Reviews for The Hound and the Bird
the Ice and the Fire chapter 26 . 7/20
Could I translate to Russian your fanf?
unofivesix chapter 26 . 7/18
OMG this is very goooooodddd . pls update, pls pls plsss
storymaniac chapter 26 . 7/11
Ahh! This is definitely my favorite SanSan fic! I can't wait for the update! :)
dragonlover3001 chapter 26 . 7/11
I am desperately in love with this story. I like a lot of SanSan fanfics but yours is by far my favorite. I have fallen for the characters even more than I was before. thank you for bring to life the love I dreamed of for these character
kjdorris77 chapter 26 . 7/4
I guess I should specify, I have ready the entirety of your story so far and I'm hooked. I'm in desperate need of more. Your writing style is wonderful, and you keep the story moving fluidly. The slow build of character development is tantalizing and leaves you aching. I truly hope you add more, AND SOON ️
kjdorris77 chapter 1 . 7/4
Please, please, pleeeeease write more of this story! I'm begging
Guest chapter 10 . 6/29
I really appreciate your "slow burn" approach to the story. I agree that it seems more fitting to both of their characters.
Nuriel chapter 26 . 6/26
Hey there!
I just found your story yesterday and read it the hole night through. I feel kinda bad that i haven't left any other comment on any other chapter, but I just wanted to read and couldn't stop - or i just didn't want to :D
I absolutely love your dialogs and how you drew the characters. Shae was never one of my favorites, but in your story I loved her!
For I am not fluent in english your style made it so very easy and fun to read chapter after chapter ( I seriously stayed awake the hole night to read the hole thing) so that is one of the biggest compliments I can make.
Your portrayal of Tyrion and Varys were (for me) on the point and I thought more then once "hell yeah, that is totally what he would say/or do" and that I totally admired that because it felt very real for the characters. I also liked your Red Wedding (not the outcome of it, though), but the idea of Sandor riding his ass of to save the Starks. Of course the little voice in my head hoped that they would survive somehow and just kick Joffreys ass off the throne - because your story is AU. But it was believable that Cat and Robb didn't want to believe Sandor and so they got killed. Their fault. Idiots.
Sooooo... I could go on and on about how I just loved every single chapter of it, but it isn't finished yet and I really hope that you have a new chapter online soon - because seven hells, what am I supposed to do now with my spare time? :D

Really looking forward to new lines and wish you a very awesome week!
Read ya!
Anti-Monarchist chapter 26 . 6/23
This story is all I've ever really wanted out of GoT. I'm following and favouriting.
Onlythingtodo chapter 26 . 6/23
I just wanna say how much I am truely loving this story! Frist fan fiction I've read in years and I loved this one so much! Hope you add to it again soon. Thank you so much for writing it!
Guest chapter 26 . 6/20
Amazing ch. Please write more soon
MoxxieRusso chapter 11 . 6/19
I really love this so much I am so excited he is back. Omg wait until he finds out about RAMSAY.
Guest chapter 26 . 6/16
This is an amazing story! I absolutely love it. Your writing style is great, and it really makes the story come to life! I can't wait for you to update again!
Charlene Clark chapter 26 . 6/11
Great story xx
D chapter 26 . 6/9
omg never stop writing!
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