Reviews for Unshadowed
LA Knight chapter 1 . 10/31/2012
The 2nd book is Enshadowed, not Unshadowed.

This is very Poe-esque, which fits wonderfully with the themes of the series. But watch for repetition in a not-good way. Like the last three lines: "Twisted by the dream world, Twisted by the land of Weir, this twisted land of Weir." You use twisted three times but without the necessity of creating a good effect. It's just repetitive. Mix it up a little. Like "He waits, he watches and waits..." Using "waits" twice doesn't work well. Check out - I spelled that wrong, sorry, I'm bad at that word. But seriously, it's your friend.

However, I LOVE the line "This twisted land of Weir." Darkly gorgeous.

So that's my critique of the work's content/structure.

I have one comment on your portrayal of Varen. You can tell from the epilogue that he still loves her, even though he hates her. He thinks she betrayed him, so he's angry, but the love is still there. That's obvious because in the epilogue, he tries to prove that he didn't drop the real Isobel off a cliff, and it enrages and almost shatters him when he realizes that yes, he really did, and there's no denying it or forgetting it.
DanceingInTheRain 13 chapter 1 . 6/6/2012
nice poem