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that one little guy chapter 1 . 2/29/2016
That was so cuuuuuuuuute~ I was just thinking about what the reunion between these two must've been like. I'm eternally salty we don't have a Lea/Isa reunion yet, so this'll have to do :P
Pen-Always-In-Hand chapter 1 . 8/26/2015
So cute! I think you wrote them very well
Guest chapter 1 . 10/28/2014
this is ADORABLE! there isn't enough platonic ienso/Zexion and Vexen/even stories on this website. :O
If you can, (and only if you want to) write more!

So well done on writing this; its very good quality. If you couldn't tell before: I thought it was amazing!
vildtiger chapter 1 . 8/2/2014
teenager Ienzo who acts like a nine year old is so much fun!
I did find it surprising that Ienzo was so... chatty in DDD
PurpleArmadillo chapter 1 . 7/23/2014
Great job again with dialogue, especially with the whole story centering around a conversation between two characters. It flowed very smoothly, naturally, and you did great capturing their personalities. Some nice humorous moments too, haha.
Holen-Snape chapter 1 . 11/25/2013
Very good story can you please try to right about zig bar being zig bar scence this is really good
bkwrmnlvnit chapter 1 . 2/3/2013
I guess I must have just missed something to where I'm not entirely versed in KH- did Ienzo's parents actually die and he ended up saddled with Even? Either way, this seems pretty cool to me. I like the way you do this with the fact that Zexion is actually happy and energetic, and that Vexen isn't sooooo completely cold and calculating. You seem to have a knack for painting characters I hate (VEXEN!) in a decent light. I also liked their responses to the fact of Axel/Lea's existence after he caused their ...untimely...demise. Once again, great work! You're really good at this, and I'm glad Last One Left 0 recommended you- finally an author without all the slash! Thanks for posting,

Sora Tayuya chapter 1 . 12/27/2012
Loved it. A lovely example of just what one wished to see from KH3D that was not adequately shown. Excellent.

And I do agree, Ienzo was quite more talkative and interesting in human form.
Maiya-chan chapter 1 . 9/7/2012
I loved the fan fic! you're such a good writer!
This Charade chapter 1 . 8/28/2012
This is really adorable. I love how you capture both of them trying to handle the various levels of formality and informality. You really addressed the things that needed addressing, what with Axel/Lea and grudges.

I like your theory on the ages and the way you played with them (you're nine!) as well as the theme of identity and memory (always important with these characters.)

I'm just really glad you wrote this. There aren't nearly enough fics about these guys during KH3D yet and it made me really happy both to find one and have it have good characterization and writing.

Also, kudos for poking fun at the characterization in the series (Ienzo's sudden talkativeness, Vexen's creepy smile) and keeping it really in character. Over all, wonderful.
Infamousplot chapter 1 . 6/9/2012
Needed to read something cute to take my mind off shtuff (and to avoid studying while i wait for responses).

This is so sweet... I love how you tied in how they seem sort of different in 3D. I love their interaction. There's something very amusing about how proper they talk xD Ienzo's so cute... And Even... Yay, Even x3

I luffs this :) It's very sweet.
g-peachy-chan chapter 1 . 6/5/2012
I always love reading Vexen/Even and Zexion/Ienzo stories. They bring a smile to my face. And yours was extra good (:

It was very adorable how Even remembered he forgot to let Ienzo attend that Christmas party.

I assume you saw bits and bytes out of the new game? I saw this scene with Ienzo, and I went like: 'Wow… Why is he so… Talkative?' Haha, but I must admit, I like it.

Well, the entire piece was memorable. Excellent job!
Taliax chapter 1 . 6/5/2012
Yay, Even/Ienzo! :D

'Looking around, he discovered Xaldin nearby, unconscious but fascinatingly dressed in his old guardsman's uniform from their Radiant Garden days.' The miracles of clothing in KH. XD

'The last thing he remembered was... Oh, yes. That cocky, traitorous wretch had been murdering him.' XD XD XD FTW. It reminds me a bit of something GLaDOS says in Portal 2.

'He felt surprise, felt confusion, in a way that was stronger and more real than anything he should be able to experience as a Nobody. 'I...what happened to me?'' You're the scientist, Even, can't you figure it out? :P

'...It had been a long, long time since he had been addressed as such by his protégé.' D'aww. :3

'His little smile was the sweetest expression Vexen had seen on his face since...ever.' *SQUEE*

'And was dismayed to feel very, very unexpected tears suddenly brimming in his eyes. 'Stop that at once,' he told himself firmly. 'It is neither professional nor seemly.' Especially with his young subordinate looking on.' Heh, you finally get emotions and you're trying to suppress them. Way to go, Even. :P That's cute, though, about him not wanting to cry in front of Ienzo.

'"I cried, too," Zexion - Ienzo - remarked, irritatingly casual. "It's all right. Dilan's still asleep and Aeleus is back in the Master's study, there's no one around to see. Just me."' I think instead of XDing through the whole thing I'm going to be D'awwwing. xP

"See what?" DENIAL. XD

"...Would it be a fairly reasonable assumption that our leader now no longer exists in any form?" I like the wording of that. Sadly, Baldinort will be back, as usual. *poutface*

"Not that he shows it, but I think Lea is worried. He left a little while ago, using the dark corridors." D'aww. x3 *catches AkuSai reference*

"Did he, now. I hope he disintegrates." XD XD I love and hate Even at the same time. xP

"But...I am forced to admit that without Axel's treachery, the two of us would still either be lost to darkness or have been defeated at the hands of the Keybearer anyway." Yup. Sad but true.

"It seems there is something to be said for those who wield the Keyblade, no matter how unintelligent or incompetent they might otherwise be." XD XD XD Ienzo, ILU.

'Even found that it strangely bothered him to see his young companion's expression so clouded.' Because you have a heart, and Ienzo is now a Cute Thing. :P

D'aww, Ienzo's rambling is cute. :3 I love how excited he is about the flowers.

"It took Aeleus and I a while to recover, also. Would you like me to bring you a cup of tea?" / "Why would I want tea?" Even growled irritably. / "Well, that's what they do in books. When a character feels unwell, another one will often bring them a cup of tea. I suppose it's a restorative item for humans, though I don't recall noticing it ever working half as well as Potions and such do." XD XD XD Is Ienzo this adorable in 3D? If he is, the whole game will be worth it just for that. And they're apparently not humans...?

'Even finally commanded, hoping to have a break from that disconcertingly perky voice. Since when had Zexion - or little Ienzo, for that matter - ever been so cheerful?' XD Poor Even.

"Aeleus said that some people like sugar or lemon or milk in their tea. What will you have?" So thoughtful. :3

'Then he watched as the young man dumped spoonful after spoonful of sugar into his own cup. "I wasn't aware you were fond of sugar," he said testingly.' D'awwww x3

'"It...tastes good," he explained lamely. "I did not have much opportunity to eat sweets when I was small except when Master Ansem gave me something, and of course we didn't care during our time as Nobodies..."' Poor Ienzo. 3:

"An orphan like me could have no higher honor than to be accepted into your ranks the way I was. You and Master Ansem taught me, trusted me, treated me almost like an adult even when I was still so young..." ;;

'... 'Heart-wrenching.' Even had never, ever had any use for the term before, dismissing it as sentimental nonsense. Yet now, he began to get an inkling of what it actually meant, as he watched the way Ienzo's face fell.' That's so cute and sad at the same time...

'He was also beginning to understand for the first time what Axel might have meant when he'd used to gush over Number XIII's 'Puppy Eyes.'' *falls over laughing*

Even and Ienzo are being SO ADORABLE NOW, I didn't think that was possible, but it's awesome. :D

"That night - the Garden's final winter, when that Christmas party was going on and I'd said you could attend once you'd finished your duties - I forgot. I was doing the Rare Truffle experiments that night, and I needed your help. I'd forgotten that I'd promised to let you go. You never said a word." ;; *sniff*

"That's what we told you," Even corrected. "That's what we thought. Maybe we were wrong." :D *hugs Even* WAIT, WHAT DID I JUST DO!

I wonder why Lea had his coat when none of the others did. Maybe he had one before he was Axel somehow? And did he and Isa not lose their hearts at the same place/time? SO MANY QUESTIONS. *pout*

'Ienzo actually pouted. "Lea brushed me off, too. Aeleus listened, but I think he was only being polite. Why is no one interested in any of this? It's fascinating!"' Ienzo, ILU. X3

'"You know," Even finally said, "I find it rather odd that your current childish behavior does not at all reflect how you acted back when you actually were a child."' XD XD XD

'"You're excited. I've never seen you excited before in your entire life, even when you still had a heart." / Ienzo fidgeted a little. And drank more tea. "Keep in mind," he finally mumbled, "that you didn't know me before I lost my parents."' So much cute and sad at the same time... 3:

"Your hypothesis appears to be similar to my own. Upon regaining your heart, you've reverted to behavior that circumstances had repressed until now. It's like your heart is still nine years old despite your mind and body having aged far past that." XD That's so weird, but it makes some sense.

'"That might not mean as much as you're implying," Ienzo suggested a little sulkily. "Lea is twenty-five but often acts like a boy much younger than that."' XD XD XD Exactly!

"Just a little. I don't mind talking as long as you don't chatter." / "I wasn't chattering!" / "And now you're whining." / "...If you weren't who you are, I'd think you were teasing me." XD I love these two. Actually, I think I just like the way you write back-and-forth banter in general. XD

'regardless of the other pros and cons, one thing I deem a certain improvement in this Ienzo is his smile, which I wish he would demonstrate again. I don't know how or why such a thing can possibly be so important, but it is.' XD XD XD This is making me not dislike Vexen so much. Or not dislike Even, anyway.

"Ienzo, let's have a Christmas party this year." Random subject change? :P

"It's your eyebrows. This is the first time I've seen you smile without your eyebrows quirked in an ominous or disconcerting way. You should smile like this more often, I think fewer small children would run away from you then." XD XD XD XD XD Ienzo, ILU so much. *falls over laughing* Vexen really did have a creepy pedo smile...

"I'm twenty-one..." / "You're nine." *insert more XDs here*

"The Professor Even of ten years ago did not tease people, just like the Ienzo of ten years ago did not bounce around handing out tea and rambling enthusiastically about flowers." FTW.

"I told you, I'm not interested in hearing about your theories yet, I want my magnificent brain back in full working order first." Oh, Even... xP

I'm guessing the fairy tale's Beauty and the Beast, but is that the original version? I've only seen the Disney version, so I'm not sure. You did say the SP fic for Vexen would be Vexen/Belle though, right?

This was an awesome 'fic, great job not making Vexen/Even creepy! :D
Mirae-no-sekai chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
Hahaha :) Now, Vexen- sorry, I mean Even (what's with him and the odd names...?), you are suffering of what is commonly called a hangover. The mother of all of them. We apologize for the quite cute and chatty Ienzo-based inconvenience, and we'll persuade him to smile more somehow.

Cute to the point of deserving a sugar-content warning. Liked the quirks on everyone (bunch of anecdotes, Even keeping grudges, Ienzo _somehow_ caring/remembering halfway through to everyone else, the whole thing with the tea). The teasing at the end was fun, although now I get the comment about them not stopping with their chat :P And wherever did you get Lea's age... hmm, suppose I'll find out soon anyways :)

Hahaha, you just (might have) set yourself up for a CatC-2 or something with Even's comment at the end. And... c'mon, I've heard that beginning before... Belle/Even(Vexen)? Supposing he sneaks past Beast, that is :) And yup, nice portrayal of him here!
inactive102 chapter 1 . 6/4/2012
This was really great. You wrote Ienzo and Even really well, as well as pointing out the differences between their Nobodies and how they act now that they have their hearts back. Great job.
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