I'm glad he won and showed everyone that were underestimating him that he is not weak. Take that.
Guest chapter 43 . 8/19
I hope that Claudio can pull through and show jaden that you need to understand about not always throwing yourself in front like a shield just to protect others.
quinten chapter 43 . 8/14
i'm syced on how you'll make the supreme king duel
Supreme Elemental Hero chapter 43 . 8/15
Okami Princess chapter 43 . 8/14
I predict much sorrow in Sam's well as Kenji's.

I wonder if the source of Chazz's anger in this story is his fear that Jaden could get Sam killed?

And if things go according to canon, Kenji and Sam's grief might cause Jaden to be crushed by guilt, thinking that his obsession with saving Allyson and Jesse just got people killed and the loved ones they left behind grieving. That might just push him to the breaking point.

I would not be surprised if Jaden's parent's make him go to therapy after they get back after Reyna tells them what happened, although knowing what Jaden is like at that point, he might give his therapist the silent treatment at first.

I wonder if that professor from North academy might be convinced to do so since any other therapist might not believe in the existence of different dimensions.

Heck, Syrus and Hassleberry should probably go to therapy too considering that they saw Ivy die the way she did.

As well as anybody else who was traumatized in some way by their adventures. Like Sam and Kenji due to thinking at one point that Chazz and Alexis had died. Even though according to canon they do survive, something that would still leave a mark.
The Azure Guardian chapter 43 . 8/14
Yay! Kenji's finally back with the group! Kinda wonder how much he'll snap when he finds out about Alexis being sacrificed. Or how much worse he'd snap if he happens to be there and witnesses it.
Raidentensho chapter 43 . 8/14
nice. though why do I have the reason that another set of relics will be added to Claudio's group after the defeat of another commander from Fabled Way? still awesome. I still wonder if ritual monsters will make a comeback in this. can't wait for more. until then, ja ne!
Above the Winter Moonlight chapter 43 . 8/14
Awesome chapter and Seth and the others beating up the Fiends who were trying to kill Jaden's friends? Awesome. I definitely enjoyed this, especially Claudio's bitterness and, I guess irritation?, towards Jaden at the moment. I can definitely understand it.

Nevertheless, I am so looking forward to the next chapter because it's got the biggest and best plot twist in the whole of GX! It's gonna be awesome!

Update as soon as you possibly can.
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