Reviews for A Father's Fear
wizziewoo123 chapter 13 . 10/23/2012
hope theirs more, loved the ultrasound part, i thought you got the emotions spot on. cant wait for the next chapter as always.
EternalLoveDreamer chapter 12 . 10/23/2012
They are having a boy...So cute... and name Zakary is unusual and unique...I like it! :D
Great chapter :))

zanessa0013 chapter 13 . 10/23/2012
I love that they've had their first glimpse at their baby :)
shannicereynolds chapter 13 . 10/23/2012
Please update soon i live this story
lily94 chapter 13 . 10/23/2012
Hmm. Not sure what to write but the omelette combo was kind of gross
bluesnake109 chapter 13 . 10/23/2012
Please update i really love this story its just so good.
lolsmileyface6 chapter 13 . 10/23/2012
lol well great story really like and i hope more ppl update:)
Curious Blonde chapter 12 . 10/21/2012
Awww baby boy I am so happy! And Zachary I can't wait to see what happens next I hope Caroline does have some complications during her pregnancy it is ruining too smoothly ;) hehe my favourite scene had to be the peanut butter omelette scene haha that was hilarious! I love this story and can't wait for more :)
BlueJean452 chapter 12 . 10/21/2012
Great chapter. Can't wait for more
Clara chapter 12 . 10/20/2012
Good chapter :)
Mandi2341 chapter 12 . 10/20/2012
Eeeeeeeeee I loved this chapter! Now I'm excited for Elijah and Katherine, as well as Caroline and Klaus, of course. And once you said boy, I kinda wanted an Emma Grace but then I just thought of Klaus's reaction and I almost cried. Klaus you're gonna be a great dad. We all know it.
Oh, by the way I'm listening to Clocks by Coldplay. It fits this chapter's mood pretty well. ;)
Lord of Sin chapter 12 . 10/20/2012
plz update soon...
Wreckless Righter chapter 11 . 10/14/2012
Welp, I'm officially hooked. As usual. Yay!
Wreckless Righter chapter 5 . 10/14/2012
He rolled his eyes, "Your necklace, you're toying with it. You always mess with your jewelry when you're nervous. Let go or you'll strangle yourself."

She expelled a laugh and released the string of gold from her fingers, "Right. I forgot how perceptive you are, sometimes."

"Unsettling, isn't it? Having someone be able to really see you?"

Spot. Freaking. On.

LMAO Kol plays baseball. That is the best ever. I enjoyed the tension with Sage and all of this family bonding.
Wreckless Righter chapter 4 . 10/14/2012
"You think and guess? You're words inspire such confidence."

Favorite. Everything about this story is so intense yet endearing.
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