Reviews for Through The Looking Glass
MarianHood97 chapter 1 . 6/15/2012
LOVED this story, sequel to "Mistakes" for all the same reasons, and also for the creative, "didn't see it coming", detailed and believable solution for Starman's trouble. Loved the background imagined for Starman's "people" and the rules he has to follow on Earth. Wasn't sure about the additional "aliens" introduced, but I was very glad they didn't take over the story, but instead provided some explanations for what happened, and some addtonal jeopardies for our heroes.

The conclusion, though not everything a Starman fan could wish for (hint, hint), was VERY satisfying-gave me a warm and pleasant glow! I look forward to more great tales from this excellent story-teller!

As with the previous story, the editing is not standard, but the storytelling eclipses this totally.