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Someone chapter 1 . 2/6
I read quite the chapters of tour story and one of the quote i rember of the bedouin " that we drinck three cup of tea one for life the second for soul and the third for love" try to focus on these three and not the crusiads bcs i don't thinck you know a thing of that dark period
DeletingDeleted chapter 18 . 8/19/2016
Please Update
Guest chapter 18 . 3/31/2016
Whoa. Hold up. I have become emotionally invested in this fanfic. Like hard core. This absolutely fanTASTIC. There is no praise that I can give that is worthy of this masterpiece. To the realistic way that you portray your characters - Malik with his arm and p.o.v. and with Altair not falling over himself or beating himself up over Malik's arm, and the reasons are logical too! The history you include is also great, I love history and I truly enjoy the effort you've put into this. BUT AFTER ALL THE INVESTED EMOTION AND HEART AND ALMOST TEARS I check to see when the last update was and had my heart shattered. Into a billion pieces, it hurts. Right when Altair and Aasha might finally get together (which I've been waiting forever for) that's when you stopped updating! I understand if you've lost inspiration or life caught up, it's happened a depressing amount of times with good stories. This is sort of an attempt to maybe get you in the spirit? But I can't force it, and I don't really feel good about forcing people to do something they don't enjoy or have a passion for, especially when it requires so much effort. I just hope you'll consider continuing this story. This has been incredibly long for a review (I think? Don't actually write or read these often) so I'll leave it here.

With much love and heart,
Guest chapter 1 . 10/27/2015
Heyo! Dropping by because I've read this many times and didn't notice something before. I love this story and wish for updates! The thing I noticed about this chapter is that the girl and her family is Muslim, but the name Radha is Hindu in nature, as it is the name of Krishna's lover. Generally speaking, if you are Muslim, you are not named something that is against Islamic teachings. So as long as the name isn't associated with polytheism (or some other stuff), then the name would be fine for a Muslim. If your name is Kimberly which means fortress, then you can use that name. Just a little tip!
The Venom Symbiote chapter 1 . 10/1/2015
Good to know your research... is shit
Silvermoon424 chapter 18 . 10/27/2014
I absolutely love this story! It's a shame that it hasn't been updated since January of last year, though; I would love to see a continuation!
Daphne101 chapter 11 . 10/25/2014
I love your story so far, and I really liked the part about what exactly happened to Malik and Kadar, also, I love unicorns.
The Fox Familiar chapter 10 . 1/25/2014
"It should be mentioned that people by large had no idea of what caused pregnancy"- Um...yes...they did...Europe had a vast knowledge of it, as they provided the first universities, but the Arabs did not. Anybody who was a scholar or even read Aristotle's writings would know what caused pregnancy. If they knew sodomy was wrong, so too they knew what caused pregnancy.

They also had knowledge of contraception. Pennyroyal, citric acid, Vitamin C, dong quai, and countless others.

I assume you just visited Wikipedia and that was it? I am disappointed.
The Fox Familiar chapter 7 . 1/25/2014
I will admit that in the first chapter you had a great hook and a great character. But as the chapters went by, she faded into obscurity as she became just another female assassin, for reasons other than the fact that she is a female assassin fighting the Templars. The attempted moral neutrality and “it’s just all the same” brouhaha also fails, because you are clearly against the Templars and what they stood for, and your ignorance both on these historical characters and timelines makes the entire story fall apart.

Since when did Saladin broker a deal with the assassins? Neither he nor Richard knew of the plot, and during the end of AC 1 (which you admit you have not played) both parties were shocked at what Robert de Sable did. The entire operation was underground. If you listen to the callers in the streets when you’re making your way to your missions, you can hear the preachers saying: “Curse him! Curse the Christian King!” if you’re outside of Acre. The assassins in general did not support Saladin and refused to work for him.

If I am not mistaken, Saladin WAS the Sultan, or at least the primary ruling force.

Sixty seven lashes are enough to kill someone. The minimum for crimes is forty. For boys as young as them, the maximum would either be fifteen or twenty.

Before you mentioned that the assassins just got their hands on an Arabic translation of the Bible. As the Bible predated the Koran and was made available by pilgrims, there were already copies of it available. Hence why there were already Christians reading the Bible in Arabia.

Now Aasha voices what many women do: why does a man lie with another man, when he has a woman? Both the Koran and the Bible condemn sodomy, with both requiring death sentences. I also do not think you realize that many homosexuals have either been molested or have suffered some form of mental trauma for them to be attracted to the same sex. I would expect you to at least have a smidgen of this, given your alleged research, but it seems that you simply believe it is normal and have created two homosexual characters that also fade into the background, as well as being homosexual solely for the sake of being homosexual.

“Could they really love each other as a man could a woman?” – Selling politics here, and of course Aasha is the type to be all-accepting of all forms of love. I notice how it is only homosexuality you sell, and nothing else. Mayhaps you could discuss child marriages, then.

“They were not harming anyone by loving each other” – Now I’m seeing you talking. Technically, they ARE harming people. Why? Number one: they spread disease. Lethal disease. Two: they make up half of all paedophiles. Three: all they can think about is sex. Sex and nothing else. Four: they base their lives solely on their sexual activities and nothing more. It is not a pure love at all; it is lust, and you admit it in the previous sentences.

If Aasha is disgusted one moment and understanding the next, it makes me wonder if she has never seen it in action or what they do. There is a reason why they are called Sodomites. And of course, you decided to spice it up by making a Muslim and a Christian homosexual, and pair them together to add some tolerance and universal understanding in this story.

So when you say, or when anyone else says: “They are not harming each other” ask yourself why they feel shame. I will tell you this: because when a man commits sodomy or is sodomized, his manliness, his existence, is tarnished, because he is shamed. Like how a woman in Islamic culture feels shame when she is raped, so too does a man feel shame when his natural purpose is subverted. Clearly, neither Imad nor Jacques have any care for what they believe in. They simply want to do whatever they want like a pair of teenagers. And naturally, your OC just tags along.

I don’t think you realize that Masyaf was besieged by Robert de Sable after the Assassin raid on Solomon’s Temple. The entire conflict was based on the Pieces of Eden, and neither the Saracens nor the Crusaders were aware of the whole debacle. The Templars knew, because in multiple conspiracy theories they were said to have guarded God’s treasures, and Assassin’s Creed implemented some of that in the game. The Assassins never formed a coup with Saladin because he murdered a few of their own; Saladin wanted nothing to do with them, probably because he thought they were just another sect of Templars.

“The ideas she had about love and partnership were shattered by reality” – I wonder if Aasha bothered to learn that the Sodomites really are a nasty bunch. They did hang out in brothels a lot, you know. But then again, I didn’t cry when Jacques admitted his “love” for Imad. He was sent to learn Arabic for a reason, and obviously, he forgot about his faith and knows nothing but shame.

He deserves all of it.

God is not loving or kind. He is righteous, and Jacques would never be allowed into Paradise because he is engaging in sin and knowing full well that he is doing it. As he does not repent, he cannot be forgiven. He would die a very lonely man with a very shameful secret.

Of course Aasha has to be straight, though she’s the token liberal that gets all wet when two perverts go at it.

Like I said before, she had an interesting start, but then faded in obscurity by becoming a female assassin.

Again, Saladin wouldn’t broker a deal with the Assassins, and Altair wouldn’t like it because his father was killed by him.

As for the end...

HAHAHA. You? A military exercise? Now I’ve heard a lot about our feminized military, but this takes the cake. I wonder: how much more reality can you deny, sugarcakes?
The Fox Familiar chapter 6 . 1/22/2014
I quote you: “When people ask me to describe myself, I tell them that I am a dedicated student. I am a student to all things in life, from writing fanfiction to finding the derivative of a function. From meditating to shooting an assault rifle.” And I will tell you that you are by no means a dedicated student, or a lover of historical fiction. Your errors in the Crusades and hilarious portrayal of religion, especially the Abrahamic religions, makes me wonder if you aren’t just sucking a thesaurus or haven’t bothered to check things for yourself.

Your summary has changed a lot: it went from Gypsy girl to Bedouin girl, and now what is she? The last time I checked, gypsies didn’t really practice any religion, so unless her parents were converts, I don’t see the connection. You admit that you have not completed all the games, hence why your one story featuring Robert de Sable was so full of errors.

It is odd how this one is admittedly more researched and better written, while the other is not. Do I sense laziness? And how odd for Malik to be straight in this story, when in the other he is homosexual with Altair.

Quite personally, I would think female units of Assassins would be trained separately. You have Aasha raped in the first chapter (not at all a token feminist move) and she’s in a place with a bunch of prepubescent boys and men who would take advantage of her. Women were not allowed in the Order, and it would be more realistic if Aasha learned her craft elsewhere. It wasn’t until the Renaissance when women were at last relinquished into the Order, because it was crumbling and needed new recruits. Before then, assassins were bred and trained, as courtesy of Hashsashin law.

“The male assassins could not fight or assassinate” – I don’t know about you, but boys usually take to fighting at a very early age. This feminist stance that women are as equal as men, and then some doesn’t ring with me. I may be nitpicking, but it doesn’t fit at all. It’s more difficult for women to scale walls because they are physically weaker than men. I could see them learning to fight with knives, or archery, horseback riding (which is essential) and other stuff more suited to their role, but this? I can’t see it.

Kurds are native to Iraq. I’m sure you know this. Not only that, but they practiced Zoroastrianism. It is highly unlikely they would support Muslims.

“The Templars had many slaves of both genders” – They had prisoners, but not slaves. The chivalric order called for respectful treatment of both, and many were liberated and converted to Christianity. The Templars had strict orders, so it’s unlikely they would sell slaves.

To add more on the “women in the Order” part, I think that had a lot to do with Maria. She played an enormous role in the changes, yet she is missing here. I do wonder when she will show up.
The Saracens stole their “culture”. Their art, literature, and more already existed before them. They are Grade-A plagiarizers.

So, the whole point of Jacques studying the Koran and not realizing that it openly calls for the deaths of infidels, from Christians to Jews to pagans (you yourself would have your head lopped off), that it is alright to take infidel women as your booty, and that it is alright to rape a Christian or Jewish woman, it makes me wonder why you just so happened to miss this.

The whole Crusades started based on Muslim aggression and massacres of Christians and other religious minorities. I would also think Jacques would know that Muslims view dogs and pigs as unclean animals.
I would fully expect Jacques to know what he was doing. In here, he is the token guy who is the peacemaker.
Plus, you write him as a straight man, and yet he falls in “love” with a Saracen...what the Hell? You ladies need to stop writing “Oh, he was attracted to women...and now it’s men!” as if sexuality is fluid. Make up your mind. And of course the gay couple has to feature a Christian and a Muslim; what better way to create diversity?

“I have come across some papers on homosexuality within the Templar seems that many of them engaged in sodomy” – I would certainly like to see those papers, and I assure you that they are based on nothing at all. Not only that, but it is indeed odd how it is always white Christian men who are seen as these Sodomites who have these hidden “urges”.

We have people from Richard the Lionheart being a homosexual, Peter the Great, Frederick the Great, and so much more, and to me it is a great slander of men. It is unacceptable and I highly suggest you double-check your sources. To you, and many others, those sworn to celibacy are automatically homosexual. It should also be mentioned that those who confessed to sodomy were killed – on the grounds that they put the other knights at risk. This is true even in the modern US military: homosexuals carry lethal diseases and can pass it on through sex or wounds.

You have an unhealthy obsession with homosexuality, yet previous you mention incest, which is entirely acceptable in Muslim culture. You also seem ignorant of the damages homosexuality causes, from disease to perversion, and yet you flaunt it as if it’s nothing at all. Yes, there always will be homosexual activity some way or another, but for the most part, it was always shunned. Even in Ancient Greece, which everybody believes was homosexual or paedophilic.

“The Templars were radical. They did horrible acts against the Saracens” – I want you to sit back and wonder if this is really justifiable. After all, the Saracens murdered hundreds of thousands of Hindus, Jews, Zoroastrians, neo-pagans, Kurds, Persians, Coptic Christians, and thousands more. And why? Because that is the nature of Jihad. The Templars were by far the most organized out of all the Crusaders, and everything they did, they did it out of chivalry and honour. No matter what crimes they did, it was pale in comparison to the terror the Saracens waged on everyone else.

The Templars weren't radical at all. They had the most basic and simplest of the Christian faith; even the Knights Hospitaller could be seen as more radical than them.

Maybe if you highlighted their atrocities, I can see why both sides are at fault. But this? Your ignorance on the

Templars and Crusades as a whole shows here, and little by little, this story falls apart.
dragonsdaughter1 chapter 18 . 12/11/2013
Please update!
AwesomelyWitchy chapter 6 . 11/26/2013
This is wonderfully ground breaking and I love it! Continue your phenomenal work!
Pearla chapter 15 . 5/5/2013
I do think your muse is back and I am happy, though I disagree that your last two chapters were sub-par...

I wanted to ask what historical fiction books you like, well, more like book recommendations since I love this story and see all the effort and knowledge you have put into it. Where should I start? I read a quite a lot of historical fiction in the realms of The Tudors, the Plantagenet line, and some Edo period Japanese historical fiction. Where would you suggest I start with Middle Eastern?
Pearla chapter 10 . 5/5/2013
I caught that Mudhil, Amir and Omar were her family. The end of this chapter surprised me! I didn't expect her to react that way to Malik. I'm glad you brought the concubines into this story, you have a way of really driving the realistic power of the story home. Moments like that really made me feel for Aasha.
Pearla chapter 4 . 5/4/2013
I love footnotes if it's something that can't be put in the story, little things like word translations that would bog the story down by explaining, then I'm all for it. I also like that you revamped the first chapter since I(obviously) read it after you did so, I'm in full agreement that would have been too much for a lot of readers to handle.

I'm here just to add that you accidentally a word here: This situation could not get any ridiculous.

But yeah, I love the story and am just really enjoying it.
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