Reviews for Romance and the Fate of Equestria
KnitzAndPearls chapter 125 . 4/24
:D very cute, them all role playing together.

This chapter seemed to be more of a lighter read than the other two, which isn't a bad thing. It was nice.

I enjoyed.
KnitzAndPearls chapter 124 . 4/22
That was a VERY long and detailed authors note at the beginning. o.o
Not bad though. It was cool to see how you had all the dates and events mapped out by year and such.
Venni. I had forgotten about her entirely. Took me a moment to remember who she was.

I quite enjoyed Zecora's rhymes in this chapter. I've forgotten how fun it is to write dialogue for her. I'm going to have to find a way to work her into Apples.
XD you used the Spicy bowl of rice quote. XD nice.
Wow. 0.0 after you used that quote, I noticed a ton of similarities between Cheerilee's character in this and me. Did you do that on purpose, or am I over-analyzing this?

I'm just gonna be straight up honest with you, that drink sounds delicious. XD man you're making me wish I was of legal age. XD that sounds Soooooooooo good.

I'll probably get to the third uploaded chapter tonight.
KnitzAndPearls chapter 123 . 4/21
I've already congratulated you, but have my congratulations once again on breaking the 1 million word mark.

Let's see... Oooooooh, Luna has a pony she likes? Very nice. I look forward to seeing how that will play out.
I liked when Celestial complimented the night. I thought that was a lovely touch. It's small, but it was really nice to read.
I also like the Epic Rap Battles reference you snuck in there. ;) You've been a fan of that since before we met. I'm surprised it hasn't showed up before now.

Ah, busy plans and productivity and working towards an end... The movie is underway, as our illustration project will be soon. :D I'm excited to work with you again. (:
Mere chapter 122 . 4/3
I enjoyed all the girl talk. :D very nice.
Mere chapter 121 . 4/3
The chapter kinda made me grimace, but because of content, not because of quality. It was very well written. You're still good at keeping dialogue and details balanced. Nice job. You know how I feel about that kinda stuff though. I'm sorry, but that's just who I am.
If it helps, I only grimaced at the stuff that Twilight winced at. XD

Towards the ending of the endnote, I got a bit teary eyed. I think that what you described is a beautiful way of coping with the loss of your grandmother.
And I'm so, so glad that you look back and are proud of your work. *hugs* that's an amazing accomplishment.
Murooj chapter 122 . 4/2
It's interesting how people grow. What was good/bad a year before isn't always the same this year or next year. I feel that this story is growing as I am. I like that. Thanks for the update.
A Person chapter 120 . 3/18
Please continue this story. I really enjoy your style of writing and the storyline. It is really fun to read and I'd hate if you stopped writing completely.
Ranger138 chapter 115 . 1/8
I don't know if I already said this or not, but I'll say it anyway. Annihilara (probably misspelled it again) is the most bad ass goddess in your story supa! I friggen love her concept, and her personality!
Ranger138 chapter 113 . 1/8
Now that was a memorable chapter! Supa you nailed that one dude. Even made me feel like I was watching Dragon Ball!
Ranger138 chapter 112 . 1/8
Cocaine huh? Well then what's showbiz without any scarface fantasy lol.
I liked this chapter more for pinkie having an understanding that recasting lead roles in movies based on books does nothing but piss people off. I guess it'd be like the hunger games getting rid of Jennifer laurence and putting Jessica alba in her place. That would be a big wtf to that Fandom lol.
Ranger138 chapter 111 . 1/8
Start of part 3 and off the bat I have to say that raising changeling is gonna be a bad idea, or not it's not my story I'm just foreshadowing lol
Ranger138 chapter 108 . 1/8
Holy crap... that was... brutal. Even for RFE. Way to go supa, still throwing me for loops this far in.
Ranger138 chapter 107 . 1/8
Because I don't want to spoil anything for the readers that haven't gotten to 107 yet I'll keep my mouth shut, but I will say that I am psychic lol!
Ranger138 chapter 106 . 1/8
Well the only way I can sum chapter 106 up is by quoting Mr. Tourge from borderlands 2. "Is it just me or does it seem like she is gonna betray the fuck out of you!". I can pretty much guess discord is gonna regret partnering up with chrysalis.
Ranger138 chapter 105 . 1/8
Chapter 105... the feels got real for a bit. Then instantly shut down lol. Definitely changed how I perceived discord, and also Hasbro is spying on you supa! I also saw your little comment about me in chapter 104's authors note lol. Many apologies my friend, things have been a bit hectic as of late
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