Reviews for Wand and Shield
Astromormy chapter 33 . 7/11
Damn, this story is great. Despite knowing a continuation is unlikely at this point, I still hope you'll one day finish this masterpiece. Personally, I can't wait for you to go further in depth with what being the Master of Death actually means for Harry.
Pyrane chapter 33 . 7/9
Thanks !

Spidersauce chapter 14 . 7/7
And now they can see through the Cloak? Can hide from Death my ass.
Spidersauce chapter 13 . 7/7
Naturally Harry abandoned stealth and went for a monologue scenario . . . And look where that got him.
Spidersauce chapter 11 . 7/7
I'm very disappointed he didn't bring out the Elder Wand to deal with Banner after that first hit on his shield, when he did so quickly for the weird feeling in Afghanistan. Seems like the author might have forgotten about it
Spidersauce chapter 2 . 7/7
Stories where characters like this have all the power to protect themselves, like surface legilimency, and don't use them because they are "inhumane" sorta piss me off. He knows she is very suspicious and what not, spent years as an auror so he has the training, not to mention growing up with Moldyshorts wanting to kill him, and he just goes about this so casually? Pfft.
Tacitamura chapter 33 . 7/4
Well that's quite the story ! You managed to described other realms quite well. I really likre your story !
Looking forward the next chapter !
ZeroQi chapter 33 . 6/29
How do you manage not to finish a single story?

Awful, awful writer.
Guest chapter 33 . 6/26
Plz update
Duder chapter 33 . 6/22
Considering that I'm reading this again nearly 3 YEARS after the last update, HURRY THE FUCK UP YOU LAZY CUNT!
Sorry, not sorry
EmilyRoseDonovan chapter 1 . 6/20
As you said in ch 33, there is always a fool’s hope I suppose. I will continue to hope.
OmegaUltima chapter 33 . 6/16
*Sigh* yet another story, stopping on a cliffhanger, and not updated for years; and no mention of it ever returning; guess all I can do is hope... :(
Rasl16 chapter 33 . 6/7
Baby, come back :( any kind of fool could see that this here is one of the best stories out there.
TakemyKryptonite chapter 1 . 5/27
Damn shame that this story is abandoned. It's not often that a story is so interesting, exceptionally written and well balanced at the same time.
jammiedodgertea chapter 26 . 5/26
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