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Guest chapter 15 . 7/11
Jen chapter 15 . 3/9
Are you making anymore chapters or no?
ForgottenDreamer98 chapter 15 . 1/22

IggyInin20218 chapter 15 . 1/3
Urgh, don't you hate when Cas is right and not the cute, clueless angel he is?

And so much LOVE on the brotherly moments you wrote at the end of the chapter! LOTS OF LOVE! XD

And you succeeded on making this chapter bittersweet as you hoped it would! :)

BIG, BIG hugs to you and your beautiful story! 3
IggyInin20218 chapter 14 . 1/3

Them ass-butts are dead and it wasn't by Dean's hand?!

Was it Lucifer's doing? If it was, I can assume he did a pretty good job on killing them. They did harm his vessel after all.
IggyInin20218 chapter 13 . 1/3
Awww, poor Sammy. I hope Sam starts warming up to Bobby in the near future.
IggyInin20218 chapter 12 . 1/3
Yes, I agree with Bobby! TmT

What did Sam and Dean do to deserve such pain and torture? It breaks my heart and makes me cry every time as I watch their lives be taken down twists and turns that always lead them to hell or a little piece of heaven to only get snatched away so easily in a cautious step. :(

(Also hating you or this story because of what Sam went through, the horrible torture, is ridiculous because it's just a good, painful FANfic and the boys lives aren't even better in the SPN show. So if you get hate, they're absolutely hilarious to me. Really because sure Sam didn't get tortured like this, in your story, but his torture in hell could imply anything and everything. So yeah...just saying. Hope me saying this isn't weird or awkward to you! I just hate haters who hate on good fics...)

By the way, the only thing that's keeping me from not crying is the brotherly love!
IggyInin20218 chapter 11 . 1/3
I'm glad 3DBABE1999 helped you make this chapter awesome and at the same time heartbreaking for Sam's torture and Dean to learn of. :)/:(
IggyInin20218 chapter 10 . 1/3
Urgh, I really wish Dean didn't ask how they broke his baby brother, but I guess Dean learning what happened during the passed 6 months to Sammy would be his way of punishing himself. It's the Dean Winchester way, no? :(

Plus haters are haters, they are always going to be haters, so ignore them because that's what really burns a hater. Not worth time or energy to acknowledge them or their judgement. And I agree with you 100%. :)
IggyInin20218 chapter 9 . 1/3
I can't bring myself to blame Bobby because then I'd have to blame Dean and I'd hate to be Tim and his buddies. :/

I'm glad you went over your usual mark on writing pages. :)
IggyInin20218 chapter 8 . 1/3
Yay! Cas FINALLY came for Dean and Sammy, all thanks to Bobby! XD

ONWARD now to healing process and hopefully later torture process to Tim and his donkey-a55es!
IggyInin20218 chapter 7 . 1/3
Well, I'm sure glad that I dodn't have to wait for an update like the others did for this chapter because this is/was a horrible cliffhanger! DX

Also Happy late birthday! Hope all your wishes came true! :)
IggyInin20218 chapter 6 . 1/3
I'm sad and angry beyond belief with what happening to the boys! T_T

Also the only way this chapter would've been too much if one of the boys died, so you're good in my books. :P Still doesn't change anything though on my broken feels!

Plus it sucks that Bobby can't do anything to help, but worry over the boys. And I know it's too late to say this, but I'm sorry you got sick and still updated. Very appreciated when you did!
IggyInin20218 chapter 5 . 1/3
Gosh, you are breaking my heart! :'(

Dean better give those hunters a taste of what Alistar (is that how you spell his name?) taught him! And Tim is wrong about Sam including John. Sure John wouldn't like what Sam's becoming, but he wouldn't want his son to go through this can of pain.

Where's 'a baby in trench coat' when you need him?
IggyInin20218 chapter 4 . 1/3
COME ON, Cas! Answer Dean while you still can! DX Poor, poor Sammy!

Also I'm glad you overcame writer's block and came back full swinging on this chapter! ;)
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