Reviews for Presence
They-Call-Me-Orange chapter 1 . 6/17/2012
It's nice to read such a departure from your usual style. To be clear - I love your usual stuff! But I really enjoy seeing talented writers get out of their comfort zones and try new things. I know you said that inspiration for this thing just kind of hit you all at once, and it's kind of like that sense of urgency and immediacy carries through to the work. Sokka feels very present the whole story. His voice was very clear, and he feels real. Actually, given that most of the story is Sokka wrestling with his own fears and inadequacies, he feels even more human than he did on the show at times. It's always kind of odd to see the Meat-and-Sarcasm guy being truly vulnerable.

I liked the lack of drama with which you introduced Yue to the reader, as well. When the truly outlandish circumstances (MC being visited by the apartion of his dead girlfriend who is also the moon) are presented in such a normalized fashion, it's easier for the audience to accept them and move on. You did a great job at incorporating a wacky premise without allowing it to take over the work. Explaining shit is for n00bs anyway. (and totally unnecessary in this context)

I really love the idea of Yue nudging the universe to help Sokka. It's just... gosh, it's so romantic. The kind of stuff folklore and legends are made of. And beautiful - particularly the space sword and "I'm always with you." I don't feel like much more needs to be said on that, but know that it was probably my favorite thing about this one.

Hey look a whole review without even referencing splooge pillow!

Oh, shit.


Waiting on that epilogue, pal.

CalliopeMused chapter 1 . 6/3/2012
This definitely could have happened right inside the show! Your little factoid about meteors and chances really makes this stand out-of everywhere for that meteor to fall, there it was, and I love giving Yue the credit for this. The tone of this is just right, all the way through, and it really feels like this was a must-write-it-now fic with the intense emotions behind everything. Sokka's quiet expectation is great and Yue's both charming and wise at once. Very classy cut-to-black near the end there, very useful with FF-dot-net cracking down, and the last line! Last lines are one of the things I judge most in fics because I know how much work it takes to stay true to the piece and to leave the right impression. You nailed it right to the ground.