Reviews for Jamie Evans and Fate's Fool
HP-fanfic-fan101 chapter 12 . 9/17
I love this story and all the other fictions you included into it. The story was so good that it avoided the Dark!Superpowerful!Harry trap that a less talented author would have fallen into.
Thank you for sharing your work.
Deathcrow chapter 12 . 8/21
This is a decent fic. Some funny ideas, not a great story.
NotUrTypicalNotUrTypicalGurl chapter 2 . 8/20
First: Why would they be idiots for not recognizing Bellatrix Lestrange? She's been in prison for 10 years, so she's aged, and, well, she's supposed to be in prison. They'd just assume its someone who looks like her.

Second: Why do people insist on liking Griphook? He betrayed Harry and the others, remember? He just assumed they'd back out of their deal, and so he went to the other goblins while they were taking the Cup. And you do remember what happens to thieves in Gringotts, right? Essentially, Griphook tried to have them killed, just because he was a prejudiced little monstrosity.

Third: The only physical abuse we see Harry taking is in the third movie when Vernon shoves him against the wall. I'm not saying he wasn't abused, because he was, but he wasn't whipped like you say he was, for god's sake, and its a massive jump to go from Harry's emotional abuse and heavily controlled eating, to having Jessica be regularly raped by her uncle. This makes no sense whatsoever.
mikhailjohnak chapter 1 . 7/11
A! Didn’t stop reading from start to finish!
Bondubras of Devoncroix chapter 5 . 7/5
Bwahahaha! I love your quote about statistics and bikini's!
I was already considering favoriting this story, but that cemented it for me!
P.S. After I'm done with this story, I'm gonna look through your others. Here's hoping for more comic gold like that!
Stormshadow13 chapter 12 . 7/2
Lol. Great story.
CapriSunnyD chapter 1 . 6/18
Couldn't even make it to the infamous chapter 11. Props to you for making one of the most disgusting characters in fanfiction though. Jaime can make you feel like you need to take a shower just by reading about her.
mumlock chapter 12 . 6/5
Thank you for your amazing work!
mumlock chapter 5 . 6/5
This is so good. Thank you!
Shaerl chapter 12 . 5/16
had me cracking up quite often, and i really enjoyed it. thanks!
RoverMaelstrom chapter 11 . 5/13
Heh. I love this battle scene, it's just so so dang great .
RoverMaelstrom chapter 10 . 5/13
I love the way you include Lovecraftian canon here, it's ridiculously awesome. Also, seriously, Umbridge as a Marsh is absolute perfection and I want to steal it, though I most likely won't because that would require me to write more than oneshots...
RoverMaelstrom chapter 9 . 5/13
Hehehehehehehehehe yessssss I forgot about the 30 sickles comment. Also, yeah, the rest of this is pretty damn awesome and you rock, for serious!
RoverMaelstrom chapter 8 . 5/13
Sigh...oh Harry/Jamie/whoever you are now, you're so good at self destruction you can't even consider that maybe not everyone is terrible...
RoverMaelstrom chapter 7 . 5/13
Oh man. This is ridiculous and excellent and I absolutely love it!
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