Reviews for Wand and Shield
Blackravens5 chapter 30 . 2/15
good story can't wait to read more :) update soon!
Trance20666 chapter 1 . 2/13
great start
is Harry in a different world?
he seems to be
as there's no magical people
or places he used to know
how did he get there?
who sent if there?
is he MOD?
is he immortal?
is there some kind of magic where he is?
is this going to follow Ironman,Avengers and Thor movies?
is there a pairing for Harry
or Tony/Harry would be interesting
Black Widow is a little too super spy for me to be comfortable with her being with Harry
also he needs someone to match him
Yana5 chapter 30 . 2/12
Btralox chapter 30 . 2/10
I very much liked this. Particularly Wade's chapter here. I look forward to more.
newboy chapter 30 . 2/10
I really enjoy your story, it is the best harry potter avengers crossover out there, and I look forward to more. I am also glad on a side note that you are making the auror experience of harry's more military like, it is true, the department of magical law enforcement does sound like a police group. The auror office sounds more like a cross between wizard military, FBI, and CIA.

Also unlike other crossover stories of this nature where the authors tend to bash the wizards and make them unbelievably weak or stupid, which does not even make sense, this story does a great job of demonstrating just how big of an advantage magic really is, and does a good job of integrating the two worlds in such a way that if one side has a bit of advantage over another, it is a believable advantage.

Although it is really good for the world of the avengers that Voldemort is dead, and never found his way into that world. The results would be very bad.
Tomon chapter 30 . 2/8
Okay, not sure if I'm sad or glad this is the actually last chapter. I would probably like to see a real one but still. What a ride :-D

Very interesting story that is getting better with each chapter. I read few Marvel & HP crossover and there are VERY good ones out there. Still this is quite original at least for me with the fact that Harry really didn't want to get involved at first. It caused slower start but as it is right now I can't imagine doing it any other way.
So good job and I hope that you are gonna update soon ;-)
angelofheaven001 chapter 30 . 2/2
loved wait 4 more.
Crazyboi23 chapter 1 . 2/1
I hope you have Harry with Sif because she would be good for him
dogman999 chapter 30 . 1/30
I just read your story and it is fantastic. I hope that you will update some time in the future.
NoToLogins chapter 30 . 1/26
Wow, this is one amazing story. Now Rowling and Marvel have to make this. Have to. Or something similar. For copyright. Still, being fanfiction it is already beyond awesome!
Please, update and do not abandon us here. And:
Thank you very much for the story.
PS: it took me too long to understand that mercenary was Deadpool. that the name was mentioned. And that Hel didn't kill future version of Coulson or the Thing.
Tregun chapter 30 . 1/24
Are harry and sif going to be paired? I hope so because their interactions are funny.
Mashkai30 chapter 30 . 1/22
Lovely story! I like it thus far and am looking forward to more. Thanks for sharing!
Vangran chapter 30 . 1/21
O_O well that was unexpected.
BlackRevenant chapter 25 . 1/16
5 chapters left and I think I'm done.

Epic story, deliciously filled with drama and action and even some romance (really loved the moment with Sif) but you keep referencing events of Harry's past that annoy the hell out of me.

Dumbles was an old manipulative bastard. Evil? Probably not, but definitely not a good guy. He set Harry up to die, he picked the easy way. So lofty and high on his own fame he either didnt notice or didn't care about anything else.

Ron is and always will be a jealous prick. It would be different if he had some redeeming qualities but canon! Ron is worthless. No real friend abandons another when needed most.

Just... no. Thanks for the ride though.

BlackRevenant chapter 20 . 1/15
Oh this is getting good.

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