Reviews for Coockoo in a nest
darce-tries-to-write chapter 1 . 6/8/2012
Can I just say, I've just read the first chapter and I've already seen loads of hints related to B00kw0rm92's Perfect. Not for the fact of Sam being a foster kid cause I'm actually writing a foster Sam story but your one just has a lot of stuff I recognise from B00kw0rm92 Perfect. For the first thing "...parents he ever had...Especially after the last family." that relates to how Sam was abused in his last home. And that hunt for the shoes thing, that's also from 'Perfect' the line about Sam not minding about being dropped off after the younger kids, it gave them more time to talk just happens to be from 'Perfect' as really like that story, don't you? Your copying her story and that's plagurism. I don't normally say anything because a lot of stories are similar but when you directly copy stuff and report in under your own name, then I have to mention it. It's called 'lifting from other's work' you know, plagurism and it's wrong, just thought anyone who looks at these reviews should know that.
Quamfan chapter 1 . 6/3/2012
I LOVE it!