Reviews for Intervention Thy name is Bakusen'O!
Cloud Bearer chapter 30 . 9/20
One of the best Inuyasha fanfics I've ever read. You're so talented in your writing. Loved it
MaDDeRHaTT3R chapter 30 . 9/18
Nothing LESS then the BEST Lunamist-Sama... You are and forever will be my role model.. Hopefully someday, when I reach my dream to be a manga author... I will get to shake your hand and let you know, that my success was LARGELY thanks to the example of "SUCCESSFUL GREATNESS" you set high above for me to try and reach. "Ah.. but man's (or in my case woman) REACH should EXCEED his/her GRASP or what's a heaven for?" -Robert Browning Is it no wonder then... That Luna resides in the heavens.. Thank you Luna.. For showing me heaven.
ありがと ございます ~~} ~~} Arigato Gozaimasu ~~} ~~}
MaDDeRHaTT3R chapter 21 . 9/17
ありがと ございます ~~} ~~} Arigato Gozaimasu ~~} ~~}
MaDDeRHaTT3R chapter 16 . 9/17
I know this comment will not be read or responded to by you Luna-sama.. As your last fic that I read and commented throughout was never acknowledged.. I just need to type. I do that when I am in pain. When I cry... It ia therapeutic. Even if no one hears, reads, or cares. I stayed silent through these previous chapters... But this... Oh kami it hurts so badly.. For some reason I hurt for Sessh.. More... Idk why. Seems like everyone else is thinking or feeling Inuyasha should NEVER give in to Sessh... I suppose secretly I've been rooting for love to win over.. All along. I know it will get better.. Just in this moment... Tears. Pain... Help...
Samba26 chapter 1 . 7/22
The most beautiful story. The character were so well written and the plot itself was masterfully written. The sex scenes well *fans self* they were really good too.
anneviana1 chapter 30 . 6/20
What a fanfic! Thank you for this amazing story
Wfest chapter 30 . 5/27
Amazing story! Very, very well written. I just love about everything, the relationship between the brothers, your version of Kouga and Shippo, the setting in the present time and of course your use of the demon tree.
Wfest chapter 19 . 5/26
What an unbelievably intimate moment, way more so than any lemon I've come across...
AngelesPG chapter 30 . 4/12
Me encanto tu historia fue hermosa tu escritura y como escribiste de cada personaje con sus personalidades fue maravilloso gracias por compartir tus historias seguire leyendo tus otras historias gracias
Jd-dox chapter 30 . 4/7
A truly beautiful piece of literature. Amazing how something I generally shy from(incest) can be made into a true romance without being in the least creepy.

Now you could have looked more into japanese names and that youkai(demon) is not the word they use for demonic energy(youki). I loved the oc characters you had though. They really gave this story some flavor:D
bibliophile030 chapter 30 . 3/19
A beautifully woven story of trials, trust, and discovery of the heart's desires.
Doris chapter 30 . 3/8 really are talented. You make all your stories come to life with your wordsmith. As you say...your stories are my "breaks" from reality and I am not ashamed to say that. Thank you for sharing your talent with us...on to your next story!
duchessliz chapter 30 . 11/23/2016
That was a lovely end! :)
Living to Laugh and Love chapter 29 . 10/28/2016
So I need to say that I've come across this pairing before and I've always been like "Wtf?! They're BROTHERS."
I credit you for the fact that not once did it feel like they shared a sibling relationship - it was always something more - even while they went about calling each other 'little brother' and 'older brother'. As such, I was able to understand why they could be in a relationship together - two brothers who had never really been brothers at all. Know that because of your story I'm going to check out more stories of this pairing.

Fantastic writing, seriously. Great job :)
DiamondBackNeko-chi chapter 30 . 6/24/2016
Loved this. Took me like 5 days to read, and 1 thought kept popping up "where is his firerat?" It might not seem important, but I can't help but ask.
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