Reviews for Nightly Reflections and Rituals of Helga Shortman
Guest chapter 1 . 4/27/2017
"Goodnight my little demonic hell spawn"

I literally fell off my bed laughing and then had to explain to my mom why I fell off.
HAFanForever chapter 1 . 6/26/2012
Sounds like nighttime has been a comfort to Helga for a long time when it comes to her feelings of love for Arnold, and now that she's the mother of four children with him, I'm sure life for her couldn't be much sweeter. Now unfortunately she doesn't have much time to herself during the day when it comes to taking care of her kids, but that all the more proves that she's a great mother, and nothing like what her parents used to be with her.

To start, she has the husband she's always dreamed of having, and he loves her so much and understands her so well that he even knows why she comes to bed late. He wants her by his side when they sleep, but at least he gets his wish before he falls asleep entirely for the night.

Sounds like they may have a little more than they bargained for with Zack, since it sounds like he is behaving how Helga used to as a kid. Let's hope isn't turning into her exactly, because Helga's confidence as a mother could be destroyed if one of her kids is turning out to be more like her bad side.

With Ham, he sounds almost like a clone of his aunt, so let's hope Helga's confidence isn't let down even more. As you said, Arnold steps in as disciplinarian, but he is not aggressive or like Bob in any way. The same goes for Helga, as she is not her mother. Arnold and Helga are not Bob and Miriam and never will be. If anything, I know Helga would want to avoid making the same mistakes as a parent that her own parents made with her, and Arnold can give her the confidence that she can be a better person and a terrific mother.

Phil sounds like Helga as well, but the poetic and romantic side of her, and especially since he already really likes a girl at her age.

And lastly, we have Amanda. Now Helga's a tomboy, which is why I bet she loves being a mother to three boys, but like many mothers, I bet she's happy to have a daughter as well. I'd just hope she could bond with the girl since she's not very feminine, but it sounds like Amanda is turning out a lot like her mom, though in more of the good than the bad.

So yes, Helga's a great mother: she loves her kids for who they are, she doesn't neglect them, and she's doing what every great mom does at night, and that's looking in on them, tucking them in, and kissing them good night.

And then her last stop is her own bed with her beloved husband. I can her doing all that, with combing her hair and slipping into her nightgown before getting into the bed. When she does, she'll feel the familiar touch of her football head. And when they say "I love you" to each other, they have a good reason, because Helga's time to herself before they go to bed gives Arnold a reason to miss her and say those words to her.

Like you said at the end here: Arnold have been married for sixteen years, and yet with having their own children, their love has never died. No, once they would end up together like this, their love would intensify and never fade away. With Arnold and Helga, true love is forever.

Great one shot about this family! :D
Aoife Miranda chapter 1 . 6/9/2012
Aw, this was so cute! Thanks for recommending it to me. :)

I love how Helga and Arnold's kids are the perfect combination of them. It's nice that they all have different personalities and aren't total cookie-cutout clones of each other. I also like that Helga still has her feisty no-nonsense personality but has also mellowed out over the years too. Also, it's nice seeing a good focus on second-generation characters that doesn't push the original canon characters off to the side. It's a fine balance to give equal attention to both in second-generation stories, and you do a really good job at it. :)

Awesome work and thanks again for the recommendation!
Hanna Cabrodi chapter 1 . 6/8/2012
Deep down I always had a feeling that when Arnold and Helga would marry, she would be an amazing mother and wife and would bend over backwards to make sure she gave her kids the love she never had. This was SO GOOD! It gives me hope because the way she's interpreted here is just how I wanna be when I marry and bare children! I'd give anything to have a home like the one you wrote about here! It was such a pleasure to read this! I thoroughly enjoyed this! :)
SuprSingr chapter 1 . 6/7/2012
Okay, wow... Okay, wow. Where do I start?

Well, first of all, thank you so much again for doing this... *Bursts into tears* C'MERE YOU! *BIG HUG* I can't tell you how insane it makes me feel to know that people like these characters. xDDD OCs are so hard to make likeable in an already established fandom. I mean, that alone makes me flip, but to see an awesome companion fic like this written on top of it? Between you and writergirl, Idk what to do with myself. xDDD I've been freaking out all day.

Okay, my thoughts:

I love the fluff between Arnold and Helga in this and how it explains how they work as parents and all. It's something I haven't managed to get very much of in my fic so far. So this was well-needed and has given me a road to run on the next I write. The entire thing with how busy Helga's become due to being a mom and how well their marriage has been working because of their partnership through it all is wonderful. And how they still hold hands in bed and exchange "I love yous." :') Lovely. I really need to get some more of that in my fic.

I really adored the parts where Helga walked up into each of their rooms to silently bid them goodnight. I can completely see her doing that and her thoughts on them all were sweet, funny, and very interesting to read for me. And Zack drooling in his sleep. XDDDD Yeah, that's him. xD Her deep thoughts about walls and hidden pain and all made me grin, also, although now that I think about it I probably shouldn't have. XD PSHT, well, sadistic me or not, you've got him pretty dead on. xDDDD :'D

Your speculation on why Ham acts the way he does is really interesting. I love reading about Helga's thoughts on why she thinks her kids act the way they do. The entire bit with her comparing Ham's ways to Olga's was really cool, and it makes sense. I'll have to keep that one in mind. The part that really hit me the most though, was when Helga lifted up his hair and he had bags under his eyes. :( I think you mentioned wanting to keep the kids in character? Well, in a lot of this, I think you did a better job than me. xD Dang... Why am I even here? e.e XDDD

Helga referring to Phil as a Ticking Time Bomb... LOL, yes. XD Just yes. And Phil's entire rant on Valentine's Day! LOL, and then Sarah's all, "It's okay, a card's fine." LOL... What more can I say but LOL? XDDDD Oh, Phil... you need help. xD Thank goodness Helga's your mom, otherwise you'd be even more unstable than you already are, and you'd have fallen out of your bed. XD "Goodnight, my little demonic hell spawn." Awwwww... what a touching moment. :') xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

And then Amanda's part. :'D I especially loved the part where Helga thought she would do anything to make sure she never thought she was unworthy of anyone or anything. So sweet. x3

To wrap up, I love how you ended it off with, "Sixteen years, four crazy kids, and still going strong!" Empowering! I swear, I cannot thank you enough for writing this. It's really inspired me for my fic. All of this has given me so many new ideas not just for new chapters but for the characters in general. You're getting a big thank you in my A/N the next I post.

This review feels so... inadequate. I wish I could better portray how happy it made me to read this. xD But as it were, you did a wonderful job, and one final time: thank you.

You're not just made of epicness anymore. You're made of... chocolate. Yes, chocolate, nothing can top that. xDDDD *BIG HUG* Writergirl too! You're both made of chocolate! So much chocolate, bucket loads of it! xDDD *BIG HUGS YOU BOTH*

Ela Morgenstern chapter 1 . 6/5/2012
awwww! its SOOOO sweet!

specially the last part whit arnold and helga x3 daw!

and for being rusty, this is really good :D!

i like it very much!
acosta perez jose ramiro chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
Lovable work with Helga's thoughts about her kids.

Keep the good writing.
Nep2une chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
I'm glad that Helga is happy. I love this family. Please do more were they more adventures.
Writergirl97 chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
Air? What is this air you speak of? After a beautiful fic like that, who needs air?

I died a little bit inside. When I saw the name Sarah, I had to shut off my iPod and steady my hammering heart beat. It was perfect. COMPLETELY IN CHARACTER. Amazing. So THIS is what Supr felt when I wrote a fanfic for her... Simple astonishing. I, I, I think you drive my sickness away! For the most part, at least.

Thank you! Thank you for writing this, thank you for liking the characters enough to write for them. You're beautiful, man, beautiful!
Beka de shortman121 chapter 1 . 6/3/2012
I Like, Love Love love ;)