Reviews for The People's Hope
Biberflub chapter 7 . 7/20/2016
hey! make a new chapter! awesome story though 3
Kmdarkside chapter 1 . 4/5/2013
About the summary, the baby is ailyn vel, not mirta gev. Mirta was aiylin's daughter and boba/sintas's grandaughter.
impoeia chapter 4 . 3/14/2013
I think you really managed to capture some of the horror slaves experience. Certainly the idea of being chained up for months and no longer being able to use your legs as a result is something horrific; it both immobilises you and forces you to such a degrading act as Merila has to go through. A prisoner in so many ways.

Am I right to assume that the armored men are Death Watch? If so, that certainly puts a spin on the story. I am interested to see how this will put Merila on a path with Kad. I am sure that, given Kad's history and that of his family, he will not be friendly inclined towards Death Watch. Particularly Death Watch who keep slaves.
impoeia chapter 3 . 3/14/2013
This is a very nice little family scene. It reminds me greatly of a boy who has just bought his first car. You get the sense that this is a right of passage. That, although he has owned ships before, buying one with his own money has made Kad take a step further into self-sufficiency rather than always being reliant on the clan.

I'm also happy to see so many of the characters of the Republic Commando novels mentioned in this. I've always regretted that the series was discontinued. I'm eager to see how these characters, and Kad in particular, have spent the last years and how they have grown as a family.
jesika chapter 5 . 7/16/2012
Great story! There are far too few mando stories, please write more!
Legacy of the Thirteen Primes chapter 5 . 6/21/2012
A very good story and I'd like to see it expanded on.